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Free read Ý Sombrero Fallout ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ì Concerns a writer trying to cope with the break up of a relationship Trying to escape his misery he begins a story about a sombrero that falls out of the sky and lands in a small town Unable to concentrate he throws the pages in the bin and that's when itHe begins a story about a sombrero that falls out of the sky and lands in a small town Unable to. My introduction to Brautigan came when his play on genre fiction in Hawkline Monster and Dreaming of Babylon caught my eye and whilst those works were impressive somewhat whimsical and eccentric Sombrero Fallout is a whole new realisation as to the uality of the man's vision for what literature could be That it took a new introduction from Jarvis Cocker to get me to pick up what many fans feel is his best work as my next Brautigan experience probably says about me than it should Especially as I never read introductions to books If it's good enough for my teen idol then its damned sure good enough for mePicked by Cocker as the sole book he would take for a lifetime stranded on a desert island in 2005 this decision earned him a nice fee seven years later when Canongate published their Canongate Canons range It's an odd choice what with the brief length the percentage of blank pages and the empty spaces that seem to be a trademark of a Brautigan publication and yet it's a book that will almost certainly reveal much with repeated readings unlike one of the traditional choices a book dense that explains every thought and action of every character for exampleThey say Brautigan was losing his mind whilst writing Sombrero Fallout exacerbated by the loss of his lover I certainly wouldn't be surprised if that was the case the story of one evening in the life of a famous American Humorist who has been driven crazy by sustained excellence dealing with an overwhelming heartbreak after his Japanese lover has left him certainly lends itself to those autobiographical theories Much can be read in to these chapters much taken from them as they become a meditation on the nature of heartbreak and self image if you're that way inclinedThey alternate with chapters of that much overused literary device the novel within the novel This novel is the surreal aftermath of an ice cold sombrero falling from the sky a bizarre incident that somehow sparks a riot that turns in to 11000 previously sensible people on a bloodthirsty rampage This too can be read in any number of ways I prefer the allegory for the author's mental breakdown in the wake of the shock departure of his lover I'm a hopeless romantic at heartAlmost from the first page I found myself entranced by Brautigan enamoured of his choice of words and subject matter like I hadn't been by previous works It's a fine work that than deserves it's new publication

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Concerns a writer trying to cope with the break up of a relationship Trying to escape his misery. you consider please for a moment at least that by the time Sombrero Fallout was composed Richard Brautigan was up to his neck in his own shit and desperate for relief Alcohol only fueled his confusion over a life he was swiftly losing control over The epoch of his fame provided a false security and nothing he attempted in his order to personally derail it could prove his life was finally off the tracks Appearances aside life for Dick was not that good It is not surprising to me that life on the ranch in Montana was ghostly similar to this book and the mob's response downtown and the destruction being wrought on its citizens It has been widely reported that Brautigan had a crazy love for guns and the shooting of them disregarding the safety of even children in his drunken wild west escapades in blowing to smithereens all manner of objects even those within the confines hanging on the walls of his house It is obvious by this time that the man had almost lost his mind But he could still write and this book certainly proved itIt has been said that Sombrero Fallout was written in response to his breakup with his Chinese girlfriend Siew Hwa Beh The pain of separation from her and the now unreuited fantasy of having an Asian woman in his bed and at his side was something Brautigan was not euipped to cope with Given his emotional instability due to his own escape after years living within the environment of a dysfunctional family of origin as well as dealing with it medicinally by the heavy use of alcohol and careless living Brautigan would be soon living on his own borrowed time Though the pleasant memories described in this book regarding the narrator's so called Japanese lover were warm and tender anger and jealousy roared in the background through his use of humor and language so deft that my smiles broke out constantly throughout the first half of this book Brautigan's one liners were certainly a gift he mined well and often He wrote out his similes and metaphors