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Download Book ¾ The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter Ê 359 pages Ý Carson mccullers ¹ Carson McCullers’ prodigious first novel was published to instant acclaim when she was just twenty three Set in a small town in the middle of the deep South it is the story of John Singer a lonely deaf mutUp an angry drunkard a frustrated black doctor each pours their heart out to Singer their silent confidant and he in turn changes their disenchanted lives in ways they could never imagi And here we are in the world full of probabilities reasoning with the unreasoned existence awestruck at the purposelessness of life at actions with no conseuences at endings with no re beginnings once we die we die Alone is our planet and so are we some of us are alone than the rest though some of us choose to be so for some it’s the only option And it is the tale of chosen and of those who choseA tale of love and of whom who seek love of abandoned and espoused of isolated and integrated of alienated and assimilated and of whom who were left alone Every soul who breaths life seeks love to love and be loved the vain and only desire of humans we can’t help desiring so we can’t help loving those who gave up on us we can’t help hoping against hope and the torment one endures is never justified with any word of any language but that forsaken love never perishesThe very essence of platonic love is seen in the figure of Singer our main character It is one of the characteristics of ideal romantic love derived from Platonism that it need not be reciprocal; the beloved indeed may even be unaware of the lover's existence or the existence of love love never dies of indifference never diminishes by ignorance but the relation of singer with Antonapoulos is not entirely of this sort it is in view of the latter's limitations an approximation of it Singer's love does not reuire reciprocation but it does reuire an object we may never be in our lives come to see our beloved but we want him around us the surety of sharing the same sky can appease much the certainty of breathing in same air is of comfort immensely because love needs not reward or love in return it’s not an act that expects to be re acted it’s the whole life as we keep living we keep loving and when Antonopoulos dies his own reason for living dies tooAs for other characters each of the five main characters strives to break out of his or her isolated existence The reasons each character is isolated are very different the deaf mute John Singer cannot communicate with most of the world because he cannot speak; Mick Kelly cannot communicate with anyone in her family because they do not share her intelligence and ambition; Biff Brannon is left alone when his wife dies; Dr Copeland is alienated from his family and from other black people because of his education and viewpoints; Jake Blount is alone is his radical social viewpoints and in the fact that he is a newcomer in townThe fact that Carson was only twenty three when she completed this heartbreaking tale makes it sadder than before and I can’t help thinking was Carson in truth trying to carve a home god of her own who would play silent and listen to her bruised heart and history says she didn’t find any instead died at fifty with a weighty heart who had so much to say but heartremained a lonely hunter

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Ger a lonely deaf mute and a disparate group of people who are drawn towards his kind sympathetic nature The owner of the café where Singer eats every day a young girl desperate to grow I simply cannot get this book out of my head    Like most everyone else I am astounded that Carson McCullers was only 23 years old when she wrote this  Such wisdom and insight from someone so young is truly remarkable  And there are so many great reviews out there I just could not stop reading them  A great many of them as one might expect discuss the greater themes of this book and there can be no doubt that I too fell to pondering these many  things as I thought about the world todayI mean just think about itRacial ineuality and discriminationEconomic division of the classesSubjugation and objectification of women and minoritiesSocial InjusticeWarStill I would like to talk for just a minute or two about another constant thread within this story and perhaps the best way to begin is to tell you about something that happened to me  Way too many years ago when I was still  in the early stages of my career I got a promotion one that I had worked hard to be considered for  It was an important advancement for me  No longer was I only responsible for my own contribution but also for the output of others  As much as I wanted the opportunity to lead once I actually got it I was a nervous wreck  I’m sure my new boss sensed just how jangled I was and called me aside to have a little pow wow in his office  It was a good meeting and he uickly reviewed some of the tools that he believed would help me achieve my objectives but mostly he stressed that he wanted me to focus on one skill that his observations told him I already possessed  The skill of which he spoke was listening  He went on to add that far too many people forgot how to do it  That people got so