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FREE PDF ☆ BOOK Tempted by His Kiss ê REFLECTIONSLISBURNLTD à London Society knows the Byrons are “mad bad and dangerous” and every bit as fascinating as their poetic non relation This tempestuous family is famous for scandal and legendary at loveOrphaned beauty Meg Amberley is caught in a snowstorm and taEr reputation compromised he proposes a pretend engagement and a London Season where she can find a husband But as their charade deepens Cade can’t let her go vowing to tempt her with a kiss that just may lead to forev Reviewed for ueuemyreviewcom; book release Feb09When I read the back cover blurb for “Tempted By His Kiss” by Tracy Anne Warren for some reason I expected a humorous book And I guess there were some humorous parts but this story is written as a serious historical about a physically and mentally wounded soldier Is it strange that I read this tale back to back with another historical about a suffering military man? Or is it that the ‘wounded warrior’ theme is one that has special meaning for us these days?Warren’s new series is about the Byron family They’re not related to that Lord Byron but they are at times just as scandalous Our first Byron is Cade He returned from war a tortured and broken man and has removed himself to the countryside far from his family and society NOTHING can budge him from his ‘fortress of solitude’ Until that is a young lady Meg ends up stranded at his ‘fortress’ by a freak snowstormwith only her maid for a chaperonefor three weeks Now to save her reputation the two have no choice but to head for London and feign an engagement Meg will stay with the Byron family for the duration of the season During which time she will find a husband and ‘jilt’ Cade Unfortunately Cade just doesn’t seem to approve of any of the men she meets And to make matters worse he’s accusing a recent war hero of being the spy who had him tortured and murdered his French fiancéethe reason he says he won’t marry Meg But if he doesn’t want to marry Meg why does he keep making love to her?I honestly can’t recall if I’ve read anything by this author before The hero and heroine were likable enough if a bit dim witted I thought the villain was smarter than both of them The plot is not particularly complex and easy to follow but that also makes it easy to figure out the upcoming events I would have liked to have gotten a bit information about the other brothers who I assume will be the upcoming heroes in the remaining two books of this series On the other hand I enjoyed the very passionate if unlikely love scenes between the lead characters and did enjoy the beautiful descriptions and bits of humor as they appearedI would describe Tracy Anne Warren’s “Tempted By His Kiss” as a ‘whip cream’ historical romance Fun light reading that leaves you with a grinat least it’s not fattening

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Caught in a snowstorm and takes refuge at the estate of Lord Cade Byron Haunted by his past Cade has buried himself in the country Then Meg with her lush curves and soft blonde hair invades his house and his life With h Tempted by His Kiss by Tracy Anne Warren is the first book in the Byron Brothers series and is the first book by the author that I've read So I was looking for a book to read on a Saturday because I was bored and this was one of the offering on Audible Escape I listened to the sample and I recognized the narrator but when I saw the name it wasn't the narrator I thought it was But I kept thinking about it and it bothered me because I was sure Audible had made a mistake I'm really good with voices like really good and I was sure the narrator was Bianca Amato not just sure positive but the book listed a Rebecca De Leeuw as the narrator I did some research and came to find out that it WAS Bianca Amator but that she narrated explicit romanticerotica books under the nom de plume of Rebecca De Leeuw Not just her other narrator do this too I found a whole list it was crazy Anywho I loved Bianca Amato and while I wasn't convinced by the book summary it sounded kind of cheesy the book was free and as I said I was bored Anyway the story is about the second oldest of the five Byron no relation to Lord Byron brothers Cade Byron who after suffering a horrific experience as a soldier in Portugal during the Napoleonic wars has become a recluse at his estate in the north of England There is a terrible snowstorm and a young woman Meg Amberley seeks shelter at his home at first he refuses but when he sees how bad of a snowstorm it is he relents and allows her to stay She's traveling to Scotland to go live with her aunt but is only traveling with a made They spend a couple of weeks together snowed in and people in the village find out and now Meg is compromised so her and Cade become fake engaged Cade takes her to London with the idea of giving her a season and finding her a real husband Told ya the premise was silly However it didn't feel very silly and the author did a good job selling us the story Cade and Meg have great chemistry and the smut is first rate The story faltered though the angst is contrived at times the author extends it to far and it becomes frustrating for the reader The characters especially the heroine who was acted maturely throughout most of the book because an immature child towards the end He doesn't really love me so I can't be with him because he hasn't told me he loves me What Like I get some of the insecurity but it was pushed way too far for way too long which just made the story suffer because it veered into telenovela territory And I love telenovelas but telenovelas embrace their crazy and don't try to pretend to be anything but what they are The narrator was great as I expected and she probably made the book much better than what it really was I managed to listened to the entire book though I was uite annoyed by the end Overall it was an okay historical romance Good smut nice chemistry not a great love story but an easy escape if you're bored

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Tempted by His KissLondon Society knows the Byrons are “mad bad and dangerous” and every bit as fascinating as their poetic non relation This tempestuous family is famous for scandal and legendary at loveOrphaned beauty Meg Amberley is Once again I have no time to write a full review so I'll just make some random comments about itThe storyline was kind of predictable but Ms Warren's writing made it engaging enough to keep me reading the book Plus Cade and Meg were likable characters so it was fun to follow the ups and downs in their relationship They did have a very TSTL moment followed by a Big Misunderstanding near the end of the story and I wanted to grab them and shake some sense into them but I still cared for them and rooted for their HEA As it happened in Seduced By His Touch which is the 2nd book in the series and gasp I read before reading this 1st installment Tempted by His Kiss was a bit uneven the beginning when Cade and Meg meet get to know each other and fall in love even though they don't acknowledge it at the time was very good but when they moved to London the connection between them changed and didn't work so well Anyway this was a good read despite its flaws and I'm interested enough to keep reading this series