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τό Λυρική και αδίστακτη εγκεφαλική και παραισθητική η γλώσσα των Άσωτων χαρτογραφεί την περίπλοκη συνθήκη της σύγχρονης ζωής έρωτας δημιουργικότητα ναρκωτικά χρήμα και επιτυχία υπο?. These short stories are a worthwhile read if often smarter than they need to be Released this February to New York Times and New Yorker acclaim Greg Jackson’s debut “Prodigals” layers introspection with millennial angst and still manages to be uite good His short stories follow well educated urbanites visited by the kind of aimlessness that involves snorting lines off glass coffee tables in Palm Springs He writes about these experiences exhaustively but well “The worst part of a trip we can all probably agree is the moment when you’ve come down enough to realize you are not down all the way” Nearly all his down on their luck thirty somethings struggle with cynicism But the book can’t be called cynical if only because the characters and writer long for something unironic to believe inJackson draws on literary references nonstop as when he uotes a reimagined Greek myth or opens a story with “There is a gun in Act I” His stories also deal in marathon sentences and exhaustive explorations of characters’ psyches He’s seriously smart and even the lengthiest of his meta psycho gymnastics pay off 60 percent of the time But it’s a little bewildering that he sometimes goes what must be deliberately overboard— with sentences impossible to uote because they’re too long and full of words like “ouroboric”— when he can do simplicity so well “It was in this house this summer that my grandfather was dying” “Prodigals” is a worthwhile read for both card carrying n1 subscribers which journal the author once worked for and traditional readers looking to dip their toes into postmodernism Jackson’s unflinching introspection and leviathan trains of thought have a value beyond their showiness But readers will find their reward and Jackson’s writing its best showcase in his moments of restraint

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Prodigals?ομεύονται από μια επιθυμία που σκάβει σαν ρίζα μέσα στις κούφιες κοιλότητες αυτού που μέσα μας δεν γεμίζει με τίποτα Που μπορεί ποτέ να μη γεμίσει Που μπορεί ποτέ να μη θέλει να γεμίσε?. I loved Greg's short stories in this collection the voice the terror the conscious cleverness the collapse the missing metanarrative He piles details in a way which reminds me of Nabokov and yet feet hit the concrete always this sense of being brought back down A writer likely to be loved by those who have devoted themselves to books only to discover that literature's enchantment offers rapture without salvation

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READ & DOWNLOAD Prodigals 107 ↠ Οι Άσωτοι είναι νέοι ερωτευμένοι ή όχι ακριβώς αταίριαστοι αεικίνητοι και συγκινητικοί και αναζητούν νόημα και αυθεντικότητα σε μια καθημερινότητα διαβρωμένη από την εμμονή στονΟι Άσωτοι είναι νέοι ερωτευμένοι ή όχι ακριβώς αταίριαστοι αεικίνητοι και συγκινητικοί και αναζητούν νόημα και αυθεντικότητα σε μια καθημερινότητα διαβρωμένη από την εμμονή στον εαυ. I volleyed between really enjoying and being irritated by this collection Jackson is a smart talented writer without a doubt Sometimes he's too smart and self aware for his own good Most of the praise levied at his work involves his lampooning of over educated privileged millennials Problem here is that he's absolutely an over educated privileged millennial He's throwing stones out the windows of his own glass house I thought two of the stories the tennis one which I have no interest in looking up its title and Epithalamium were fantastic Too often though Jackson refuses to let images or actions just be His insistence on analyzing and over explaining everything to the reader removes them from his work Protagonists are so self absorbed they can't let things occur around them without telling you how it affects them I can't decide how to interpret an event because Jackson is there to explain it to me in excruciating detail Wagner in the Desert and Metanarrative Breakdown even the title deserves a jab to the face are primary examples I'd really be interested in reading his future work But I'm not sure if he can escape this self obsessed unnecessarily flashy writing style Until then I'll just treat his stories with interest for a bit then a glazed over look as his characters babble on incessantly about themselves and hope that it all comes together in the end in some semblance of an entertaining story