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read The Fourth Gunman doc ✓ Paperback ã reflectionslisburnltd ✓ From the bestselling author of The Devil’s Necktie and Blond Cargo comes the latest title in the Jack Bertolino seriesRetired inspector Jack Bertolino straddles two perilous worlds Known for his impeccable police work Jack has also dSafely home In Jack’s line of work he can’t help but have friends and enemies on both sides of the law So when FBI agent Luke Hunter goes missing after a deep undercover assignment with that same mob boss the FBI calls Jack in looking for a favor With his connections and skills Jack’s the only man for the job find Luke Hunter dead or alive The mobster operates an illegal In The Fourth Gunman the fourth book in the Jack Bertolino Series the reader is transported back into the seedy underworld of crime as they follow private investigator Jack Bertolino on his latest investigative adventureAuthor John Lansing weaves a fast paced crime thriller set in Los Angeles and written in the third person narrative that follows the dangerous uest of retired NYPD narcotics detective now private investigator Jack Bertolino as he takes on the investigation of a missing person case reuested by the FBI FBI Agent Liz Hunter reuests Jack to find her brother Luke Hunter a fellow FBI Agent who had infiltrated Mob Boss Vincent Cardona's group for the past eighteen months under the name of Luke Donato Luke had been trying to set Cardona up for money laundering from his illegal gambling operation on the luxury yacht Bella Fortuna but he suddenly disappeared And to make matters worse Cardona's group is looking for a satchel of money that also disappeared at the same time Jack has worked for Cardona in the past and this investigation will once again lead him into the seedy Mafia underworld where he will find himself caught up in a dangerous and deadly game of cat and mouseThe Fourth Gunman is a riveting and realistic story that is full of intrigue action drama suspense murder and dark humor Jack's latest investigative adventure easily draws the reader in and keeps them captivated and turning the pages As the reader follows Jack and his associates Mateo and Cruz into the shady Mafia underworld the multitude of plot twists and turns will keep them guessing what will happen next Jack takes the reader on a wild ride when his dangerous adventure takes him into the upscale areas and seedy neighborhoods of various California locales It is a shady and dark world of Mafia illegal operations money laundering and murder all in the pursuit of solving the case of the missing FBI agentWith a multidimensional cast of characters who leap off the pages; gritty dialogue and vivid interactions; richly detailed description of various California locales; and a no holds barred storyline that keeps the reader sitting on the edge of their seats and holding their breath as the chilling trail of dangerous Mafia illegal operations and murders leads up to an explosive climaxThe Fourth Gunman is one hell of a thrilling story that you won't be able to put down and it will leave you wanting to follow Jack on of his investigative adventuresDisclaimer I received a copy of the book from the authorpublisher via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review and participation in a virtual book tour event hosted by Partners In Crime Virtual Book Tourshttpsjerseygirlbookreviewsblogspo

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Gambling yacht in international waters off of Southern California and when Luke went missing so did half a million dollars of the mob’s money As Jack dives into the case he’ll learn the true mystery isn’t the agent’s disappearance but something far ominous The Fourth Gunman is a sizzling action packed thriller that will keep you turning pages until the explosive final I loved this book What an intense ride So well paced and plotted with twists and turns along the way This is one of those books that I want to see made into a movie or a mini series on TV It was that good It was so well fleshed out that when I was reading it was as if I watching a movie playing in my mind The Fourth Gunman is a FANTASTIC read and one I highly recommend

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The Fourth Gunman From the bestselling author of The Devil’s Necktie and Blond Cargo comes the latest title in the Jack Bertolino seriesRetired inspector Jack Bertolino straddles two perilous worlds Known for his impeccable police work Jack has also done a priceless favor for an infamous Mafia Don he saved the gangster’s kidnapped daughter from being sold into the sex trade and brought her As a new reader to this series was I curious to see how reading this book without having read the previous three books I'm glad to say that I found both the plot interesting and the characters well developed Retired inspector Jack Bertolino as approved by FBI to find Luke Hunter a missing agent who has gone missing during an undercover mission One of the FBI agents that wants him to find the missing man is Luke's sister The problem is that not only is Luke missing but so is half a million dollar that belongs to the mob So has the skipped town with the money or has someone gotten rid of him because of the money?There is not a big mystery to what happened to Luke the story starts off with explaining that and then it's up to Jack to figure it out I liked the start of the book it has that kind of intense start that I love in books when you get thrown into the story right from the very start I usually like mysterious kind of books when the identity of the villains are unknown but I did enjoy knowing from the start who not to trust as Jack had to figure it out for himself And just because you know certain fact doesn't it mean that you know all of itJack Bertolino is the kind of characters that I liked right from the start and he's definitely the kind of character that makes me curious to read the other books to get to know him better His relationship with Angelica for instance is turbulent and unwise since she is the daughter of a Mafia Don However that fact also makes the book interesting to readI will definitely be on the lookout for the other books in the series