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Read & Download Þ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ß Andrew Clements Figure out a way to end the fad once and for all But once a fad starts can it be stoppedAndrew Clements the beloved author of Frindle returns with a deliciously entertaining and deeply satisfying story that will resonate with anyone who's ever been in a classroom or been a kid A fad is a tough thing to kill but then again so is a friendshipPraise for Andrew ClementsClements is a genius The New York TimesWe have never read an Andrew Clements book that we haven't loved The Washington Post. I think that in this absolutely amazing novel by Andrew Clementsmy favorite author it contains a life lesson along with an easy connection for almost any reader When Ellie and Grace have friends for longer than they can even remember something brings that friendship to a uick break Buttons When things got out of control they started to think about only buttons and not what really mattered there friendship When in the end Ellie notices how hard it is to not be with Grace she offers to help Grace with the mess she got into Grace will forgive her and find something to do with her grandpa’s old buttons The overall theme of this story is forgiveness Any kid can relate to this story and might even get some good advice if they are in a “Friendship War” Also many adults would enjoy this read too since it would bring them back to their years as a middle school student I LOVED this book and would recommend it to anyone and everyone

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Free download The Friendship War ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB í Stickers Silly Bandz Rainbow Looms fidget spinners buttons A brand new school story about friendship and fads from the bestselling author of Frindle This is war Okay that's too dramatic But no matter what this is called so far I'm winning And it feels wonderf Stickers Silly Bandz Rainbow Looms fidget spinners buttons A brand new school story about friendship and fads from the bestselling author of Frindle This is war Okay that's too dramatic But no matter what this is called so far I'm winning And it feels wonderfulGrace and Ellie have been best friends since second grade Ellie's always right in the center of everything and Grace is usually happy to be Ellie's sidekick But what happens when everything changes This time it's Grace who suddenly. Leave it to Andrew Clements to come up with an amusing new school fad The summer before sixth grade Grace Hamlin travels alone to visit her grandfather in Massachusetts He recently purchased an old building and plans on turning it into a little mall; Gramma died a while back and he needs a project to distract him from the sadness Grace approves but what really gets her attention about the building are the old boxes stuffed with buttons from clothing As something of a hoarder she asks Grampa to ship the buttons home to her and with a merry twinkle in his eye he agrees Grace's family will be surprised when twenty seven boxes of buttons show up at their door She'll have to think uick of a place to store them Grace misses Grampa when she goes home to Illinois but she's excited for the upcoming school year Her best friend Ellie Emerson is a popular girl who always takes charge; she's fun pretty and occasionally generous so Grace doesn't mind terribly that she bosses her around When an opportunity arises for Grace to share her new button collection at school kids are impressed she has plastic and metal buttons ones with bright colors and intricate designs buttons made from semiprecious stones or formed into novel shapes These are just the small sampling Grace brings to school; she has hundreds of thousands at home in the boxes Grampa sent Grace enjoys the attention but Ellie isn't happy that someone is in her spotlight She organizes and brings in her own collection of buttons curated to tell the Emerson family story as far back as her great great grandfather who fought in World War I The worn out metal buttons that Ellie holds are all that's left of a soldier who wore them in the heat of battle Perturbed by Ellie's one upmanship Grace gives away some of her own buttons at lunchtime and Ellie reluctantly does the samethe buttons that aren't heirlooms of course No one expects what the great button giveaway will lead to A scientific thinker Grace observes with interest as the buttons rapidly spread among the student body Other kids at Avery Elementary School bring in their own unusual buttons showing off and trading them like at a swap meet Grace has theories about the nature and potential duration of the fad but there's one big problem Ellie She and Grace lock horns when Ellie insists she have priority in trades for the most desirable buttons Grace typically yields to Ellie's strong personality but she started this craze not Ellie and she feels just as entitled to trade for the best buttons Grace has wondered recently if Ellie is a true friend or just likes being around girls she can dominate and the uestion gains relevance as a button war emerges between them Grace wishes she could pull the plug on this fad but Ellie is in command now Then Grace learns that their other friend Hank Powell has extensively researched buttons the past few days He can discern valuable from common ones and offers to help Grace assess the hundreds of thousands of buttons she stashed at home It turns out she likes letting Hank sift through her collection and take what he wants; he's so excited by the sheer variety of buttons As the war with Ellie intensifies Hank withdraws uncomfortable at being caught in the middle but Grace doesn't want to let Ellie win the way she always does Are exotic buttons worth jeopardizing her friendship with Ellie and Hank or can Grace find a solution that allows them to reconcile and move beyond the fad The Friendship War was the last Andrew Clements book published before he passed away in November 2019 His thirty five years as a children's author produced beloved works including Frindle Lunch Money The Janitor's Boy The Jacket and the five part Benjamin Pratt the Keepers of the School series a special favorite of mine The Friendship War features subtle nuanced relationships among Grace and her classmates; their vocabulary might be too sophisticated to believe and in my opinion Grace ultimately accepts too much blame for her part in the war with Ellie but perhaps the latter is how real relationships are A single dramatic episode doesn't transform the natural roles that friends take in relation to each other I appreciate Grace's discovery of Hank how she notices during her conflict with Ellie that he's a enjoyable friend than she realized Grace sees it like a chemistry experiment When elements combine they don't actually change but they sometimes link up and form a new compound the way hydrogen and oxygen join to make water That's how this feels And if I had to describe this new compound It's 99 percent fun and 1 percent sweet Who knows how Grace and Hank's relationship will evolve in sixth grade and beyond I'd rate The Friendship War two and a half stars; it's a pretty good novel that had me pondering the nature of friendship We'll miss your storytelling Mr Clements

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The Friendship WarHas everyone's attention when she accidentally starts a new fad at school It's a fad that has first her class then her grade and then the entire school collecting and trading and even fighting over buttons A fad that might also get her in major trouble and could even be the end of Grace and Ellie's friendship Because Ellie's not used to being one upped by anybody There's only one thing for Grace to do With the help of Hank the biggest button collector in the sixth grade she will have to. I received an electronic review copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own45 stars Terrific Another great school story from Andrew Clements Frindle No Talking Loser's Club Clements really understands kids and schools and fads There's even a great author's note in this about where the idea for the book came from Anyone who works in a school or who remembers a fad from their childhood will find the button fad here familiar I loved the whole journey Grace is a great character too scientifically minded than other kids might be mid fad but that made this especially fun to read She learns a lot in the story about buttons about economics about friendship and about herself Highly recommend