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characters ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ Mario Puzo E ruled by lust and violence where sleazy producers and greedy studio heads are drunk with power where crooked cops and desperate gamblers play dangerous games of betrayal and where one man controls them a. Although The Godfather is still my favorite I like this one too The last Don brings the authentic writing syle of Mario Puzo Dramatic and chilling I love how he build each character develop each of the character and with dramatic bangs colliding them into a climax

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Download The Last Don 108 Ì The last don is Domenico Clericuzio a wise and ruthless man who is determined to see his heirs established in legitimate society but whose vision is threatened when secrets from the family's past spark a vicious war between two blood cousinsThis is a mesmerizing tale that takes us inside the eually corrupt worlds of the mob the movie ind The last don is Domenico Clericuzio a wise and ruthless man who is determined to see his heirs established in legitimate society but whose vision is threatened when secrets from the family's past spark a v. Review for the Chinese translation of this book Let them swim to the bottom of the ocean Don Domenico Clericuzioand this badass Don who has ran a crime family for decades actually means what he said guysand this is my most favorite line from this book Link Strange that I was clueless about what Don Clericuzio actually meant when he causally commented usually in the middle of his business meetings with his sons and trusted nephew etc 'let themhimher swim to the bottom of the ocean'; the true meaning of these words had totally escaped me but once I realized its true meaning I was thrilledOkay back to the story itself At the beginning of the book we see Don Clericuzio who is at the height of his power made plan for his loved ones the Family would withdraw itself mostly from illegal dealings his three sons would go into different legal but money making businesses; as to his trusted nephew Joseph 'Pippi' Le Dena while the man would continue his job as the Family's number one hitman still the Don arranged for him to move to Las Vegas to look after the Family's gamble businessPippi was one of the few people whom the Don trusted the most but he had done one thing which weakened his position within the Family he had married a beautiful wife who could hardly fit into the Family even worse the poor woman had no idea who her husband really wasWith the Don's blessing Pippi's newborn son Cross and the Don's own grandson Dante son of the Don's widowed daughter were christened at the very same day The Don wished for these two infants to grow up and one day move on to the 'society' yet he could not foresee the fiery rivalry between Cross and Dante after they grew up and the conflicts within the Family could easily disturb the future of the Clericuzio clanThe Clericuzio clan isyou guessed itis uite a copy of the Corleone Family from The Godfather one badass Don as the family's leader three sons one widowed daughter one adopted sonnephew a wife who only slowly comes to realize her husband's secrets blah blah blah The similarities in the character's setting and the story's structure are undeniable However in The Last Don we see a lot about how the members of the third generation of a powerful crime family would turn up to be we get the story of Cross and Dante as they represent two different future for the FamilyAs a main character Cross has better development and internal struggles than Dante the latter is painted as a violent unlikable jerk throughout the book We see the 20 years old Cross entered the 'family's business' as a young adult slowly building up his reputation through the years facing difficult missions and setbacks and struggling between loyalty for his father Pippi andor the Family and his goodwill I also like how we can see how a crime family operates how these people run their business and how they 'deal' with traitors and enemies all written in a down to earth matter of fact manner through the storylines of Cross and his fatherPS Pippi's story really reminds me of a Chinese slang view spoiler a hunting hound always winds up dying in the wilderness 獵狗終須山上喪 hide spoiler

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The Last DonIcious war between two blood cousinsThis is a mesmerizing tale that takes us inside the eually corrupt worlds of the mob the movie industry and the casinos where beautiful actresses and ruthless hit men ar. I have now finished reading the swedish translation of Mario Puzo`s The Last Don which is another crime mystery thriller that takes you into the powerful empire of the ClericuziosLike many other readersi couldn`t help but compare this novel to the classic favourite The GodfatherPuzo have a way of writing i have never experienced before in other novelsHe writes in a way that gives me goosebumps and knows how to draw you into his world and make me care about his charactersgood or evilDomenico Clericuzio is the Don in this tale of destruction and betrayal and is obsessed with the dream of making his family business legal one day in the future for the sake of his grandchildrenBut the past war against the other Mafia clan Santiados has left a terrible secret that threatens to destroy everything he holds dearI loved reading this novelespecially the parts with the Clericuzios who intrigued me with their Anti hero characteristics but had great honor and loyalty towards each otherTheir clans greatest assasin was Don`s nephew Joseph Pippi De Lena who was a mix in between Michael and Sonny Corleone which made him a very strong character in my eyesHis son who is actually the main character in this novel Cross De Lena was another favourite character of mine since he represented much humanity than the other Clericuzios since he often uestioned their morals in lifeI feel kinda bad for saying thisbut i disliked all the female characters in this story despite their feminist view of the world and were women who had backbones in front of the Clericuzio clanTo me they were never ahead in front of the Clericuzio menbut garn damn how they sounded stupid every time they tried to outflank themOne scene for an example is when Pippi`s wife Nalene refused to share the custody of their son and daughter when they agreed to divorceThat scene made me want to slap herespecially since she did it with such great disrespect when she knew what a dangerous man Pippi actually was if he was to become your enemyI also disliked Cross love interestthe actress AthenaShe was made for the readers to sympathize with herbut i found her so incredibly boring and stupidFor once i wished for Cross to not end up with her boring assThen we have Cross sister Claudia Clericuzio who becomes a script writer in Hollywood gosh every scene with her made me cringeThen we have the lifestyle of Hollywood and their disgusting non morals and hypocrisyThat`s a world i want to have no part of since the famous people there can`t ever figure out how to be happyI do not regret reading The Last Donits a work of art and i loved following the Clericuzio clanDon Clericuzio is a complex but very ruthless Donwho is feared than lovedHe allowed no mistakes in operations or plans but still had a forgiving streak when it came to his familyHe tried to give his growing psychopath of a grandchild a chance while growing upbut that one betrayal destroyed every chancesI did not expect that Don had seen so far ahead of the conseuences of that one betrayaland my respect for him only strengthened after that