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Free download Diamond Fire ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ï Nevada Frida Baylor and Connor Ander Rogan cordially invite you to join their wedding celebration Summoning weather manipulation and other magical activities strictly forbiddenCatalina Baylor is looking forward to wearing her maid of honor dress and watching her older sistAppen Catalina will have to do the thing she fears most use her magic But she’s a Baylor and there’s nothing she wouldn't do for her sister's happiness Nevada will have her fairy tale wedding even if Catalina has to tear the mansion apart brick by brick to get it do. 1st read 15th August 20182nd read 27th August 20183rd read November 20184th read March 20195th read August 20196th read May 20207th read August 2020Diamond Fire is a novella in the Hidden Legacy series that bridges from the first trilogy told in Nevada's point of view and helps us transition into the upcoming trilogy that will have Catalina at the forefront It ties up a few loose ends raises a whole new set of uestions and gives us just a tiny hint of the kind of main character that Catalina is going to beI have to confess that I was kind of hoping this story would be told entirely from Nevada's point of view I'm a teeny bit obsessed with Nevada and Rogan so I was hoping for one last story with them entirely front and centre let's face it I just wanted tactile sexy times but I know to trust Ilona Gordon Andrews and they didn't disappoint I really enjoyed the chance to see Nevada and Rogan take this next big step in their relationship and I'll be happy to see the occasional glimpse of them in the background as the series continues but I absolutely loved getting to know Catalina betterCatalina is a very different type of heroine to Nevada she's less confident and self conscious especially when it comes to her magic but she's just as protective of the people she cares about and eually capable of standing up to anyone who threatens her family I really enjoyed seeing Nevada and the rest of the family through Catalina's eyes and I loved getting to know Rogan's mother a little better as she takes Catalina under her wing I think what is going to be really nice about Catalina's story is that we're probably going to get to know the younger members of House Baylor a little better Nevada was uite a bit older than her sisters and cousin Leon so Catalina has a different type of relationship with Arabella which will be fun to exploreWhile this story is very much about Catalina and Arabella helping to plan the wedding of the century it is also a mystery with a possible thief amongst Rogan's closest family members and a potential plot that could put the entire wedding party in danger Catalina doesn't want to worry her sister so she's going to have to do the one thing she really hates doing and start using her magic to help her figure out what is going on We've already seen a little of Catalina's powers in the past but we find out so much of what she can do here and I can't wait to see her exploring her ability further as the series continuesDiamond Fire was a fantastic story that left me with a massive smile on my face about Nevada and Rogan's HEA and also left me ridiculously excited to get my hands on Catalina's spin off series I've been a huge Ilona Andrews fan for a long time now but their stories honestly just get better and better every timeFull review to come closer to the official release date but this was all the epic awesomeness that you'd expect from an IA story I'll confess I was hoping for a little Nevada and Rogan sexy time BUT I absolutely loved getting Catalina's POV she's very different to her big sister but super sweet and I'm looking forward to her trilogy even now Rogan's mother is fantastic the wedding planning was hilarious and we get to spend time with Nevada's fab family which is always funUPDATE 15th AugustDIAMOND FIRE IS UP ON EDELWEISS This is not a drill people DIAMOND FIRE IS AVAILABLE FOR REVIEWERS RIGHT THIS SECOND AND I JUST SENT IT TO MY KINDLE I know nothing about this there's no title no cover no blurb all we can tell is it's something to do with the Hidden Legacy seriesHell what do I actually need to know It's already up on so OF COURSE I've preordered it Is it November yet How many times do we think I can manage to reread the first 3 books between now and the release dateUpdate 18th AprilFrom Ilona's blogWe get a wedding novella AND THREE MORE BOOKS in a new spin off trilogy And I thought I couldn't possibly get excited LOLUpdate 26th AprilIn case you missed it there is all kinds of extra info about the new Hidden Legacy series in this Entertainment Weekly interview with Ilona and Gordon I am so bloody excited about this spin off

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Ister walk down the aisle Then the wedding planner gets escorted off the premises the bride’s priceless tiara disappears and Rogan's extensive family overruns his mother’s home Someone is cheating someone is lying and someone is plotting murderTo make this wedding h. Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestI've been sitting on this one for a while saving it for a rainy day because I knew I'd love it and wanted to savor the prospect of reading it With all the uarantining going on now seemed like an excellent time to revisit the world of Hidden Legacy Primes and of course Mad RoganDIAMOND FIRE is the bridge between the original trilogy starring Nevada and the new series starring Catalina Nevada is now getting married to Rogan and the Baylors have their own prestigious House with multiple primes although the records of the minors are sealed Catalina and Arabella are tasked by Rogan to make sure that the wedding goes smoothly but wedding planning takes a sinister turn for the worst when theft and poison enter the mixCatalina ends up acting as investigator on her own trying to figure out who might want to stop Nevada and Rogan's wedding whether they're willing to kill to do so and if it's an inside job She really comes into her own in this book developing a confidence in herself as well as her controversial and powerful abilitiesI loved Catalina and I'm sure I'm going to love her even once I read her official novel but this book had some problems Part of me wants to give it 5 STARS out of my sheer love for the original trilogy but this does have