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City of GlassErs put aside their hatred to work together While Jace realizes exactly how much he's willing to risk for Clary can she harness her newfound powers to help save the Glass City whatever the costLove is a mortal sin and the secrets of the past prove deadly as Clary and Jace face down Valentine in the third installment of the New York Times bestselling series The Mortal Instrument. LAST AND FINAL EDIT JANUARY 19 2014 I'm no longer replying to the people commenting on this review People still don't seem to understand my warning stating if you loved this series don't read this If you're going ignore THAT then I'm simply going to ignore your comment It will not be read by me Also you may want to read through the comments before commenting Chances are what you're about to write may have already been stated EDIT #3 September 3 2013 So this is the actor sorry I don't know his name who plays Jace in the City of Bones film He's telling people to see this putrid film and this is what he says Notice how he says take whatever you're dating and not whoever you're dating He approves of beastiality like Cassandra Clare approves of incest Damn the casting is perfect for her shit books EDIT #2 July 15 2013 These die hard fans can't read and heed my warning that they're commenting on my damn opinion with such nonsense Once again to the people who loved this series so much STAY OFF MY REVIEW BECAUSE YOUR FEELINGS WILL MOST LIKELY GET HURTEDIT So apparently I have a lot of errors in this rant a lot I'm just too darn lazy to fix them though Sooo yeahThis review is going to contain swear words spoilers rants and complaints If you can't handle my bluntness and curse words don't even read it Well to be honest this isn't a real review this is a huge rant the longest I've ever written in my entire life and the lastI really want to do this to myself after reading up to page 314I know how this is going to end so I'm giving this 1 star though I wish a '0 star' was an option I don't know how to start and I don't know if this is going to make any sense but I'm going to write and God help me if any one of these fans or other fellow reviewers tries to tell me I'm being a cruel; heartless person Yes I know this is just a book I know but this woman is getting paid for copying and that is so fucked up to JK Rowling Fans Oh bloody hell not another hater saying she copied Harry Potter As if If anything Clare was inspired Nope fuck that There's a difference between being inspired and being unoriginal I'm going to tell you the difference later on in this review Sighs I don't know I don't know why I keep coming back to this series if I know I'm going to be disappointed and angry Oh wait I know why I wanted to give this series a chance I didn't want to be those ignorant haters talking about the books that they left unfinished like the haters of the twilight saga 'Sparkly vampires' is their reason of hating twilight because other people said it There's so many holes in that book that's easy to point out and rant about if you read the saga Only watching the first film of twilight will leave you blind and cluelessI'm rambling off here but that's my reason of coming back to this crap I wanted to know what I was going against; I didn't want to be left being ignorant Anyway back to my review The charactersClary My God There is something wrong with Clary This girl I can't even with this fictional character right now I keep saying she's fictional so it can calm me down but I think it's making things worse Not a page goes by where I don't wish I can punch Clary in the face The name Clary annoys me her being in the book annoys me Why can't she go away already She's so stupid She's constantly thinking about her brother Jace Constantly constantly Situations happen and there she goes 'oh my god jace i just want to hug him and comfort him and make sure he knows i'm there' 'i wonder what jace will think of me when i tell him' 'no one knows jace's secret i desperately want to tell simon but it's not my secret to tell' 'is jace with that one girl did he kiss her' 'jesus why can't i be with jace already can i please be happy' 'why was jace so mad at me' Y'all not annoyed of reading that already 'cos I'm annoyed writing it but I swear that's all she ever talks and thinks about Like come on Oh and don't even get me started with the death of Max Isabelle and Alec's little brother They were all in extreme pain at seeing max lying there and here comes stupid fucking clary 'looking at jace brings daggers to my heart i so desprately wanted to run to him and hug him but the look simon gave told me it wasn't a good idea so i thought about when he hugged the first time' are you kidding the crap out of me right now Everyone else is just as much hurt as Jace is and you're worrying about him I just erfklgbjsbkljaol;kmJace What happened to you man In the first book you used to be a total bad ass and now since you found out Valentine was your dad and you realised you can't have Clary because you guys are related you've gotten so sensitive and stupid Let me get this straight