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Read & Download SupernaturalJohn Winchester's Journal 104 ë Sam and Dean Winchester know all the secrets their father recorded in his journal Now you can tooOn November 2 1983Ecrets their father recorded in his jo. I go this from my brother for Christmas as he knows I'm a total nutter for my Winchester brothers This book gives us an insight into John's grief and the boys' childhood and how John basically forced Dean to grow up way too soon so he would look after his little brother I skipped over some bits that were just about different monsters but I'm still glad I read it and can add it to my shelf of Supernatural collectables

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Urnal Now you can tooOn November 2 198. Finally finished reading this last night As a big fan of the series I had high hopes for this preuel maybe impossibly high hopes I could have marked it down for feeling a bit disjointed in places but the I think about it the that added to the effect of it being a personal journal of a traumatised individualWhat made me mark it down was that I felt some parts could have been elaborated much whilst other parts seemed laboriously dragged out I felt it had a solid and believable start but it faded out uite a lot towards the endPerhaps part of the problem stems from how long it took me to complete it; so by the time I finished it I'd lost the feel of the first half Reading back over the first few pages confirmed this for me; so perhaps I should give it another chance and rethink my rating I definitely don't regret reading it though I's certainly worth a read for fans of the series as it develops the characters well and sets up perfectly for the start of the tv series

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SupernaturalJohn Winchester's JournalSam and Dean Winchester know all the s. Yesterday I realized the reason Supernatural is my favourite TV show notice I'm not saying it's the best TV show this is clearly The Wire and I'll fight you if you disagree is probably because it's the saddest show I know Am I that easy to get Apparently yes So on the surface Supernatural is about two brothers Dean and Sam who hunt monsters demons fight the devil are best friends or depending on how feel about the ueer baiting with a fallen angel alternately save and accidentally threaten to destroy earth heaven and hell I've heard it being described as a horror show fantasy Drama dark fantasy a supernatural procedural crime show and it's all kinda true In the early seasons it was of monster of the week show before that kind of dissolved into something else Unlike a lot of people I don't think the show got gradually worse with each season I think it's hit and miss most of the 13 of 14 seasons I've watched There are a lot of moments that make me want to scream when plot lines don't make sense there's way too many inconsistencies or most of all when they just abort the best story lines completely Anyway what I really wanted to say was while all these genres are accurate I mainly watch the show as a character study That might be both the reason why I actually still love the later seasons and why the show frustrates me to no end Two brothers in their 30s who've literally been to hell and back who lose all their friends except for that one angel friend Castiel who's a tragic figure in itself having turned his back to heaven after choosing Dean above all else who don't have any sort of stability or normalcy in their lives and who are both mentally not very well I want to know this kind of stuff I want to have a look at their fucked up ness through a magnifier I live my TV like I like my novels characters first stories second Which is to say mainly I watch this show for glimpses of a show it could beSo why am I talking about this and what does it have to do with this bookIn the first season of the show Dean Sam's father John is still alive This is supposed to be the journal he's written between the death of his wife and his own death The journal is pretty integral part of the early seasons and I'd love to have an actual look at the thing this is clearly not it The book is part facts about demons spirits and the supernatural and part his thoughts about hunting cases and his family The passages about demons and ghosts and etc are really boring I ended up skimming them because they were so dry Besides I felt some of the things directly contradicted things said on the show The diary part was better even though I felt the voice was off It just didn't remind me of John at all I understand that people can sound soft spoken in their diary than in real life but for that it was also really emotionless He writes about missing his wife Mary and trying to avenge her but it didn't sound real The very very short tidbits about Sam and Dean were good and uite sad especially the ones about Sam but they were just much too short They did make me consider giving this book two stars instead of one but really it's just not enough This book also doesn't really make sense as John Winchester's actual journal because the show makes it clear that Sam and Dean have read the journal but some of things mentioned in here they don't know until much later or not at all I think Mainly this book has made me crave a really good fanfiction backstory chronicling John Mary's lives Congrats if you have never watched Supernatural and read all the way through