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Inforcements His commanders send four untrained teens from the projects Not only do. ‘Heroes come in all shapes and sizes human or gargoyle’Colorado author MK Theodoratus was originally form Northern California and her love of that area has followed her writing themes and atmospheres in creating her fantasy spaces such as Andor When Kay began writing she concentrated on mysteries but now she is committed to fantasies AS she states ‘My main two worlds are Andor where demons prey upon humans and other supernatural events occur and the Marches of the Far Isles’And so we are off to the land of Andor and Kay’s perky prose spikes the atmosphere with just the right amount of perky good fun that makes fantasy realms credible – at least while reading her book He style of writing is evident in the opening paragraphs – ‘Demon lord Prince Vetis surged from the soft dirt of the portal His magnificence blazed brighter than Andor’s setting sun Dim though it was the greenish sky made his three lidless reddish eyes blink and water He stepped under a tree for protection The narrow portal stretched by his power to accommodate the wide horns sprouting from the sides of his head closed with a soft hiss behind him He rubbed his aching neck muscles He’d only been able to relax his tilted head once during the long journey between the cold Gehenathh and the city of Trebridge Alert for Angeli attacks Vetis stayed in the copse of trees and bushes that hid him from the low building up the hill The new operating base was supposed to be a counter attack behind enemy lines but he had his doubts The minion had promised a new secure entry into the human world unknown to the humans’ Angeli defenders Vetis snorted through wide nostrils The scene did not impress except for the number of imps cavorting on the field leading down to the river Broken trees grew in clumps across the crumbling expanse of asphalt around a dilapidated warehouse The scene was deserted except for the splendid pack of imps His minion Abraxas had boasted about his first hatching The size of the clutch surprised Vetis Most of these were twice the size of a Gehenathh brood if a nest managed to hatch in the increasing cold Even the nobility had problems raising a clutch Still one sneeze would blow that building down The braggart plans to hide a legion of demons in it Vetis snorted again I should have come sooner Abraxas the simpering idiot has accomplished next to nothing except to hatch a batch of eggs I need this base operational now’The synopsis Kay wrote for her site is short but cogent – ‘Demon invaders from Gehenathh overrun the city of Trebridge Gillen the lodestar of the four gargoyles protecting the city asks for reinforcements The Angeli commanders send him four untrained teens from the projects What could go wrong After her parents’ divorce Britt Kelly is forced to live in the projects often dreaming of getting revenge on her father who abandoned his family When the Angeli commanders draft her and her friends to fight beside the gargoyles in The Demon Wars she battles Gillen as often as she does the demons The fate of Trebridge and humankind hangs in the balance’Top notch character development from unlikely beginnings Kay knows the fantasy genre well and makes her book not only exciting to read but also a very entertaining jaunt outside the realm of reality Refreshing

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There Be DemonsEs Britt Kelly discover she must cope with a new high school but demons truly exist. There Be Demons By M K Theodoratus Editorial Review for the Author Resource Centre Prepared by Grant Leishman There are demons among us and we aren’t even aware of it In the city of Trebridge Andor demons seek to take over the world to inhabit humans and to wreak havoc and destruction everywhere All that keeps these foul smelling evil creatures at bay are a suad of Gargoyles attached to a Church in Trebridge and four young teenagers led by the feisty but shy fourteen year old Britt who will become the Gargoyle gang as they find themselves pitted against some of the most evil creatures the Universe has ever spawned In “There Be Demons” by M K Theodoratus we are introduced to this unlikely band of demon hunters All four live in the “Towers” project a high rise that is inner city slum territory Britt lives in a two bedroomed apartment with her Mum two younger brothers her half sister Pietra and Pietra’s two young babies Crowded poor and often hungry after being abandoned by their philandering father Britt has everything stacked against her getting ahead in life A scholarship to St Cecilia’s High School ensures she will receive the education she needs to find a way out of the projects Life in Trebridge is tough and uncompromising with violence everywhere but it is only as Britt and her friends come to learn from the Gargoyles that most of the pain and suffering the people are under comes directly from the influence of the demons that they truly understand the importance of the task they have been chosen to undertake Overseeing this mess is the elusive and recalcitrant Angeli who