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Se una notte d'inverno un viaggiatore characters ½ 106 Õ If on a Winter's Night a Traveler is a marvel of ingenuity an experimental text that looks longingly back to the great age of narration—when time no longer seemed stopped and did not yet seem to have exploded Italo Calvino's novel is in one sense a comedy in which the If on a Winter's Night a Traveler is a marvel of ingenuity an experimental text that looks longingly back to the great age. I say this is what happenedItalo Calvino was suffering from a writer's block He would start a novel get it to its first curve and abandon it before the resolution A few months later he would start another with a similar result Finally his publishers got impatient because it had been years since the last novel and they said'Italo get your shit together We need a new book Now'Italo panicked and did the only thing he could think of He glued all his failed attempts together and delivered it to the publisher'Here it is My new novel''Er Italo but those are just beginning of some 10 different books''Yeah I know Don't you get it It's postmodernism''Ok''You know I am playing with the concept of the author It is basically all about the reader now The author has become obsolete It is the reader that creates the work and the author is not even necessary''Ah I see Do we still need to pay you then''Yah Will mail you the invoice'I have read most of the reviews on here and I agree with all of them with the bad ones and the good ones all the same If you think this is contradictive and not possible think again And one word for you deconstructionismThere is no doubt that Calvino is was one hell of a writer and he plays with his poor readers like a cat plays with a mouse This book was an absolute trip and really gets you dizzy It might or might not be a coincidence that a day after finishing it I caught some weird bug that made me throw up for two days straightNow I am going to talk about one aspect that none of the reviewers have pointed out It is so fucking sexist like HELLO All the female characters in each one of the novels as well as the main novel that puts the novels together have all the charecteristics of the Other The female reader is actually called The Other Reader for crying out loud Even when for a short moment the narration is switched to make the female reader the subject it is only so that the male reader can run around her flat and describe her and define her – and check this she is NOT EVEN THERE Calvino makes herme the subject for a few pages and she is not even there She is forever passive All the female characters are or less passive They are also mysterious intagible and ethereal and their actions usually make no sense to the subject of the narrative be it the You from the main narrative or the various 'I's from the sub novels This kind of stuff really gets on my nerves Especially since I read 'The Other Sex' by Simone de Beauvoir So Calvino deconstruct that old as the world archetype why don't you Only you can't because you are dead

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Se a comedy in which the two protagonists the Reader and the Other Reader ultimately end up married having almost finished. Why do you read Maybe you want to impress somebody Libraries are cool or so they say Or you expect to learn something from the books you so carefully select Or you merely have a preference for intellectual entertainment and books are considered a smart option to fulfill that purpose Or maybe you read to remember all the lives you haven't lived or that important person who left a permanent track on you whom you don’t expect to see again or to delight again in the innocent thrill of being told a story like in your childhood days Maybe you read to find yourself Or your former selves Or the shadows of the younger or projected older versions of yourself Or to fill that gnawing void that is tearing you apart Perhaps you read to escape the grey hues of your mundane reality The constant nagging of useless typing that reverberates all day long at the office The futile bureaucracy of preordained jobs that keep you glued to a screen dying slowly in front of a computer or behind a counter or in an assembly line or behind a wheel or listening to nonsense of all sorts Maybe you read to defy the large scale absurdity of a world that has lost its humanity To shout out in silence To resist the general predisposition for resigned acceptance without uestioning the results of your actions Whatever the reason burying your nose in a book works like magic because once you have turned the front cover an exuisite crawl of small inked letters absorbs all your attention while the prosaic surroundings that oppress you vanish in the blink of an eye Gone are the obligations The responsibilities The sacrifices Your failures Past Present and Future Only the book and you exist A sophisticated game for two A uniue chance to start from scratch and get that ending that you didn't manage to secure in your real life Wait Or is it a new beginning that you are seeking Calvino is a masterful teaser Rather than displaying his artistry through a sophisticated or overly ornamented narrative style he turns the focus on the Reader who becomes the true protagonist of this contemporary novels where the experience of reading mirrors the act of writing Opening a book generates expectation of the purest kind Everything is possible because nothing has happened yet Beginnings imply sheer rapture for they carry the promises or even better the yearnings that make hearts beat and pulses accelerate with anticipation Beginnings carry that wistful aura that hovers around a closed book or a first date before they lose that original gloss And so what could be better than a book composed of only beginnings The best stories are the ones not yet written the ones that hold all the potentiality of infinite untrodden paths countless possible endings Calvino is a brilliant writer but he is also an observant a meticulous thief who has mused long and deep upon the elusive facets of literature He addresses the Reader in second person narrator and gets infiltrated in his mind stealing his intimate mental pictures to construct his stillborn stories ruthlessly tantalizing him until the agonizing cacophony of fake characters secret conspiracies carefully chosen settings and irresistible femme fatales provide a tapestry of elegant thematic patterns that sing the most symphonious hymn to books and to the art of reading I have ever encounteredWhy do I read To see captured in written words what is inexpressible The true essence of what it means to Love Literature To live forever and to die every time the last page of a novel you don't want to end is inevitably turned