You were being a total asshole to Clary when you guys never knew you were related despite the fact that you 'love' her but oh no Valentine says 'HEY KIDS I'M YOUR FATHER' You're like 'Clary I want you and gotdamnit I'm going to have you Kiss me' HOWAlec I don't really have snide comments for him There's only this one problem that annoyed me When demons entered Idris or where ever the heck they were he sees Magnus fighting off about 5 demons and Alec saves the day Magnus is all like 'Did you did you just save me Alec' And Alec was like 'Why didn't you answerreturn any of my phone calls' Like are you kidding me Demons just entered a place that was supposed to have block them out and you're worried about not getting a phone call back from a warlock Alec babe do you not value your life Isabelle Slut Stupid Simon Whatever Now I get to the part where I talk about her unoriginalityThis whole book is like a stupid crappy version of Deathly Hallows Half Blood Prince vs City of Glass Half Blood Prince Okay so I took this bit from harrypotterwikiacom credit to themDumbledore and Harry travel to a cave in which Voldemort had tortured two children in his youth They proceed through the cave coming to an island in the middle of a lake On the island they find a basin of emerald green potion with the locket at the bottom On Dumbledore's orders Harry reluctantly force feeds him the potion which badly weakens him and causes extreme thirstMkay So not only does it weakens him but it driven Dumbledore to madness bringing up his worst memoriesCity of Glass Clary draws this rune which creates a portal leading to Idris or Alicante she ends up in Lake Lyn; by then Lupin oh er I mean Luke pulls her out and starts pumping her chest so she can cough up all the water Luke tells her and I uote 'to drink the water is very dangerous It causes hallucinations fever it can drive a person to madness' Think about that for a secondDeathly Hallows vs City of GlassOhh I'm going to have fun writing thisDeathly Hallows Hogwarts has this spellcharm that has been cast by the professors and by the headmaster so no death eater or Voldemort can enter Voldemort searches for a particular Hallow the Elder Wand Long story short after finding this Voldemort breaks this charm and death eaters enter and the battle of Hogwarts begins Voldemort calls them back and says 'You have fought valiantly but in vain I do not wish this Every drop of magical blood spilt is a terrible waste I therefore command my forces to retreat In their absence dispose of your debt with dignity Harry Potter I now speak directly to you On this night you have allowed your friends to die for you rather than face me yourself There is no greater dishonour Join me in the Forbidden Forest and confront your fate If you do not do this I shall kill every last man woman and child who tries to conceal you from me' This was uoted from the film but in the book Voldemort also gives them until midnight or was it an hour correct me if I'm wrong please The Deathly Hallows consists of three objects The Elder Wand the Resurrection Stone and the Cloak of Invisibility City of Glass The Clave puts these wards up over Alicante so no demon can enter but here comes Valentine and like Voldemort searching for the DH he searches for the Mortal Instruments Valentines fines the sword and he broke through the ward causing all the demons to break through and start fighting and attacking people Long story short Like Voldemort Valentine calls the demons back and besides going up to the place like what Voldemort didn't do he goes in the projector form and says 'If you will not listen to reason you will have to listen to force I have already showed you I can take down the wards around your city I see that you’ve put them back up but that’s of no conseuence; I can easily do it again You will either accede to my reuirements or face every demon the Mortal Sword can summon I will tell them not to spare a single one of you not a man woman or child Its your choice' page 311He continues one page 313 'I will give you until tomorrow at midnight to consider my terms at that time I will bring my army in all its force to Brocelind Plain If I have not yet received a message of surrender from the Clave I will march with my army to Alicante and this time we will leave nothing living' The Mortal Instruments consists of three objects The Sword the Mortal Cup and the MirrorWith that being saidAll right Let me just add something here I thought this book would change my mind about the MI I really did because it started off kind of good that was because Jace and Clary weren't together It's like whenever they're together it brings out my worst ualities and whenever I read about Clary My rant is done for now180612 Pages 314 380I have come to the conclusion that I give up on the series I really hate this I do I hate being constantly angry and I'm not one to get angry it takes a lot I'm I'm just done Idgaf about how this series supposedly gets better because it doesn't it doesn't it's only getting worse It's also making me lose my religion I'm not kidding I find myself swearing a lot saying God's name in vain