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FREE DOWNLOAD ↠ My Mum Tracy Beaker Í Popular Book, My Mum Tracy Beaker By Jacqueline Wilson There are many interesting things in this book format Hardcover and others isbn 9780857535221 416 pagesThere are many interesting things in this book form. Mum just smiled at her She never sticks to any of the rules My mum's Tracy BeakerJacueline Wilson has done it againAn outstanding portrayal of the UK class divide made accessible to children I was concerned she might try to make it too modern but the comments of selfies and Instagram Even naming a teddy dog Snapchat were used perfectly and shows how relevant Wilson still is todayMost notably the book really shows the after effects of being in careMum can't stand people being late and she goes nuts if they completely fail to turn up Cam says it's because at the Dumping Ground she used to spend most her weekends waiting at the window for her mum to comeI adored the storyline Wilson's narrative style the recurring characters and Sharratt's illustrations Also yay for lesbian Cam


Popular Book My Mum Tracy Beaker By Jacueline Wilson. 'I wish there was a sport called Reading a Book where competitors had to choose the best book in the library find the cosiest corner and read' Jess Beaker in 'My Mum Tracy Beaker'📖I've been saving this one for a little while and now I've finally read it and loved it even than I had expected Some context I stumbled across Jacueline Wilson as a kid Despite her being hugely popular I was so focused on finding every pony themed book I could get my hands on that I was oblivious to her until about 11 or 12 From my first Jacueline Wilson book Glubbslyme a new obsession began Over the years I have built up a collection of most of her books I still have a few to go and have kept reading them long past the intended reading age Tracy Beaker is probably her most famous character As well as the original trilogy of books which I own in a lovely glittery blue bind up it's one of my favourite books that I have there was a TV show which I also loved In fact I can think of few children's adaptations that worked so well Apparently there was also a show following an older Tracy now working at the Dumping Ground the childrens home she grew up in but I don't think that aired in New Zealand If it did I completely failed to notice it though I'd have liked to see it Tracy is a tough outrageous brave troubled character who leaps off the page and is illustrated perfectly by Nick Sharratt The actress that played her in the show was also a perfect casting choice in my opinion So perhaps than any other Jacueline Wilson character Tracy is woven through my childhood as a sort of ever present ever engaging presence I loved her so much and still do so I was thrilled when I heard about this book It actually first came to my attention because people on the Internet were angry about it of course they were I was just excited I think the Internet calmed down eventually and the actress who played Tracy on TV wrote a really nice opinion piece about it all which I enjoyed reading I'd link it but I'm using the App on my phone and its all a bit beyond me to be honest I think it was for The Guardian if you're interested in looking it up The reason for the long history is just to try and convey the level of investment I have in Tracy and maybe give an idea of why it was so exciting to catch up with her againShe's an adult now with a daughter of her own the Jessica Bluebell Camilla Beaker I uoted at the opening of this review Longtime fans will understand the significance of her middle names Jess is a wonderful character and uite different from her mother where Tracy is fierce boisterous and toughish Jess is shy and anxious They both have brilliantly vivid imaginations thoughTracy is an excellent mum Not a perfect one by any means but a truly good one and she and Jess have a great relationship Again if you know Tracy's history this is very important But Tracy has a new boyfriendfiance who takes them to live in his mansion and offers them the life that Tracy dreamed of as a kid What I love about this is that Sean the boyfriend isn't exactly the villain and you can see the many reasons Tracy is with him other than the money even though they are rather mismatched I won't detail the plot any further as I'd hate to ruin it for anyone but it was wonderful to see who popped up again Cam Tracy's foster mum is in it a lot and I adored her than ever One of the best appearances came near the end of the book and made me cry bit Actually I got uite teary throughout much of the book I didn't want it to end and was relieved when I saw there'll be another oneIf you haven't already read the Tracy Beaker books you could still pick this up and enjoy it but knowing the events of the first three does heighten the significance of many things and adds so much And if Tracy was a childhood favourite this is definitely worth getting 📚One of my favourites of the year so far💖

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My Mum Tracy BeakerAt Hardcover and others isbn 9780857535221 416 pages. I haven't read a Jacueline Wilson novel in years well over a decade ago actually But when I found out there was a grown up Tracy Beaker novel in the pipeline I knew it was going to be on my TBR Jacueline Wilson did not disappoint the nostalgia was overflowing This book brought back so many amazing childhood memories of being curled up reading The Story of Tracy Beaker It is such a heartwarming delightful tale and also can I just say go Cam