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Read & download ¿ What Ales the Earl ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ¼ Scandal does not define the fallen ladies of Puddledon Manor's Benevolent Home Instead it's a recipe for an intoxicating new future as the women combine their talents—to operate their own brewery and alehouse When Penelope Barnes arrivOod friend had permanent conseuences Now he's back in England catapulted into the title by his brother's untimely death He sorely misses his former life of unfettered adventure so when he has reason to explore Little Puddledon he jumps at the chance But what he finds there is something and someone he never knew he'd lost and a once forbidden love whose time has come if only he can persuade Pen he's home to st. Fun sexy read about a fallen woman reconnecting with the man she has always loved

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Scandal does not define the fallen ladies of Puddledon Manor's Benevolent Home Instead it's a recipe for an intoxicating new future as the women combine their talents to operate their own brewery and alehouse When Penelope Barnes arrived at the Home with her young daughter she discovered a knack for horticulture and for cultivating the hops needed to produce a superlative pint She put her scandalous affair wi. DNF I should have paid attention to some of the lower starred ratings view spoilerKnowing the horrific social and economic ramifications of illegitimacy and being a mistress in the Regency era made this book hard to read Sally Mackenzie is good at farce but the subject matter doesn't jive her tone this time especially when there is a detailed and gross attempted rape scene BY THE VICAR because he finally found out that heroine was never married but has a childJust as ugly is the hero's bland acceptance and delivery to the heroine about his upcoming proposal to a proper Lady due to class and virginity He flippantly hopes that his future bride won't talk as much in the bedroom as the parlor in the same conversation he has with the heroine about ensconcing her in a cottage close to his estate was it for me That and the constant references to how acceptable adultery is in a Ton marriage as well as how much the heroine needs and wants him for sex and NOPEThat doesn't even touch on how being a bastard would affect their daughter A son might be able to stand in society but I doubt there would be any acceptance for a bastard girl by many in the real Regency society The hero's insistence that any children they would have on the other side of the blanket would be protected because he is an Earl was ridiculous and nauseating So ugh hide spoiler

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What Ales the EarlTh Harry Graham firmly in the past along with the wrenching pain she felt when he went off to war After all she'd always known a farmer's daughter had no future with an earl's son Now she has the pleasant memory of their passion and she has little Harriet for whom she would do anything even marry a boring country vicar Harry went off to fight for the Crown unaware that his delightful interlude with his childh. Oh boy I don't even know where to start with this oneIt's a historical romance While I don't enjoy it I do expect some level of misogyny in the books This was extra You could tell that the author was trying to do the opposite because you couldn't go a paragraph without getting hit over the head with the idea of Pen being a businessWOMAN Unfortunately it mostly just came off patronizingThere were some weird uirks to the writing as well 'Zeus' was a common oath for some reason I found descriptions very repetitive and characters would repeat the same things over and over Every time a character mentioned the word 'whore' they stuttered even if it was out of character It was exhausting I found a lot of the book was about the telling not showing which often makes the characters actions pretty hypocriticalAlso plot wise there were a ton of things that didn't make sense view spoiler A character laments that Walter has so many bastards that she can't acknowledge but then in the next paragraph exclaims that she's so happy that she'll get to know Harriet What Harriet is also a bastard hide spoiler