and wanting to break Clary's face in for being an idiot an just being there in the book Okay before I start my rant I'd like to give props to the impostorspy named Sebastian for taking the words right out of my mouth when he said Because I finally can You’ve no idea what it’s been like being around the lot of you these past few days having to pretend I could stand you That the sight of you didn’t make me sick You' he said to Jace 'every second you’re not panting after your own sister you’re whining on and on about how your daddy didn’t love you Well who could blame him And you you stupid bitch' —he turned to Clary— 'giving that priceless book away to a half breed warlock; have you got a single brain cell in that tiny head of yours'The moment I read that I was literally like I have this feeling that that spy 'Sebastian' is really Valentine's son and not Jace I mean it's obvious that Jace and Clary really aren't related but the reason I'm saying it's still incest because 1 Most of us thought they were actually related and 2 Clare had this nerve to even write about it I can imagine her now saying 'I really want to write a book that's like Harry Potter But let's add that the two main characters are irrevocably in love with each other but they find out they're brother and sister and though they still can't get over fact they want to be something than brother and sister they'll sneak a few kisses when no one's looking Oh Oh Oh and let's add Jace and Clary saying even though they know it's wrong they can't help it That'll leave my fans thirsty for incest romance And then I'm going to write how it turns out they're really not related'Clare you nasty devil you Anyway some of you can't get over the fact that Max died I know I can't he was only nine years old Smh It sucks to read But here's what pisses me off Isabelle This ewiogkljsrklgjserl ok She's in mourning which is understandable considering that's her little brother so she's constantly blaming herself for not listening to him not being there etc Simon comes tries to make her not blame herself for 'Sebastian' killing her brother and Isabelle throws Simon on the bed and tries to have sex with him She's all like 'Oh I'm feeling better already'Isabelle your brother died less than a day ago and you whatever I've never liked her anyway Clary is really I've had about enough of her already How can readers look up to Clary how can anyone stand JaceClary's relationship Clary chooses him over her own mother and him over everyone else's life No really Jace leaves to find Sebastian and Clary runs off to tell Isabelle Isabelle says she knew he was going to do something like that and Clary's just like 'do you even want to find him do even care that he's gone off on what's practically a suicide mission' Isabelle is trying to tell her Jace can handle himself and there are things serious than Jace going after Valentine; that innocent lives are at stake Clary's just like 'All I see is that Jace is your brother just like Max was and you cared what happened to him' First of all Max and Jace's situation are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT Jace knew what he was getting himself into Max did not Jace will be of age meaning he's old enough to handle himself and make his own decisions just like you did while Max was 9 years old and had no idea that Sebastian would turn around and kill him Isabelle basically says this too but Clary doesn't listen and doesn't care Ugh Why hadn't Isabelle punched her Let me hurry and finish this book so I can be completely done with this rant because I know I'm getting annoying4 hours laterI KNEW Sebastian was Johnathan and not Jacesomeone needs to give me an award 19062012 Stopped on page 413I'm done I can't finished this book I'm trying not to smash my keyboard with my fists I am so effing shocked and just can't even fathom why people think this is the best series There's obviously something wrong with this book I don't how to say this So after Clary found out Jace wasn't her brother she get's all happy like 'yay we can finally be together in public' but wait simon says 'so you kissed your real brother sebastian' and clary's like 'oh god simon please stop saying that i already want to pass out and throw up as it is i can't believe i kissed my brother i feel disgusted'screw this series let me guess this is how the story ends clary stops valentinejace comes back they make out passionatelyisabelle confesses her love for simon; boom they go out nowalec and magnus finally gets togetherthe endam i right i'm right am i

