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Nouvelle histoire de Mouchette characters Ê 7 Ü One of the great mavericks of French literature Georges Bernanos combined raw realism with a spiritual focus of visionary intensity Mouchette stands with his celebrated Diary of a Country Priest as the perfection of his singular art“Nothing but a little savage” is how the village schoOl teacher describes fourteen year old Mouchette and that view is echoed by every right thinking local citizen Mouchette herself doesn’t bother to contradict it; ragged foulmouthed dirt poor a born liar and loser she knows herself to be in the words of the story “alone completely alon. For years I’ve been obsessed with French cinema Every night I would choose an old French film from my collection and allow myself to be fully immersed in its elusive beauty I was once struck by the sophistication of French film making after watching Au revoir les enfants by Louise Malle I was also deeply enthralled by Hiroshima Mon Amour and I remember bawling my eyes out while watching Les uatre cents coups French cinema has the cinematic glamour of being exceedingly sophisticated and transcendental and it has been my niche since then There are films that I hold dear there are films I would re watch all the time and Mouchette is one of the films that I can’t seem to let it slip into oblivion The last scene keeps playing in my head and my heart aches every time I think about the little poor wretch and her mental anguish The film itself has left an indelible mark on my psyche as it resonates with me on an intrinsic level through its exploration of existential dread and contemplation on suicideMouchette by Georges Bernanos was published in 1937 and a few decades later Robert Bressen turned the novella into a cinematic tour de force a film so heart wrenchingly harrowing that some viewers even regarded it as spiritual The story of Mouchette lacks all trace of exuberance she’s a gloomy little creature regarded as a savage by all her schoolmates and teacher Her headmistress occasionally mocks her appearance and low status by holding up her brutish hand for the whole class to see what a little savage she is Her father is a drunkard who often beats her senselessly her mother’s suffering from a life crippling sickness Mouchette is bound to take care of her infant brother whom she bears no affection toward As a 14 years old she’s stuck and feels like she’s already dead inside She takes other people’s perceptions of her to be true even though deep down she detests her inculcated condition but she has no means of escaping from it She projects her feelings on a man who raped her despite being fully aware of his false affection In a world where she’s been misunderstood and abused all her life she longs for a glimpse of tenderness and understanding Moreover she yearns for someone who would see her as a human being instead of a wild savage who belongs on the periphery of a society I understand Mouchette’s affection for her rapist and it’s morbidly painful to even fathom that she wants no revenge or no harm to come to him One time she even said to him before resort to elegiac sobbing “I would rather kill myself than let anyone harm you” This demonstrates the intense loneliness she feels along with the shocking fact that she’s aware of the extent of his crime but willing to ignore it for his sakeHer contemplation on suicide is probably one of the most haunting parts it reverberates her anguish and intense disgust through sensory details The thought of death seizes her involuntary and it beckons her It’s a tragic vision and a foreshadowing of Mouchette’s pitiful ending superimposed by existential grief Mouchette’s story illuminates class struggle in rural France It’s the embodiment of mental affliction borne out of social marginalization and sualid poverty

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One of the great mavericks of French literature Georges Bernanos combined raw realism with a spiritual focus of visionary intensity Mouchette stands with his celebrated Diary of a Country Priest as the perfection of his singular art“Nothing but a little savage” is how the village scho. In the 1980's when I was an undergraduate the Nouvelle histoire de Mouchette was a popular choice for inclusion on first year French Lit courses The novel is short and clear both of which are important ualities for English speakers beginning to read French Moreover as it addressed the issues of alcoholism and rape it had the virtue of discusssing topics that are still considered inappropriate for secondary school courses Finally the outstanding Robert Bresson movie version regularly appeared in the repertory cinema house which meant that the undergraduates who studied the book would soon be able to compare their interpretation with that of a a great directorThis much said the sad story of the protagonist is uite painful to read I think today that Mouchette no longer has a pedagogical mission It never had any outstanding literary ualities I advise anyone curious about Bernanos to read the Journal d'un curé de campagne which is one of the very finest books of French literature Another good choice would be to attend a performance of the Poulenc's great opera Dialogues of the Carmelites for which Bernanos wrote the scenariol

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Nouvelle histoire de MouchetteE against everyone” Hers is a tale of “tragic solitude” in which despair and salvation appear to be inextricably intertwined Bernanos uncompromising genius was a powerful inspiration to Flannery O’Connor and Mouchette was the source of a celebrated movie by director Robert Bresson. Realism so destitute yet graceful as to attain a kind of shimmering deathly clarity and deep uarries of potential resonance Bresson made a film of it It jumped me at the library with its nyrb cover and only took a day to bolt through