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The History of Love Ebook ✓ 255 pages Download ✓ An alternative cover edition for this ISBN can be found hereFourteen year old Alma Singer is trying to find a cure for her mother's loneliness Believing she might discover it in an old book her mother is lovingly translating she sets out in search of its author Across New York aAn alternative cover edition for this ISBN can be found hereFourteen year old Alma Singer is trying to find a cure for her mother's loneliness Believing she might discover it in an old bo I need to cut the crap with my preconceptions Although I almost unfailingly launch into a new novel with great enthusiasm like a kid on Christmas morning anxious to discover what hidden treasure awaits for some reason I held out little hope for Mrs Foer’s book about a book about love Maybe it’s because books about books about love aren’t usually my thing? Maybe it’s because I read her husband’s bestseller last year and was less than impressed? Maybe it’s because I had heard somewhere that they wrote their books together oh how a dorable bouncing ideas off one another and giving each other high fives so naturally I assumed that if Mr Foer’s book was gimmicky which it is then The History of Love would surely be a major eye roller as well right?WrongWhatever the reason I was clearly out of line and for that I owe Nicole a huge apology In this book she weaves three intersecting storylines all under a cloud of intriguing ambiguity so even though it is understood that the stories are related it isn’t exactly clear how until about two thirds of the way through And as the stories of Leopold Gursky Alma Singer and Zvi Litvinoff are told to us they leave an imprint on us even before we learn for sure who they are The History of Love is a gorgeous novel with gorgeous characters who do what characters do best they love and they lose they struggle and they fail and if lucky they learn how to pick up the pieces and survive For them survival is not a destination but a journey There’s no magic cure and there’s no end all But taken one day at a time it is possible to live a life worth living Krauss reminds us that all we really want is to remain visible—to be known to be loved and to be remembered by those who knew and loved usI won a copy of this book through World Book Night a program begun in the UK last year to spread the love of reading That program has now arrived in the US and even though I technically shouldn’t have ualified for receiving a copy of this—WBN books are supposed to have been given only to “light” readers in the hopes that they become “moderate” readers—I will make sure that it will have been worth their while by spreading my love for this book about a book about love

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Ok her mother is lovingly translating she sets out in search of its author Across New York an old man called Leo Gursky is trying to survive a little bit longer He spends his days dreamin “Once upon a time there was a boy who loved a girl and her laughter was a uestion he wanted to spend his whole life answering” I found this uote from a listicle please don't judge me of 50 of the most beautiful sentences in literature This one particular sentence left me with a heaping serving of the feels and so without a second thought I chucked the book I was reading at that time and started reading The History of Love A few chapters later I realized that this was not the sappy romantic book I was hoping for The story is heart breaking in a way I'm uite happy to be proven wrong though Sad as it may be the prose could take your breath away I discovered another work of art beautiful than that one sentence that lead me to it The History of Love is not really much of a history at all It's like a meditation on love or an exploration of love It's the story of a bunch of people who are not only searching for love but also searching for themselves and trying to find their places in the world Once the characters' lives intertwine the ending introduces uestions of fate destiny and the things that connect us to each other and to the universe More than that though the ending reaffirms the power of love no not the sappy 80's song It sustains through the years and unites people across decades miles and circumstances In the end even though it isn't the romance I was hoping to read I still came away feeling pretty darn good about love and love stories How is it that even the people who have suffered the most from having fallen in love still remember it as the most precious thing in the universe? How do the folks who have not yet experienced it know it when they see it? And what in the world would be in the pages of the actual history of love? I don't think one volume would cut it The book unfortunately doesn't give simple answers—but of course love is nothing if not complicated

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The History of LoveG of the lost love who sixty years ago in Poland inspired him to write a book And although he doesn't know it yet that book also survived crossing oceans and generations and changing live One of the last books I read in 2017 was Virginia Woolf's A Room of One Own In this series of essays Woolf maintains that if a woman has a room of her own in which to write then she is than capable of producing the same if not greater works than men While pondering my 2018 classics bingo and what book to use as a free suare my thoughts turned to Nicole Krauss I finally discovered Krauss last year having read both Great House and Forest Dark The prose in both novels was superb leading literary critics to dub Krauss as one of the greatest Jewish writers since Kafka Krauss has a desk of her own in which to write discussing it at length in Great House I decided it would be appropriate to use my bingo free suare for her History of Love another of her novels that weaves together multiple plot lines in Kafka like fashion Leopold Gursky is approaching the age of his death As he nears his final hour he can not help but reminisce about his childhood home in Slonim near Minsk and his boyhood friends Bruno Schulz real life author of Streets of Crocodiles and Zvi Litvinoff All three men decided upon careers in writing in their youth before the Nazis invaded Poland and shattered their dreams Before Jewish life in Slonim ended young Leopold Gursky fell in love with Alma Mereminski With a name meaning soul and a body strikingly beautiful Gursky decided at age ten that Mereminski would be the one true love of his life even carving their initials into a special tree The young lovebirds knew that their love was something special; however the Nazis posed an even greater threat and the Mereminski family fled to New York in 1941 not before Alma became pregnant with Leo's child; something neither was aware of Hiding in the forest for the duration of the war Leo reached New York years later and learned about his son's existence Named Isaac after a great Jewish Russian writer the boy would go on to become a prolific writer in his own right yet pain Leo for the rest of his life Prior to going into hiding Leo had written a manuscript that was close to his heart entitled The History of Love He entrusted Zvi Litvinoff with this book for safekeeping knowing that Litvinoff was fortunate enough to be leaving for the safety of Chile Little did Gursky know that years later Litvinoff would change the language from Yiddish to Spanish and pass off this elouent book as his own Years later fourteen year old Alma Singer named for the protagonist in History of Love stumbles across a letter from one Jacob Marcus who is asking Alma's mother Charlotte to translate the book from Spanish to English The Singer family has been grieving over the death of their husbandfather Daniel for the last seven years and Alma believes that translating this book would make her mother happy again As she discovers discarded translations in the trash Alma undergoes a personal uest to discover who her namesake was and why this protagonist named Alma profoundly moved her father to gift his copy of The History of Love to her mother In this process of self discovery Alma unearths many answers as well as uestions about both her father her namesake and their past In true Krauss fashion she weaves together these three plot lines without either protagonist knowing of each other's existence Gursky lives inside his memories hoping for one chance meeting with his son who has know idea who his real father is Alma is also searching for Alma Mereminski or someone who can provide clues as to who she was Encouraged by her uncle to stop constantly grieving for her father she is urged to step outside of her comfort zone of writing and books As she matures Alma learns clues about the History of Love her father and herself Meanwhile Krauss intersperses the sections about Gursky and Singer with the story of Litvinoff's life in Chile and how History of Love came to be All three stories are moving and eventually come to a nexus toward the novel's denouement As with Nicole Krauss' two other novels that I have read in History of Love I experienced mature literary fiction which had a profound impact on me I think I was moved the most by this novel because I have a daughter named Alma and I was touched by the protagonist Alma's capacity to love amidst her grieving This added personal twist seems to be a page out of Krauss' mature style of writing that I have come to love and look forward to She has certainly done well given a room of her own in which to write and has become a leading contemporary literary fiction author Having caught up with her novels I happily anticipate the day she publishes her next novel whenever that may be 5 stars