wrapped up in determining just how they were going to respond to someone or a given situation that they actually stopped hearing what was being said to them   If you want to succeed he said do not fall into this trap  Listen carefully and not just with your ears he said but employ all of your faculties  If you can do this he assured me everything else would fall into place  Well that particular job really did not work out so well for me and I soon moved on to a new opportunity with a different firm but I never forgot that first pep talk  Over the years that came and went I thought about it freuently and reminded myself often to focus on what others had to say than on my own words  And not just professionally either but at home and in other social situations  Wise words  that despite floundering on than one occasion have served me well these many years It is also what our five main characters in this novel yearn for  Someone to listen to them  For Mick Jake Biff and Dr Copeland that person was John Singer  Despite the fact that he was deaf and mute they all believed that he understood them and for Mick he even provided a way for her to listen to her beloved music  John Singer however had lost his only audience when they took Antonapoulos away and even though he was never really sure how much of what he signed Antonapoulos actually understood it did not matter  He too needed to be heard  There are so many layers to this story but through them all lay this need to be heard and to be understoodHow ominous is it that I find myself reflecting on the art of listening  just one week before Donald Trump becomes the President of the most powerful democratic nation in the worldThe Heart is a Lonely Hunter is timeless profound and a thing of rare beauty

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The Heart Is a Lonely HunterCarson McCullers’ prodigious first novel was published to instant acclaim when she was just twenty three Set in a small town in the middle of the deep South it is the story of John Sin She went there didn't sheAs I read this novel I could tell McCullers was setting the stage for something truly horrible to happen And horrible things did happen But they were never as bad as I thought they would be UntilOh yes she waited until the very end to rip my heart from my chest throw it on the floor stomp on it with her pumps and then throw it into the ocean to be eaten by sharks How does someone write a book this rich and wise and honest at 23 How does a young girl write such darkness such tragedy Like Flannery O'Connor she suffered from illness from a young age Maybe that is where her darkness came fromAs you can probably glean from the title all of the characters in this novel are haunted by the ghost of loneliness Mick is a young girl on the brink of womanhood Like many teenage girls she feels isolated and misunderstood but finds solace in two things the company of a deaf mute boarder in her family home and her true passion music Let me share a passage with you describing Mick's experience of hearing Beethoven's 3rd symphony for the first time How did it come For a minute the opening balanced from one side to the other Like a walk or a march Like God strutting in the night The outside of her was suddenly froze and only that first part of the music was hot inside her heart She could not even hear what sounded after but she sat there waiting and froze with her fists tight After awhile the music came again harder and loud It didn't have anything to do with God This was her Mick Kelly walking in the daytime and by herself at night In the hot sun and in the dark with all her plans and feelingsThis music was her the real plain herI can't emphasize enough how much that passage resonated with me The theme of loneliness of isolation carries through each of the characters we meet as McCullers weaves her magical tale John Singer is a deaf mute who has only one person in the world he calls a friend; a fellow deaf mute When his friend goes mad and is institutionalized Singer no longer has his best friend by his side he feels lost Yet all of the folks in this small town are drawn to him It's as if his deafness gives him a wisdom and understanding that others are sorely missing Ironically it's as if for the first time in their lives they feel the are being truly heard Dr Copeland is a black physician in the south He feels isolated from his family because they don't want to follow in his footsteps; his ambition has driven away his wife and children He feels isolated because he's a black man in a predominately white town The only white person he feels he can trust is Mr Singer Jake Blount is a drunk and a drifter His rage and inability to relate to others exacerbates his feelings of loneliness Yet the presence of Mr Singer soothes him Biff Brannon is a cafe owner; people come in and out of his restaurant all day yet he is alone He and his wife have drifted apart even though they live in the same home; he has no children and no real friends except for Mr SingerAs I made my way through this journey I hoped and hoped that things would turn out alright for these broken individuals But things don't always turn out okay and what you're left with is the harsh reality of life We all experience tragedy We are all of us lonely hunters