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Characters â The Girl in the Picture The Story of Kim Phuc the Photograph and the Vietnam War ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ On June 8 1972 nine year old Kim Phuc severely burned by napalm ran from her blazing village in South Vietnam and into the eye of hiDefected to Canada and is now a UNESCO spokesperson is a rare look at the Vietnam War from the Vietnamese point of view and one of the only books to describe everyday life in the wake of this war and to probe its lingering effects on all its participan. of course this is the first book that i grabbed on the street of Ho Chin Minh A recollection of Vietnam and her story How she was used as a tool of Vietnamese propaganda She is a victim of war Bitteness anger and so many obstacles until she defected to Canada after detouring from Cuba with her husband Duan Seeking for freedomAfter roaming modern Ho Chinh Minh Da Nang Nha Trang with so many modern facilities you can imagine how new it is to new generations after almost 40 years This book which i believed a sincere storytelling will make you feel very lucky

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Turn public opinion against the Vietnam WarThis book is the story of how that photograph came to be and the story of what happened to that girl after the camera shutter closed Award winning biographer Denise Chong's portrait of Kim Phuc who eventually. Ugh just lost my big long review mid type Short version here now that I am ticked off Liked this book a lot Well written book about an interesting topic and person Enjoyed learning about Vietnam war in this manner; much sticky in my brain from this story than what I may have been taught about it in school Touched by Kim's personal journey Innocence pain strength struggle forgiveness Really made me think about the difference of the experience of life for people in different places and times A view of the world that only includes your own experience is woefully inadeuate As a parent was horrified to think about having to try to protect and provide from my kids in the warpovertypolitical situation this family had The feeling of helplessness when Kim was so badly burned Knowing you can't do a lot and having to still try anyway Inspiring Also inspiring the sprinkling throughout Kim's life of people in other countries who wanted to help her and were able to make a difference This book made me realize even the need to be critical of what you read Kim was freuently interviewed but her Communist placed minders made her say things that weren't even remotely true like she was in school when they really had not allowed her back to her schooling Also some misinformation about her got published early that her brothers died too but really it was her cousins and then kept being repeated in media Finally Kim's story was a reminder to me to DO I struggle with action and saw in Kim's life that there were several times she formulated a plan and carried it off and it had huge impact on the course of her life Plus for her it was usually some action in the midst of war or oppression where the conseuences could be huge and bad and she still did it in comparison if she can take action as she has I think I can bring myself to decide if I need to get a new job andor drag myself into the bathroom to wash my face at night

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The Girl in the Picture The Story of Kim Phuc the Photograph and the Vietnam WarOn June 8 1972 nine year old Kim Phuc severely burned by napalm ran from her blazing village in South Vietnam and into the eye of history Her photograph one of the most unforgettable images of the twentieth century was seen around the world and helped. “War is what happens when language fails” – Margaret Atwood Almost everyone agrees that war is futile However despite this generations upon generations are involved in this madness to the extent that peace today has become a luxury and not a right Writing about the different wars that humans have fought from the beginning of time is a popular genre and to be honest is also a genre that I love a lot Similarly memoirs of individuals who have lived through strife and conflict and have emerged victorious is another huge fascination and inspiration for me So it is obvious that I would both read and like this current book which talks about the Vietnam war and about a survivor from that war where she survived despite the odds being against her This is the story of a nine year old girl who was the victim of napalm burning during the Vietnam war and who survived to tell the tale of her sufferings and the horrors of war that she had witnessed as a child It is a tale of struggle pain redemption forgiveness and finally love A tale that will move the hearts of even those who claim to be hardened An account that is both stark and pragmatic in its narration whilst also being a tale of inspiration to many Someone once said and I uote “War is not about who is right; but about who is left” Truer words have yet to be spoken especially when you read this book you feel that being a survivor has its own set of issues which can be uite morbid at times If one were to really look at the experiences of survivors of war one would see and accept that maybe death is the better deal Nevertheless those that do survive live with such a strength that it is truly awe inspiring This book deals with a lot of things including the horrors of the war itself the world