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ThornsShe cut me too deepAnd I bled out My soul fled All that’s left is a cold calculating monster I am Veniamin Volcanic Victorious Valiant Vetrov When you enter my world to play games prepare to loseIn the end I always find the thorn in my side and I pluck it right ou. Yes Yes YesFirst You must read book one to fully understand the dynamics in this book and of this world Second HOLY CRAP THIS BOOK WAS EVERYTHING Diana was like this bad ass Phoenix goddess Ven is this sexy lion beast Together they are a roaring lion and lioness duo rising from the ashes I just Can’t ALL the characters and layers in this book The actual V GAMES Everything I wanted and happened THAT ENDING screams I knew it I can not wait for book three If you enjoy corruption Russian mob the hunger games and a modern monarchy ish vibe then you NEED to start this series RIGHT nowNO CLIFFHANGER ENDING ending alludes to plot of book three

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Ven The V Games #2The Vetrov name comes with expectationMy role in this world is simple do as Father asks and live my life how he planned it My future is already written run the empireOld Values Old Rule Old MoneyUntil herEverything I do lacks purposeEverything I do is emptyWomen Money Powe. Ven is the second book in The V Games series by K Webster Ker Dukey and one of my most highly anticipated books of this year In the previous installment Diana was the character that intrigued me most I couldn't wait to get of her and she did not disappoint Diana Volkov is beautiful strong business minded loyal and smart She was raised to be than just eye candy and that is evident in everything that she does Whether managing business or kicking ass she always comes out on top I enjoyed her strength and determination in this world where women are seen as weak and pathetic and treated like objects or property Ven Vetrov is sexy strong powerful vicious and alpha all the way He has loved Diana since they were children but he knew she was never meant to be his Now he has a chance to change that and he doesn't intend to let it pass him by Ven is dark captivating violent and hot In other words it's everything you would expect from this author duo The first half of the book is perfection However in the second half Ven does something that totally changed my opinion of him and I lost all my love for him which was super disappointing Diana didn't fall as far our of my favor but she knows something about him that she basically sweeps under the rug and that didn't sit well with me I wanted to knock the shit out of her for it but I still like her Lol That being said I couldn't stop reading and I look forward to the next installment If you liked Vlad you should definitely give Ven a try and if you're a fan of mafia romance this series is for you PS I seriously can't believe I'm saying this but I hope Vika gets her own book 🙈

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Download  Ven The V Games #2 ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ The Vetrov name comes with expectationMy role in this world is simple do as Father asks and live my life how he planned it My future is already written run the empireOld Values Old Rule Old MoneyUntil herEverything I do lacks purposeEverythingR It meant nothingUntil herWhen the Volkov rose showed up at my home a disgraced package hand delivered by a Vasiliev prince I began paving my own path I vowed to make her bloom once She consumed me Her Her HerBut you can’t love a rose and expect not to be damaged by her. Genre Dark RomanceType Book 2 of The V Games seriesPOV First Person Dual Rating Veniamin Ven Vetrov grew up among the vultures As the heir of the Vetrov empire he was groomed his whole life to upheld his family's name and reputations He did his part perfunctorily until he found a reason to fight for what he really wantedDiana Volkov was used to be a second thought even though she came from a respected family Disgraced from her past indiscretion she vowed vengeance to those who wronged her But her path might take a different turn if she wasn't careful with her heart I’ll help her find herself again Rebuild and reclaim what he stole and then I’ll give her everything she deserves I like how Ven could easily detached from the vileness of his job because it made him dangerous However I'm not a fan of how he was pussified even if some if it were subtleindirect I learned a long time ago men will always take take take Not any I’m done letting men rule my destiny On the surface Diana was a badass female character among all the vicious men She knew when to stay low and when to strike But her fears let her to some decisions that didn't help her situation When I get out of here I’m stripping myself of everything those animals are I’ll create my own empire and do everything I can to watch theirs burn with them in it In this book I felt I had better grasp of the many characters and the dynamics in this series I enjoyed the atrociousness of the characters and their world and I liked how the authors didn't hold back However considering how the main characters grew up they did some things that they should know better not to doThe V Games concept is what fascinates me the most about the series I was exited for game day to arrived but was disappointed when the mechanics weren't properly explained making it lost its potential impact Good thing the sex scenes were hot and all the nondub con made up for it haha Diana made me weak and no one will ever see that side of me again Ven is a story of vengeance and taking charge I'm looking forward to the next book in the series to see what other debauchery the authors will come up with Note 1 I love the supporting characters and their stories Vika definitely grew on me Note 2 I hope Viktor will get a book so my favorite psycho who shall not be named p could make an appearance lolBooks in the series 🔪 ❌ 🔪 FBR With Twinsie CC 🔪 ❌ 🔪 For reviewsrevealsgiveaways visit