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Se una notte d'inverno un viaggiatoreOf narration when time no longer seemed stopped and did not yet seem to have exploded Italo Calvino's novel is in one sen. If on a Winter's Night a TravellerItalo CalvinoJust one word AWESOME You are about to begin reading Italo Calvino's new novel If on a winter's night a traveller Relax Let the world around you fade The opening line of this unusual book really fades the world around you and immerses you in a mystical eccentric surreal world where you are energised right from the scratch to encounter the world which refers to its own existence something which is unprecedented The book is a genius in a way that how it approaches the story narrative of the book is in second person the protagonist is a young male reader known simply as The Reader There is a second character a female reader referred to by the author as the Other Reader The relationship between the two characters is one of the two plot drivers of the book Calvino borrows plot and style from authors of each of different genres inserting them in his novel making it inter textual or based off of many texts The author has a lot to stay with the ongoing story The protagonist of the book is apparently 'you' the reader who then moves through the inter textuality of the novel to come across different manuscripts each of which is interrupted just after 'You' begins to relish it; and 'You' continues to search for a thread through which 'You' can connect these manuscripts however soon 'You' realizes that it's a futile attempt to look for such a thread and that too not before 'You' finds another character facing the same dilemma both of you spans bookshops probable authors of those manuscripts to look for such a thread Eventually 'You' accepts that it's the structure of book those manuscripts are written not to be connected and when 'You' starts enjoying it its structure puzzles prose style just then it ends and 'You' gets the same feeling which 'You' gets after finishing a surreal movie It happens that 'You' start a chapter and feel it was not very good and then Calvino would do something brilliant and ‘You’ would feel wow by what he did as earlier what seemed to be boorish and distracted chapter turns into a great experience and it continues throughout the bookThe novel which can be best described as book within a book about many books can be said as epitome of postmodern literature a perfect example of meta fiction; Calvino proposes that novels could be uickly read by having a computer break them down into lists of word freuencies; he sets down sample lists to evoke whole novels He shows 'You' the developments in modern literature the books which have become prominent examples of contemporary literature in the process he depicts human nature about possessions while spanning 'You' through a bookshop to finally arrive at If on a winter's night a traveller But you know you must never allow yourself to be awed that among them there extend acres and acres the Books You needn't read the Books Made For Purposes Other Than Reading Books Read Even Before You Open Them Since They Belong To The Category Of Books Read Before Written And thus you pass the outer girdle of ramparts but then you are attacked by the infantry of Books That If You Had More Than One Life You Would Certainly Also Read But Unfortunately Your Days Are Numbered; but this relative relief is then undermined by the ambush of Books Read Long Ago Which It's Now Time to Reread and The Books You've Always Pretended to Have Read And Now It's Time to Sit Down and Really Read Themyou have turned toward a stack of If on a winter's night a traveller fresh off the press you grasped a copy and you have carried it to the cashier so that your right to own it can be established Your house being the place in which you read can tell us the position books occupy in your lifeif they are defense you set up to keep the outside world at a distance if they are dream into which you sink as if into a drug or bridges you cast toward the world that interests you so much that you want to multiply and extend its dimensions through books Calvino explores human sexuality through the relationship between two characters through interaction between them their interests The two central characters share a love of reading for reading's sake in contrast to some of the other characters in the book It is this shared love which drives the romance but the book recognizes that reading is ultimately an activity you do alone One reads alone even in another's presence But Calvino also draws the parallel between love making and reading The narrative of the book here gradually moves to 'The Other Reader' from 'You' Ludmilla now you are being read Your body is being subjected to a systematic reading through channels of tactile information visual olfactory and not without some intervention of the taste buds Hearing also has its role alert to your gasps and your trills It is not only the body that is in you the object of reading the body matters insofar as it is part of a complex of elaborate elements not all visible and not all present but manifested in visible and present events the clouding of your eyes your laughing the words you speak your way of gathering and spreading your hair your initiatives and your reticences and all the signs that are on the frontier between you and usage and habits and memory and prehistory and fashion all codes all the poor alphabets by which one human being believes at certain moments that he is reading another human being In the last chapter Calvino shares his thought his different point of views about reading through different readers the first reader says “Don’t be amazed if you see my eyes always wandering In fact this is my way of reading and it is only in this way that reading proves fruitful for me If a book truly interests me I cannot follow it for than a few lines before my mind having seized on a thought that the text suggests to it or a feeling or a uestion or an image goes off on a tangent and springs from thought to thought from image to image in an itinerary of reasonings and fantasies that I feel the need to pursue ot the end moving away from the book until I have lost sight of it The stimulus of reading is indispensable to me and of meaty reading even if of every book I manage to read no than a few pages But those few pages already enclose for me whole universes which I can never exhaust” Calvino best describes the experience of reading through the sixth reader The moment that counts most for me is the one that precedes reading At times a title is enough to kindle in me the desire for a book that perhaps does not exist At times it is the incipit of the book the first sentences In other words if you need little to set the imagination going I reuire even less the promise of reading is enough” At this juncture I am facing the dilemma which is uniue to works of Calvino it isn't easy to review them and this one also seems to be another futile attemptHowever there's one thing which can be said with assurance that If on a winter's night a traveller is a book about the pleasure of reading