wide political situation during and maybe even after the war; the economic difficulties faced by the Vietnamese as well as certain allied nations; the cruelty of the communist regime; the dichotomy of socialism as seen and experienced by the people; the beauty and strength as well as the love of certain individuals which help in making living a better deal and finally the divide between the North and the South and the reason for an existing underlying animosity and guilt Kim the protagonist of this book and the girl in the picture had it really easy in the early years of her life South Vietnam was bountiful and the smaller towns and villages in that area had always known richness in terms of food and basic necessities Also the landscape of South Vietnam was truly beautiful The North on the other hand were not so lucky Having been invaded by the Japanese and the French the northern parts were not allowed to grow rich as those in the south were The war between the two halves of a country for its unification can be termed as being inevitable especially given the contrast between the two regions in terms of their individual growth Additionally the north would have otherwise lived in the constant fear of being taken over by another country which would mean losing their independence Whatever the reason war happened and left in its wake a country that was totally ruined in terms of loss of life but importantly in terms of loss of stability It was in this unstable country that Kim would have to recover and survive which was obviously a tough task for her and others with her This book through its beautiful yet simple prose leads us to the various actions by the American army the guerilla warfare as indulged in by the Viet Cong and the apathy of the civilians in the South due to this incessant yet unnecessary firings and deaths It also shows the responsibility of the press during such situations of course like with most wars the press is neither consistent nor always fulfilling its responsibilities diligentlyThe book also deals with the beliefs and faith of the people in the South Religion especially the Caodai religion was still prominent in the South which was another major difference it had with the Communist North where religion is nothing but following your leader or comrade There are situations where this faith and belief is uestioned by the protagonist and the pain that she goes through for asking such uestions In fact the book is written realistically in that no experience is honey coated or exaggerated It flows naturally and the reader never thinks of uestioning the veracity of the events that the books talk about Of course it could also be because I have been to Vietnam and have looked at all the places that this book mentions so I know something of the war and its effect and impact on the people both in the North and the SouthThe book talks of people living in tunnels during the course of this war I have personally visited the tunnels both in Cu Chi in the south as well as those near the Demilitarized Zone in the North and I have just one word to say – Horrible Although both the north and the south made sure that people could live in the tunnels the tunnels by themselves are so narrow and short and dark that one feels claustrophobic to enter them While some areas a person can go with just a bend of a head if that person is 5ft tall there are other places when you have to crawl to move ahead and those are not the worst part of these tunnels The Cu Chi tunnels as well as those in the north had fitted some of the entrances with curious yet fatal sharp steel rods which led to instant death of the enemy Gory was the picture that one got from visiting these tunnels and let me tell you that I personally baulked from going through those tunnels where you had to crawl I wondered then and still wonder as to how the people of those regions actually managed to live and survive a war in those times Truly awe inspiring indeedPlato once said and I uote “only the dead have seen the end of war” and that is true of Vietnam During my visit there as curious as I was to see the war museums and other places including the tunnels; there was a film of uiet that fell on the locals The North are somehow still ashamed or rather repentant of the war in some ways as they act as if it never took place or are silent to any talk about it although they do have their own casualties and other problems In the South according to one guide who took us through Cu Chi tunnels the people hated those from the north for ruining their growth He said “But for the north we would have been a country to reckon high in stature like South Korea” Whether this is true or not we can’t say; but what it leaves us with is a country that may have merely swept under the carpet the remains of the war and is forging a life ahead that is different and yet beautiful; at least that is what I felt when I visited that placeBoth this book and a trip to Vietnam is recommended I had a ball of a time there with the locals who became very good friends of mine I have traveled extensively in that country from north to south and felt a sense of belonging that I have never ever felt before I will end this review with these beautiful words by Shel Silverstein which echoes my feelings exactly; “I will not play at tug o' warI'd rather play at hug o' warWhere everyone hugsInstead of tugsWhere everyone gigglesAnd rolls on the rugWhere everyone kissesAnd everyone grinsAnd everyone cuddlesAnd everyone wins”