some of the typical novella problems The first half is very rushed and has a definitive fanfic vibe The second half is much better pacing wise and I liked Catalina a lot as a narrator Which is one of the problems I had with this bookNevada was made into a total Bridezilla for the lolz And while I get that nerves and perfectionism make everyone a little crazy it did almost feel like Nevada was demonized to make Catalina seem likable and even tempered by comparison Which was totally unnecessary One of the things I loved about the original story was Nevada's loving dynamic with her family So making Nevada go le cray cray felt not only out of character but also kind of meanIlona Andrews I expect better from youAs a fan of The Hidden Legacy trilogy I'm giving this a four star rating because it was really really fun and the mystery element was much less silly than I was afraid it was going to be However this is not a standalone and can't really be read and appreciated without the original trilogy under your belt and it does have some pretty major problems that I just can't overlook no matter how much I love IA4 stars

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Diamond FireNevada Frida Baylor and Connor Ander Rogan cordially invite you to join their wedding celebration Summoning weather manipulation and other magical activities strictly forbiddenCatalina Baylor is looking forward to wearing her maid of honor dress and watching her older s. Re read TimeJust as good the second timeOriginal ReviewDiamond Fire is a transition story it moves us away from Nevada as the main character to Catalina being the PoV for the series This doesn’t have all of the things that I love in an IA book but please remember that this is a novella and so it isn’t supposed to come with all of the bells and whistles of a full length novel ╰⊰✿ What Diamond Fire Did Great ✿⊱╮ ① I think the movement to Catalina as the PoV went well Nevada has tossed the baton beautifully to her younger sister to take over from here ② Everthing with the side characters is awesome as usually We even get a new Grandma type to love in Rogan’s Mom She is fan freaking tastic and I can’t wait to get to know her better in future books There is the introduction of another House’s Prime mage who I hope we see in the future But Leon steals the show and is fantastic in his new role in the family I really like this upgraded version of him now that he knows what his magic is and has become comfortable in his skin Leon let out a long suffering sigh “Are you sure that I’ll be enough These places can get pretty rough You walk into a cake shop and then some gunslinger tells you ‘You ain’t from around here partner’ and the next thing you know you’re in the middle of the street your horse is dead the bad guy’s got your girl by her hair and you’re down to one bullet”“What is going on in your head”“It’s a dark lawless place Catalina So dark” ③ The actual story It isn’t as complicated as a full length novel but it is a fun little side show I figured out where the Crown went pretty early but that was only one part of the story The other was all the family drama No wonder Rogan lets people believe that he really doesn’t have any family There were a few gems in the family but most of them were just awful④ Showing off Catalina’s magic and the potential of what it can do This is one of those times where when you get to see something from the inside it doesn’t sound as great I thought it would be fantastic to have Catalina’s power when reading the other series But it has to be hard to know that you can never relax with a person you like or your power might take hold of them and give them false feelings But when I saw Alessandro I wanted to snap my wings open as far as they could go and dazzle him with everything I had so he would be mine forever I liked him so much I had to let him go It would be a struggle I really enjoyed exploring the magic though and the potential it could hold Plus I’m glad that we are holding off on the potential romance between Alessandro and Catalina until there is a full series to play with it⑤ Catalina’s relationship with Arabella is also in the big win column for me I love how they fight as sisters and are there for each other in every way They are so close and protective I’m hoping that we get to see a lot of Arabella in the future books since she is a great counterpoint to Catalina’s serious side ╰⊰✿ What Might Not Work For You in Diamond Fire ✿⊱╮ I read this in a group and there were a few grumblings I understand a few of them but just so maybe you aren’t too surprised I’ll just address a few① Nevada and Rogan seem so different Well yes and no To me they seemed a little different and a loof or uncaring in some instances but remember this is from a totally different PoV and so perception is everything Catalina is going to see both of them differently and just because you don’t see them doing things in the background doesn’t mean they aren’t reacting to situation② Nevada went all Bridezilla on us Againdid she I mean there are certain things that she wants in her wedding and doesn’t want to budge on Plus she and Rogan only wanted a small wedding but they are Primes and so it had to be a big tahdoo There are other things she just doesn’t really care about all that much and so I don’t think she put a lot of effort into the colors of them I’d feel a little bad for Catalina and Arabella as her wedding planners but they teased her so much pre proposal that I feel like a little bit of it is payback③ The resolution of the Kelly Waller plot line wasn’t what I wanted it to be I’m totally fine with how this particular plot line played out I thought that it was the perfect wedding present to Nevada and Rogan With a new series starting up focused on Catalina and some of the other kids a little I liked that this wasn’t left lingering④ This didn’t feature a romance with Alessandro GOOD I need books with the slow burn and intensity of their love story or another love interest inbetween or something I don’t want it in a novella I need way pages for that particular story to be told ╰⊰✿Read This✿⊱╮ It’s Ilona Andrews so you know that this novella is going to be fun and you are going to have a good time with it I liked most of this book and even though we are moving from Nevada I see a lot of potential with the other characters and can’t wait to see where they take this series next