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Feral Attraction A Cat Groomer Mystery #3 Cat groomer Cassie McGlone tails a killer gone wild over feral felinesCassie's good friend Dawn is part of an organization that's trying to protect a colony of stray cats on the property of a senior condo community in Chadwick New Jersey The residents have got their backs up over the cat invasion and Dawn has come Feral Attraction by Eileen Watkins is the third installment of the cozy A Cat Groomer Mystery series Each book in the series has it’s own murder to be solved so they could be read as a standalone if choosing to do so There is however a bit of character development from book to book for the fans of the entire seriesThis series if centered around Cassie McGlone who had moved to the picturesue town of Chadwick to give herself a fresh start after leaving a horrible relationship Cassie had opened her own shop Cassie’s Comfy Cats a cat grooming and boarding specialty boutiueCassie’s friend Dawn invites her along to a meeting between residents that want a stray cat colony moved and the organization trying to protect them Afterwards Dawn is out one night when she comes upon the body of a member of the cat supporters and when police think it’s natural causes Dawn convinces Cassie to help her look into the death as she suspects it was really murderA Cat Groomer Mystery series has uickly become one that I really look forward to reading each book as they come along The author has done a wonderful job with Cassie’s character and her knowledge of cats that even having owned cats my whole life I can still learn something new There’s also always little reminders to bring a reader right back into the series without missing a beat and to keep a new reader on top of the character building Wrap that up with a great mystery each book and this is one I’d definitely recommend especially to the kitty fans out thereI received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalleyFor reviews please visit

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Her veterinarian boyfriend come up with a proposal Sabrina's body is found in the woods The police are calling her death an accident but Cassie smells a rat Narrowing down the list of suspects may be tougher than herding cats but Cassie is determined to collar the killer before another cat lover has a fatal accide Just wish they brought Omen home

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PDF Æ BOOK Feral Attraction ✓ EILEEN WATKINS ✓ Cat groomer Cassie McGlone tails a killer gone wild over feral felinesCassie's good friend Dawn is part of an organization that's trying to protect a colony of stray cats on the property of a senior condo community in Chadwick New Jersey The residents have got their backs To Cassie's grooming and boarding shop Cassie's Comfy Cats to ask her help in talking sense to themNot everyone's against the cats Eccentric Sabrina Ward feeds them and has even created makeshift shelters for them in the nearby woods infuriating her neighbors Following a heated community meeting in which Cassie and Feral Attraction 3rd in A Cat Groomer Mystery Series is an endearing novel that can be read as a standalone I didn’t know anything about cat boarding or grooming so I was happy to start a series with a uniue specialty It definitely doesn’t disappoint The characters are a range of ages from late 20’s to early 70’s many of whom are pet lovers The mystery is well written complex and challengingCassie owner of Cassie’s Comfy Cats works hard and helps others with their pets Her two story building has been built out to have a cat grooming and huge cat boarding area on the first floor and she lives on the second floor She and the local veterinarian Mark have been dating for several months Cassie’s best friend Dawn invites Cassie to join her on a mission to help feral catsDawn’s mother is on vacation so Dawn keeps an eye on her condo in a beautiful complex Sabrina an older lady and friend of Dawn and her mother is disliked by most in the complex because of her care for feral cats She monitors feeding stations and shelters set up off the hiking trails in the woods and has been instrumental in introducing a trap neuter return program to humanely control the colony but some homeowners want all the cats taken to the pound Cassie attends a board meeting with Dawn to verify that what Sabrina is sharing about the program is true Murmurings are negative and one man said that Sabrina should be euthanizedLate one evening Cassie gets a desperate call from Dawn who had gone to check on her mother’s condo and went to see the feeding station She found Sabrina dead on the trail Her scarf was wrapped several times around a nearby bush She probably had a heart attack possibly brought on by being strangled by her scarf Cassie and Dawn don’t believe it Days later an older lady dies “accidentally” in her condo a cat owner who thought she heard a scream the night of Sabrina’s deathAdd an irate man who boarded his cat at Cassie’s and a couple days after bringing her back home a rash covers the lovely Sphinx and having to decide whether to spend Thanksgiving with Mark’s family in Philly or her widowed mother in Morristown and Cassie has her hands fullCassie and Dawn are my favorite characters young women who are pursuing their dreams I also enjoy Cassie’s assistant Sarah who has not spent much time around cats As a retired schoolteacher she is now a student as she learns Cassie’s methods of boarding care and grooming The characters are well defined several choosing uniue careers or hobbies Each cat is delightful in his own way and Omen helps in surprising waysThis is a delightful and realistic cozy mystery with courageous feminine protagonists addressing challenges faced by feral cat colonies and those who care for them Even as the organization Sabrina is a member of tries to help the colony others are trying to kill the cats and anyone getting in the way Cassie and Dawn will not consider the elderly ladies’ deaths accidents and as damages and threats occur it becomes clear that something besides poisoned food is afoot at the complex Plot twists bring ideas leading to different suspects and I was kept guessing until the surprising explosive ending I highly recommend this cozy to those who enjoy well written cozy mysteries that include cats From a grateful heart I received a copy of the e A