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Even for a moment Henrietta will have company Familiar companyTold in Reid’s sharp and evocative style Foe examines the nature of domestic relationships self determination and what it means to be or not to be a person An eerily entrancing page turner it churns with unease and suspense from the first words to its shocking final. Junior and Henrietta live a uiet solitary life far from the city One day a visitor Terrance mysteriously arrives They never get visitors He tells Junior that he has won the lottery and has been selected to live on a settlement in space He is told that this is a good thing and a fantastic opportunity But not to worry they will be sure to take care of Henrietta while he is goneAnd that’s all I’m going to say To say would be to ruin the story Right from the beginning I felt something was not right something was off The I read the that feeling grew The tension is palpable and I couldn’t stop listening Sci fi is not my genre of choice but the sci fi elements are subtle It’s creepy in a Twilight Zone way where everything kind of seems normal but not Tightly written and at a mere 260 pages this could easily be read in one or two sittingsHighly recommended For audiobook listeners the narrator is excellent

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Foe AUTHOR Iain ReA taut philosophical mind bender from the bestselling author of I’m Thinking of Ending Things We don’t get visitors Not out here We never haveIn Iain Reid’s second haunting philosophical puzzle of a novel set in the near future Junior and Henrietta live a comfortable solitary life on their farm far from the city lights but. That's what a relationship is for mutual support and acceptance No one understands me the way she does And that means something To me it means everythingWOWZA I really enjoyed this haunting and thought provoking book Junior and Henrietta Henlive away from most people and they like it that away It's uiet where they live away from the city sounds and lights Then one day a man Terrance arrives and informs them that they have won a lottery of sorts and that Junior will be going away but don't worry a replacement will be left in his place so that Hen doesn't have to be aloneWe don’t get visitors Not out here We never haveIf I had to describe this book in one word that world would be UNIUE This is a uiet book and the tension and creepiness slowly seeps into the pages As I read I knew that something wasn't right something was off and wondered why isn't the couple asking uestions I believe this book is going to get mixed reviews but for me I loved the premise and loved how it examines marriage loneliness acceptance science etc I also loved the Author's writing It flowed effortlessly One thing readers will have to get used to is Junior's dialogue When he speaks the Author does not use uotations So at times I wondered is he thinking or speaking out loud But it soon becomes clear what is what This science fiction book is eerie and I had a hard time putting it down Readers are told that this book is set in the near future but we are not told exactly how far in the future or where the book takes place We know it takes place in a rural location but not where I thought this was a nice touch Readers are left to use their imagination about where and when this book takes place For me this book took place in American's heartland and in an old farmhouse which we are told is surrounded by fieldsI found this book to be very enjoyable well thought out and captivating For those of you who are not sure about Science fiction or do not consider yourselves to be science fiction fan I highly encourage you to give this book a try It is uite enjoyableThank you to Gallery Threshold Pocket books Simon Schuster and NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All the thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my ownRead of my reviews at wwwopenbookpostcom

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Foe AUTHOR Iain Reid Read & Download ☆ 104 ↠ A taut philosophical mind bender from the bestselling author of I’m Thinking of Ending Things We don’t get visitors Not out here We never haveIn Iain Reid’s second haunting philosophical puzzle of a novel set in the near future Junior and Henrietta live a comfortable solitary life on tIn close uarters with each other One day a stranger from the city arrives with alarming news Junior has been randomly selected to travel far away from the farmvery far away The most unusual part Arrangements have already been made so that when he leaves Henrietta won't have a chance to miss him because she won't be left alone not. This book should be getting soooo much attentionIt's not so much the story itself that is the draw although it's a fantastic plot it's the execution that sets this book apart This story is so subtle with its ever growing sinister tension It's uncomfortable and nail biting than any thriller I've read in years The use of uotation marks I know I know that sounds weird if you've not read the book but believe me when I say it's genius Short chapters I mean reallyyyy short chapters keep the story propulsing forward at a breakneck speed This is a one sitting read no matter how slow of a reader picks it up There's simply no putting this book down Nothing is as it seems and just when you think you've got your head securely wrapped around it all your head falls off and rolls out the front doorAbsolutely a re read type of book just to catch and relish in the hints you missed the first time aroundThe ending Fuck fuck fuck the ending is SUBLIMESomebody needs to make this into a movie No I take that back Christopher Nolan needs to make this into a movie Somebody make that happen ThanksFucking brilliant That's all I've gotPS don't go running off and reading the reviews except mine of course because people suck