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City of Glass Read Ê 102 ↠ Also see Alternate Cover Editions for this ISBN ACE ACE #1 To save her mother's life Clary must travel to the City of Glass the ancestral home of the Shadowhunters never mind that entering the city without permission is against the Law and breaking the Law could mean death To make things worse she learns that Jace does not want Also see Alternate Cover Editions for this ISBN ACE ACE #1 To save her mother's life Clary must travel to the City of Glass the ancestral home of the Shadowhunters never mind that entering the city without permission is against the Law and breaking the Law could mean death To make things worse she learns that Jace does not want her there and Simon has been thrown in prison by t. So I'm just going to save you from having to read this bookEveryone except Clary WOHOO we're going to AlicanteClary moping ohnoes they left me behind But with my super special unicorn powers I can get there myself although it was said that that's impossibleAldertree YOU GOING TO JAILSimon Crap but I guess someone will get me out of jail soon300 pages later helloSebastianJonathan Hello I'm a new character introduced only to make sense of this mess Want to make outClary SURE2 seconds laterEw lets stop I want to make out with the guy I still think of as my brotherJace Hey Clary I think I'm a demon so it's okay for us to be togetherClary YAYME WhatIsabelle OHNOEZ demon attack Also Max is deadAlec Whatever Who cares Jocelyn Hi honey I'm backClary Whatever Who cares I've just invented the MOST PERFECTEST RUNE EVER With it you can combine the powers of Shadowhunters and Downworlders YOU GET THEIR POWERS AND THEY GET NOTHINGEveryone YAYAlecMagnus WE WUV EACH OTHER NOWExposition time We learn that SebastianJonathan is actually Valentins son and Jace is the son of that Stephen guy He's been cut out of the womb of his dying mother and Valentin then raised him because HE COULDN'T STAND HIS OWN SON Also Clary and Jace got the blood of the same angel in them which sort of still makes them related but WHO CARES They WUV each otherSebastianJonathan I KEEL YOUJace I KEEL YOU FIRSTlaterJace I KEEL YOUValentine I KEEL YOU FIRSTAngelguy Valentin with my awesome powers of gold and sparkle I hereby sentence you to death through spitting a lightning bold Also Clary make a wishClary I realize I can wish for world peace or safety for my friends or rainbow ponies but I want to get the guy I'm hot for back from the deadME GodEVERYONE YAY Simon GREAT now I've got two hot chicks going after me One is a werewolf and the other one unbelievably beautiful What does this remind us off ME Oh please noMaia WTF I thought I'd get a lead role in this shit Where's my lawyer THE END Inspired by Madelines abridged Shakespeare reviewsPS YOU DON'T PLAY MARIO KART WITH THE TOUCHPENPPS Believe it or not but that's what Simon does on the first page ISN'T HE COOLPPS Here's my review for COFA and here's the one for COLS

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He Shadowhunters who are deeply suspicious of a vampire who can withstand sunlightAs Clary uncovers about her family's past she finds an ally in mysterious Shadowhunter Sebastian With Valentine mustering the full force of his power to destroy all Shadowhunters forever their only chance to defeat him is to fight alongside their eternal enemies But can Downworlders and Shadowhunt. I had begun reading this laying down and drinking the words in steadily but before I knew it I was sitting on the edge of the sofa and forcing to keep up my eyes focused enough not to move too far ahead I promised myself I wasn't going to write a spoiler review though I really wanted to Without giving spoilers I can't stress how much a certain line did this or what took me by surprise but y'all are just going to have to read it to feel and see what I feltEVERYTHING is finally explained Thank goodness It was fun to guess along the way to see if you were right Sometimes I was off and not entirely sure but part of the excitement is having the dawning realization of Oh yeah I can see that now Definitely is the best of the series and not only because of the plot and resolution but because of the development of the characters As far as I could see Clary grows the least but she does She always was a little emotionally in tune than the others were The character that makes HUGE strides is Jace He started to grow on me in the second book but I absolutely get him now There is this one line that he says it's cheesy but who cares that made me totally melt WARNING if you don't like moments bordering on the cheesy side you may want to read something depressing instead All the characters we have grown attached to have grown up to be a better version of themselves One of the most impressive ones I'd say other than Jace is Isabelle which is displayed well in the conversation she has with Clary in the kitchen This book is charged with all the elements we are used to but make them ten fold because this is the end Emotions battles loss betrayal surprises and even the jokes carry that much meaning to them Out of all the books this one would have to be the most serious I know that there was always the element of sudden danger but this one is so and we don't get to see as many sarcastic comments which is understandable but there are still there to ease the tension I want to gush and gush over everything but I had to say Valentine seemed to fit into the series finally I always felt he wasn't a villain material but he is and I can't say why because again a spoiler Best way to wrap up the series and say goodbye to the Shadowhunter worldLater note Find out there is a fourth one City of Fallen Angels