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The Story of a Ship kindle ¸ 352 pages Download æ Michael Palin ✓ Intrepid voyager writer and comedian Michael Palin follows the trail of two expeditions made by the Royal Navy's HMS Erebus to opposite ends of the globe reliving the voyages and investigating the ship itself lost on the final Franklin eIntrepid voyager writer and comedian Michael Palin follows the trail of two expeditions made by the Royal Navy's HMS Erebus to opposite ends of the globe reliving the voyages and investigating the ship itself lost on the final Franklin expedition and discovered with the help of Inuit knowledge in 2014 The story of a ship begins after the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo when Great Britain had bomb ships than it had enemies The solid reinforced hulls of HMS Erebus and another bomb ship HMS Terror made them suitable for discovering what lay at the coldest ends of the earth In 1839 Erebus was chosen as the flagship of an expedition to penetrate south to explore Antarctica Under the leadership of the charismatic James Clark Ross she and HMS Terror sailed further south than anyone had been before But Antarctica never captured the national imagination; what the British Cheered on by a crowd of engineers carpenters blacksmiths clerks and their families the stout broad hulled warship they had been building for the past two years slides stern first down the slipway at Pembroke Dockyard The cheers rise to a roar as she strikes the waters of Milford Haven She bounces bobs and shakes herself like a newborn waterfowl Her name is ErebusIt might be a Canadian thing to be fascinated by the doomed Franklin Expedition that ended on our northern limits – I watched several documentaries with my Dad that came out on the subject as I was growing up – and from the maybe tainted tinned goods they consumed to the unmistakable signs of cannibalism that eventual recovery missions discovered this is a tragic tale that has long piued my interest Although a longtime Monty Python fan I had never read one of Michael Palin's travel books before so I looked forward to starting with his Erebus; a biography of sorts on the ship that Sir John Franklin captained off to its final frigid resting place This book is an amazing accumulation of research – from the shipbuilders' blueprints to extensive uotes from her sailors' journals and letters – and Palin paints a vivid and exhaustive story of HMS Erebus' twenty some years of service As a noted traveller himself Palin retraced the routes of the Erebus during his research for this book and his thoughts and experience from pole to pole breathe modern life into a Victorian tale I enjoyed this very much and would read Palin again When I made a journey to the Antarctic Peninsula in 2014 the sight of a single whale was enough to bring everyone out on deck reaching for cameras and binoculars Sometimes if you were very lucky two or three would surface Watching them was both compulsive and strangely soothing Of all God's creatures they seem the least prone to hurrying Their lives seem to be the human euivalent of taking very long baths When they did move it was a performance of beauty and grace of great weight moved with minimum effort And there can surely be no better final bow than the languid uietly powerful rise flick and fall of the fluke I like to think that those aboard Erebus drew similar comfort from the whales' company on the long and increasingly hazardous journey southI had read before that Erebus alongside her sister ship HMS Terror had been captained by James Clark Ross to the Antarctic in search of the Magnetic South Pole but this part of her story was vividly evoked here than elsewhere; in particular I marvelled at the mental image of the ice covered active volcano that Ross fittingly named Mount Erebus And as for the later Arctic expedition there wasn't much here that I hadn't already read Even so I found value in having the whole story of this ship's lifespan laid out in this way encapsulating as it does a particular slice of time during the Age of Discovery; a rare time of peace during which the British Navy refitted warships to explore the globe and name measure and collect all that they found out there The one complaint that I would have about this book is the way that Palin brings modern sensibilities to bear on the efforts of these intrepid explorers I don't need to be told that imperialism the extermination of native peoples and the over extraction of natural resources – and in particular animals – isn't justified by “the spirit of Enlightenment” In one stirring chapter Erebus and Terror got tangled together as they tried to steer through a narrow passageway in an otherwise unbroken series of icebergs and employing a last ditch effort to put his ship into reverse under sail power Ross was able to disentangle the ships and narrowly avoid the crushing wall of ice Palin uotes from several of the sailors' journals and letters as they later thank God for their safe passage and then he unnecessarily lectures the reader The sternboard manoeuvre that Ross and his crew executed in the most dire and dangerous situation would have been a great gamble at any time It was this almighty risk rather than the Almighty