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Er 9th 2014 came the almost unbelievable news HMS Erebus had been discovered thirty feet below the Arctic waters by a Parks Canada exploration ship Palin looks at the Erebus story through the different motives of the two expeditions one scientific and successful the other nationalistic and disastrous He examines the past by means of the extensive historical record and travels in the present day to those places where there is still an echo of Erebus herself from the dockyard where she was built to Tasmania where the Antarctic voyage began and the Falkland Islands then on to the Canadian Arctic to get a sense of what the conditions must have been like for the starving stumbling sailors as they abandoned their ships to the ice And of course the story has a future It lies ten metres down in the waters of Nunavut's ueen Maud Gulf where many secrets wait to be reveale. Interesting and detailed book about the journeys of this ship and its discovery

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The Story of a ShipIntrepid voyager writer and comedian Michael Palin follows the trail of two expeditions made by the Royal Navy's HMS Erebus to opposite ends of the globe reliving the voyages and investigating the ship itself lost on the final Franklin expedition and discovered with the help of Inuit knowledge in 2014 The story of a ship begins after the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo when Great Britain had bomb ships than it had enemies The solid reinforced hulls of HMS Erebus and another bomb ship HMS Terror made them suitable for discovering what lay at the coldest ends of the earth In 1839 Erebus was chosen as the flagship of an expedition to penetrate south to explore Antarctica Under the leadership of the charismatic James Clark Ross she and HMS Terror sailed further south than anyone had been before But Antarctica never captured the national imagination; what the British. Palin’s Erebus is a comprehensive account of one of the most famous Arctic and Antarctic exploration vessels Palin provides a detailed yet compelling overview of the life of Erebus recently rediscovered in only 36 feet of water in the Arctic where she has remained since her last voyage with Sir John Franklin in 1845Palin’s Erebus reviews the life of the ship from her first uneventful days as a warship to her watery demise in the mid 1800s in the infamous and mysterious Franklin North West Passage expedition He offers information and direct uotations from numerous primary sources with engaging narrative often breaking the tension with some levity The scholarship is commendable and thorough I found myself taking copious notes while reading as I didn’t want to forget a thingAlthough there's not a lot of new information presented here Palin’s historical account of Erebus is sprinkled with descriptions of his own travels — to Hobart where Erebus and Terror visited while Franklin was governor of Van Diemen’s Land to Antarctica in 2014 to various places where Erebus docked during her service like the Falklands Palin includes historical accounts of Erebus’s time in these places as well as his impressions of the landscape as it looks currently and Erebus’s long standing legaciesPalin left no stone unturned often literally while tracking Erebus’s journey He even reviews the plans by the master shipwright who outfitted her for her expedition to the Arctic He reviews Erebus’s time in Antarctica under James Clark Ross as well her time under John Franklin where she ended her tenure The last chapter of Erebus covers the recent resurgence in the Franklin mystery and ends with Palin’s visit to Antarctica in 2017 to see the final places along the parties’ sojourn across the ice I wish he had actually gotten to Erebus and I look forward to future books containing new information from the recently discovered shipsSome reviewers have complained that not enough time was spent discussing the Franklin expedition but honestly that's not what I was reading this for The book is called Erebus for a reason and there's to this ship than just the Franklin expedition If you're looking for Franklin information I recommend Russell Potter's Finding Franklin; Palin's Erebus is a thorough account of Erebus and I was excited to read this to learn of her lesser known voyage with James Clark Ross Erebus will appeal to Arctic scholars as well as armchair sailors like me No sentence was superfluous and every chapter offered something engagingHighly recommendedMany thanks to LibraryThing First Reviewers and Greystone Books for this advance copy in exchange for my review

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The Story of a Ship Free download ↠ 105 Ø Intrepid voyager writer and comedian Michael Palin follows the trail of two expeditions made by the Royal Navy's HMS Erebus to opposite ends of the globe reliving the voyages and investigating the ship itself lost on the final Franklin expedition and discovered with the help of Inuit knowledge in 2Navy needed now was confirmation of its superiority by making the discovery once and for all of a route through the North West Passage Chosen to lead the mission was Sir John Franklin at 59 someone many considered too old for such a hazardous journey Nevertheless he and his men confidently sailed away down the Thames in April 1845 Provisioned for three winters in the Arctic Erebus and Terror and the 129 men of the Franklin expedition were seen heading west by two whalers in late July No one ever saw them again Over the years there were many attempts to discover what might have happened and eventually the first bodies were discovered in shallow graves confirming that it had been the dreadful fate of the explorers to die of hunger and scurvy as they abandoned the ships in the ice For generations the mystery of what had happened to the ships endured Then on Septemb. This is a really interesting story of polar exploration from a slightly different angle Michael Palin has focussed on the ships – the Erebus mainly but also her sister ship the Terror – that were the common elements of two great Antarctic and Arctic expeditions in the 1840’s as England obsessively attempted to be the first to discover the extreme ends of the earth The first magnificently successful voyage was a four year three winter discovery of the Antarctic led by James Clark Ross notable for sailing through pack ice to discover the Ross ice shelf A year later the ships were led by John Franklin on the ill fated attempt on the North West Passage They have of course been covered several times before but not I think with this particular slant Palin has an engaging chatty style which often reads like travelogue rather than history; and having visited many of the locales himself is great at conflating descriptions of the original voyages with his own impressions Erebus isn’t limited to these two explorations either Apart from some background about the years leading up to these voyages Palin has a pretty good account of all the efforts that went into discovering the fate of the Franklin expedition up to the time when the Erebus was rediscovered and he ends with his own travels to the site of the wreck Erebus also has a great selection of engravings pictures and photographs; and – unusually excellent maps Nice work Michael