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When the one thing strikes that she never saw coming Former FBI cyber security agent Eryn Calloway has successfully cracked countless complex cyber investigations Her expertise is highly valued working as Blackwell Tactical's cyber expert But when her computer is locked with ransomware she suddenly finds herself facing the biggest challenge of all She's brilliant when COLD CASE starts out with a great first line Cancel your classes or your computer isn't the only thing that will be DOA That is an attention getter for sure COLD CASE is book 4 in Ms Sleeman's Cold Harbor Series but it easily stands alone I do have books 1 2 and 3 but haven't read them yet I am looking forward to going back and getting some of the previous stories though Eryn is super intelligent and uite frankly I was very lost at most of the words that came out of her mouth Highly technical in cyber lingo I didn't understand a word of To Ms Sleeman's credit she had Trey not understand them either so the reader was given translations of the computer eze but it did slow down the reading and make the story somewhat drag at times as this reader got lost in unfamiliar language Trey was a sweetie He did wear his heart on his sleeve and didn't bother to even attempt to hide his attraction to the beautiful Eryn He is a Green Beret he is a deputy but he's benched due to a serious hip injury He's willing to watch cartoons with Eyrn's young daughter and eat chicken nuggets so what's not to love? Once I did manage to wade through the mumble jumble of the first several chapters the suspense and the story did pick up And I did force myself to keep reading during those several first technical chapters because this is a Susan Sleeman book and she writes top notch bone chilling heart pounding edge of your seat romantic suspenseI was given a copy of this book free All opinions are my own

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Cold Case Cold Harbor #4It comes to saving others but this perpetrator proves he can outsmart her and threatens to kill her The stakes are too high and she can't take him down alone Can she let the one man who can protect her get close enough to do so? Former Green Beret Deputy Trey Sawyer wants to serve as her bodyguard while tracking down the criminal Trey has been in love with Eryn for a y My review today is on the thriller Cold Case This is the fourth book of the Cold Harbor Series This book was sent to me as a gift and I can't thank Susan enough I love her work This book is well written action packed and full of intrigue It is full of twists and turns Then on top of that is filled with faith You just have to love her workComputer Specialist Eryn Calloway is to teach a couple of high tech classes to the annual Policing in the Modern World Conference She is a representative of the Blackwell Tactical Team She is seated in the lobby full of law enforcement officers when she receives a threat on her life if doesn't cancel her classes Who hacked into her computer and why? She is determined to get to the bottom of this A deputy comes up to ask her what is wrong When she doesn't answer him he turns the laptop around She tries to explain this is not a big deal She can handle it but she knows he's going to go ballistic She doesn't need a man to save her and she isn't interested in a romanceDeputy Trey Sawyer has worked with the Blackwell team many times and has developed a deep love for the computer tech She takes his breath away He has made no attempt to hide his feeling for her Now as he watchs the blood drain from her face he is determined to keep her safe Whether she likes it or not He understood she might not be ready for a relationship after her husband's death but he will protect her and her young daughterThis is a great journey of struggling to find answers and keep ahead of the forces trying to destroy them Can Eryn ever open her heart again to love? Can she risk such pain again? Can Trey show her how to love again? Can they both learn to trust God? God has a plan for these two a plan for a hope and a future God has a plan for you too a good plan and not for evil You might not have someone trying to kill you but you do have an enemy that is trying to steal kill and destroy you Don't underestimate the devil Give God your heart and watch Him turn your life around He is a good God Every good gift comes from the Father

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Cold Case Cold Harbor #4 kindle ☆ 322 pages Download ã Susan Sleeman » When the one thing strikes that she never saw coming Former FBI cyber security agent Eryn Calloway has successfully cracked countless complex cyber investigations Her expertise is highly valued working as Blackwell Tactical's cEar but she's kept every man at arm's length since she lost her husband several years ago Eryn has proved she is fully competent to take care of herself but now her four year old daughter is in danger as well When Trey and Eryn are thrown together in a race for her life Trey needs to convince her to overcome her past and truly rely on him or she won't make it out alive Ms Sleeman takes us back to Cold Harbor the home of Blackwell Tactical Investigations and where widowed cyber security expert Eryn Calloway lives with her child Bekha Eryn is the only female at Blackwell’s and the guys treat her as family and one of their ownTrey Sawyer a deputy and former Green Beret has known Eryn for a while and has feelings for her Now injured after helping save one of Blackwell’s significant other he is at a desk job and uestioning his future as a deputy When Eryn needs a bodyguard for her and her daughter he jumps at the opportunity not only to keep them safe but to get to know them both betterWhile the suspense keeps you guessing and keep you engaged in the storyline it’s the personal stories that always attract me to Ms Sleeman’s books In this case Eryn has kept her heart under lock and key for fear of falling in love and losing that person She feels she can’t go through that experience again Trey is patient and reminds her to have faith in God and his work As danger gets closer so do Eryn’s feelings for Trey growAnother great story in this seriesI voluntarily read this ARC copy The opinions expressed are solely my own