himself that saved the lives of his men Palin uncovered much fascinating information – trapped in pack ice off Antarctica on New Year's Day of 1842 the crews of both ships carved a ballroom into the snow and Captain Crozier of the Terror and Captian Ross in drag led the dancing; DNA testing of bones from the Franklin Expedition reveal that four of the skeletons had no Y chromosomes as they were definitely European either the Y chromosomes had deteriorated or these seamen were seawomen in disguise – and I can't fault the comprehensive scholarship behind this effort And as the insertion of Palin's own thoughts and experience did elevate this book beyond dull textbook level material for me I can't ultimately fault him for stretching the limits of what I wanted to hear from him Overall a fine read; one that made me glad to be indoors as the snow falls and the wind howls outside my walls

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Er 9th 2014 came the almost unbelievable news HMS Erebus had been discovered thirty feet below the Arctic waters by a Parks Canada exploration ship Palin looks at the Erebus story through the different motives of the two expeditions one scientific and successful the other nationalistic and disastrous He examines the past by means of the extensive historical record and travels in the present day to those places where there is still an echo of Erebus herself from the dockyard where she was built to Tasmania where the Antarctic voyage began and the Falkland Islands then on to the Canadian Arctic to get a sense of what the conditions must have been like for the starving stumbling sailors as they abandoned their ships to the ice And of course the story has a future It lies ten metres down in the waters of Nunavut's ueen Maud Gulf where many secrets wait to be reveale I was lucky enough to get this copy of Erebus at a book signing with Palin Nice chap he is too I must say Erebus? What’s all this about then? Well on 09 Sep 2014 the Prime Minister of Canada announced that a Canadian underwater archaeology team had discovered what they believed to be the HMS Erebus that had been lost for almost 170 years on the seabed somewhere in the ArcticPalin transports us back in time to 1826 when the bomb vessel Erebus was launched from Pembroke Dockyard in Wales She wasn’t actually needed for war as it turned out Victorian times were fast approaching and there was a new gig in town Exploration Travel and scientific He provides a historical overview of Erebus’s voyages and she had an exceptional one to the Antarctic in the late 1830’s early 1840s What a journey it is They journey there was with Erebus’s sister ship Terror Erebus and Terror There are plenty of uotes from those on board at the time providing a very real sense of the journey and what they got up to Parties science and close disasters are the order of the day it seems James Clark Ross was the captain of Erebus ‘It might be said it was James Cook who defined the Antarctic Region and James Ross who discovered it’ wrote Captain Scott Palin travels as well to the some of the places that Erebus got to like Tasmania Falkland Islands and Ascension Island With the first half of the book well just over half covering the Antarctic expedition the second part looks at Erebus’ final expedition to the Arctic and trying to find a way through the Northwest Passage I had not realised the extent to which interest lay in this particular voyage and its mysterious aftermath It is uite enthrallingI don’t know if you are the same but when you meet the author and have the physical book signed it does make it very special and I seem to enjoy the book even Maybe just me? That being the case I did enjoy the book even though I had read some average reviews Definitely recommended for you history buffs out there The two journeys south and north by Erebus are amazing I feel embarrassed that I did not know about it before reading this Palin has put me right

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The Story of a ShipNavy needed now was confirmation of its superiority by making the discovery once and for all of a route through the North West Passage Chosen to lead the mission was Sir John Franklin at 59 someone many considered too old for such a hazardous journey Nevertheless he and his men confidently sailed away down the Thames in April 1845 Provisioned for three winters in the Arctic Erebus and Terror and the 129 men of the Franklin expedition were seen heading west by two whalers in late July No one ever saw them again Over the years there were many attempts to discover what might have happened and eventually the first bodies were discovered in shallow graves confirming that it had been the dreadful fate of the explorers to die of hunger and scurvy as they abandoned the ships in the ice For generations the mystery of what had happened to the ships endured Then on Septemb great travel book one of the best i read for years Palin really have the touch for it it is a story of boat of exploration but above all of daring people the two major parts are the exploration of antarctica which was led by Ross amazing story and the last part the tragic story of Franklin and his crew to try and find the north west passage great tale and read should give it 45