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Shattered Destiny Reclaiming the Throne #1 Free read Ú 108 ✓ What if one act of kindness shatters your destiny One moment that changed your life forever Would you embrace it or fight with everything you had Born to a powerful mother and father both highly respected in our clan for their magic and strength I was neither pWhat if one act of kindness shatters your destiny One moment that changed your life forever Would you embrace it or fight with everything you had Born to a powerful mother and father both highly respected in our clan for their magic and strength I was neither powerful nor respected I was born a null Devoid of any of the strength or power of my clan and to make matters worse my attempted shift into d. Abby is a caring hardworking and loving human Which is all great except she's the daughter of two powerful dragon shifters She doesn't let that get her down though Abandoned by her father she works extra hard to care for herself and her sick mother Until one day one tiny moment changes everythingBasically Abby is a dragon shifter who is powerless A disappointment But she still has to live among her clan and work to provide for her and her mom She makes one decision and her whole world gets thrown upside down Not only is she tortured physically the awful king takes out his anger on her loved ones as well That got a little intense so warning for you there Nobody seems to want to stand up to the king even when they know he's wrong So Abby finally gets free and she runs Inadvertently she runs right to the people who started this whole turn of eventsThis book has a lot of action going on Between training and real fights there never seems to be a dull moment While there are multiple male dragon mates in this story we spend the majority of our time with just one He's a grumpy one too We all know I like those grumpy men We focus on Abby learning about herself and working towards her goal of revenge on the kingOf course things take a twisty turn at the end of the book and we are left in a bit of a panic Hopefully we won't have to wait too long until Shattered Promise comes out and we can find out what happens next I think this was a good mix of the two authors You can get a feel of both of their normal styles but I don't think one overpowered the other in any way

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G them my clan turned on me taking me to the King to be interrogated Now I’m free and on the run – beginning my journey into the unknown I am Abigail Fiammetta I vow to live and reclaim the shattered pieces of my life Even if I have to kill to do so SHATTERED DESTINY is a new REVERSE HAREM paranormal series Recommended for 18 audience containing mature sexual content violence and strong language. I liked this book a lot but felt there were some issuesYou could tell it was written by multiple authors in a few areas by certain words cause of the different versions of English usedI felt like it was trying to put the main focus on the gold blue dragon in the beginning but then it was mainly about the purple dragon later on The blue gold dragon were off doing stuff and were really mentioned much till gold dragon shows up and immediately mates with Abigail The mating seemed very rushed They see each other and immediately get it on No introductions really it was just rushed over and purple dragon shows up and they head to campI also didn’t get why she was kept prisoner and beater for possibly knowing the three dragons the king is trying to find her and kidnaps two of the three dragons but is just going to release themShe only got released after he decided she didn’t know them but when he gets them he’s going to just let them goHopefully everything is explained in book two Even with the few issues I noticed I really did enjoy this book and I’m looking forward to book two

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Shattered Destiny Reclaiming the Throne #1Ragon form revealed I’m nothing than a mere human When my mother became ill and my father abandoned us I became the head of the household I didn’t mind doing hard labor; actually I enjoyed knowing I could be of use to my mother by performing the duties she could no longer do My life had become the same routine until I decided to step in and help an injured dragon who crossed my path After healin. I didn't enjoy this book as much as I had hoped I wouldAbigail is a human girl living among a dragon clanShe is forced to be the sole income for her household after her mother becomes ill early in Abby's childhoodBeing human among dragons has its ups and downsA positive being that Abby is able to tend to the animals easier than her dragon counterpartsIt is while being in the pens she notices dragons fighting in the air After watching one fall to the ground due to an injury that she comes to his aid not thinking of the conseuencesThings turn out far worse than she could have ever imagined yet she finds her destinyFirst of all I call cliffyThis book ends on a major cliffhanger that leaves you with a gaping mouth and a uiet expletive I enjoyed the characters in this book but we really only get to see the surface of themNothing in depth about themI also felt as if Abigail's character changed drastically after the first few chaptersI'm thinking this is mostly due to what she has suffered through but to me almost didn't seem like a natural progression in her characterShe seemed strong but aloof making sure not to bring too much attention to herself to cause unwanted ridicule Yet later on a backbone was developed and she became sarcasticI'm not saying these are horrible attributes to gain or that she shouldn't have I just didn't feel like I watched her develop become this person It's as if she just showed up all of a suddenI also feel as if I can tell this is written by two authorsI've read a few stories and didn't feel as if I could tell the difference between the twoI think the biggest thing to justify this reasoning is the use of certain words I don't think I can post them in the review without it being taken down but it has to do with your backsideOne is the American word and the other is the British use The gold and blue dragons had seemed to play an important role in the beginning of the story but yet we don't see much of them again until the end I know some of this is because they were out doing something for the camp yet this is never explainedHopefully we will see of them to come in the next bookThis leads me into my next pointSPOILER ALERT AHEADTo me the mating between Kris and Abby almost seemed unbelievableAbby grew up human in a dragon clan that wasn't allowed to speak of the old ways this is said in the story a few times and the dragons had arranged marriagesYet she somehow know about the strong urge to become one between natural matesEven if she did know this prior I think her characters would have uestioned it a bit I'm not implying it wasn't hot or even unnecessary because it wasIt just didn't feel right to meEspecially with how things had been progressing between RaphaelThis review may seem as if I'm completely bashing it and I'm notOverall I enjoyed the story and I'm curious to see where things goThere are several uestions I still have and I hope they get answered in the next bookThe biggest one being why did the King take Kris and Conor from the camp but in the end easily let them go after learning the death of Abigail This is a scenario that didn't set well with me and opened up a lot of uestions I would recommend this book to people if they were asking about itI think it has the potential to be a great series