in long sentences instead of using one descriptive word or two Even the parallel story regarding the ice cold sombrero and the gathering mob of townsfolk was ridiculously funny until it morphed into insanity and chaos I have often read other reviewers descriptions of Brautigan's writing as being whimsical There is certainly something very childish about Brautigan's text which makes him endearing even in light of his pathetic and expanding neurosis Recently I completed my reading of the long and drawn out biography Jubilee Hitchhiker The Life and Times of Richard Brautigan by William Hjortsberg and one cannot walk away from this book and still deny the disease that was ravaging for years the mind and body of this poor man Thank goodness Brautigan had his writing in which to save himself for the time being And when his writing eventually ran out on him during the decade following this first major breakup there was nothing left of the man but a shadow of himself and the notoriety surrounding him because of his delinuent behaviors he had regularly and publicly displayed Sombrero Fallout is a sad tale but an important one I think for anyone dealing or having dealt with a broken relationship Often the writing made me look back at the important details regarding my own love lost and the still obsessive object of my long accomplishment of over thirty years It is easy to take those we love for granted and in this book Brautigan gives us numerous reasons for not doing so The narrator on his hands and knees searching for a lost black hair of his Japanese love conjured for me the great love the recently deceased poet Jack Gilbert had for his only wife Michiko Nogami and the poem he wrote in her memory after she died of cancer in 1982 MarriedI came back from the funeral and crawled
around the apartment crying hard
searching for my wife’s hair
For two months got them from the drain
from the vacuum cleaner under the refrigerator
and off the clothes in the closet
But after other Japanese women came
there was no way to be sure which were
hers and I stopped A year later
repotting Michiko’s avocado I find
a long black hair tangled in the dirt For the last year I have been revisiting the work of Richard Brautigan For some ill euipped and perhaps unconscionable reason this was my first reading of this book It may now very well be my favorite and this surprised me as I had previously thought he had already been used up by the time he wrote this book But I was wrong back then and foolish in my thinking I obviously did not know Dick Brautigan was a special talent who achieved much in his writing Richard Brautigan was of a class and upbringing society often disrespects and fails to credit appropriately But he was definitely an original in life and especially in his writing There are five words regarding the writing of RB that I wish for you to consider The following words express my evolving idea of his style those being 1 humorous2 whimsical3 bittersweet4 eccentric5 outrageousNot a bad epitaph and especially so from where and who he came from

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Sombrero FalloutConcentrate he throws the pages in the bin and that's when it starts to take on a life of its own. One of my favorite books Sombrero Fallout alternates two stories into one between 1 a frozen sombrero that mysteriously falls from the sky into a small town causing a commotion and 2 a writer's obsession with a Japanese ex whose well illustrated dreams of her father and familiar places are guided by the bedside purring sounds of her cat in marathon bouts of sleep The stories are a mix of realist absurd and whimsical happenings which Brautigan's voice executes with a smart romantic and unpretentious flare His lines are simple and repetitious His tone is gentle thoughtful and silly His observations at times profound in their relatability are dolloped with notions of extra mayo tuna fish sandwiches an erotic house key incident a magnifying glass and a black strand of hair an earless librarian lines and lines of ornamental poetry and Norman Mailer crawling out of a tank covered in the blood of decimated soldiers Here is one of my favorite passages I will be very careful the next time I fall in love she told herself Also she had made a promise to herself that she intended on keeping She was never going to go out with another writer no matter how charming sensitive inventive or fun they could be They were emotionally too expensive and the upkeep was too complicated They were like having a vacuum cleaner around that broke all the time and only Einstein could fix itShe wanted her next lover to be a broomI laughed out loud close to a dozen times reading Sombrero Fallout Had five epiphanies about my own life fell in love twice and couldn't put it down while cooking an elaborate breakfast with sizzling eggs and real buttered toast or commuting on a sidewalk by five o'clock traffic I could say the book is dangerously distracting but I'm sure I'll risk my life to read it again and again regardless