must be obeyed but seem unwilling to help the young people or the Gargoyles in any practical sense “There Be Demons” is an exceptionally readable and exciting young adult fantasy M K Theodoratus an author I have not come across before has done a superb job at creating some very realistic young protagonistsheroes that the reader is immediately able to identify and empathise with The real standout for me was the character of Britt The author managed to convey the lead protagonist as a strong able and incredibly feisty young woman who still retained all the shyness angst and fears of any young fourteen year old girl who eually longs to be normal accepted and loved Britt and her friendboyfriend Cahal were definitely the star turns in this story The developing romance and awakening between the pair certainly helped to temper the violent and vicious parts of the story A real highlight was Theodoratus’ descriptive writing when characterising the demons As one read one really felt they were there with Britt facing down these slimy disgusting evil and vile creatures Her detailed physical descriptions of the many different types of demons; definitely brought them to life for me Eually the fight scenes were realistic and believable Not once did I find myself scoffing about how a victory was achieved as is often the case when reading books of this ilk “There Be Demons” was a pleasure to read and if fantasy is your thing you will definitely enjoy this offering I found intriguing the concept that this battle against demons was something happening all over the Universe and I have little doubt that gives the author plenty of ideas for future projects and stories All in all a very satisfying read and something a little bit different in this genre “There Be Demons” is definitely a must read for fans of the genre

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FREE DOWNLOAD There Be Demons 107 Ý When demons overrun the city Gillen the leader of the Gargoyle Guardians reuests reinforcements His commanders send four untrained teens from the projects Not only does Britt Kelly discover she must cope with a new high school but demons truly existWhen demons overrun the city Gillen the leader of the Gargoyle Guardians reuests re. There Be Demons by MK Theodoratus is one of those books I was drawn to due to the lack of information received by the synopsis There was enough to leave me intrigued but not enough to leave me able to predict how the story would play out In other words the possibilities this book had pulled me inWith any book that contains demons I found myself expecting a rather dark book Whenever I read ‘demons’ I always hope for the darker Supernatural episodes those where everything that could goes wrong does go wrong What I often forget as I did with this book is that the level of demonic darkness I expect does not occur within young adult urban fantasy books Thus what I received wasn’t uite what I had been hoping for when I read the synopsis It was a fun book I cannot deny that but it had a few too many of the standard young adult fantasy elements for me to be truly blown away by itThe premise of the story was really interesting with there being plenty of elements throughout that I found myself really enjoying There are plenty of books that cover the battle between angels and demons but I have read few books where we have gargoyles It was a nice change to the usual and I instantly found myself intrigued by this element of the story It was something different and I always enjoy something different However I do feel as though I never did learn as much about the gargoyles as I had hoped to There were many times where we found stuff out about the specific gargoyles but I would have liked a little bit information about them as a collective thus allowing me to see a much bigger picture of the uniue element of the storyWhat I really wanted of though was big action scenes A lot of the book is spent upon the characters developing into their roles coming to terms with the situation and I feel as though this was at the expense of what could have been many big action scenes In many ways I feel as though this book contained too much There was plenty to enjoy but I felt as though many elements were put into one book when it would have worked better had things been spread out across a couple of books Even if it were duology whereby the first book contained all the coming to terms with the situation that was included in this book and the second book focused much on the taking down the bad guy As someone who really enjoys to coming together of the big bad in books I felt a little bit disappointed when the book gave us so much when it came to the everyday conflict of the charactersDon’t get me wrong this was an enjoyable enough read I simply believe I was in the wrong mindset to really appreciate it I’ve been having a bit of an off period with young adult books recently and I believe this is just another example of how I’m not in the right place to enjoy young adult as I know many will really enjoy thisFor those who enjoy young adult books with a demonic twist I’d certainly recommend giving this book a read