Joyride (Supernatural #16) Characters ☆ 2

Review Joyride (Supernatural, #16)

Joyride (Supernatural, #16) Characters ☆ 2 ñ A brand new Supernatural novel inspired by the record breaking show starring Jared Padalecki and Jensen AcklesRed by the record breaking show star. I have to say I liked this book just a bit better than I liked the last SPN book I read It just had a interesting plot that drove me in uicker and I think it helped that this one didn't give too much time to secondary characters until right up at the endI think one con is there was no Cas in this book but not enough to take away a star from the rating from me

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A brand new Supernatural novel inspi. Supernatural joyrideLoved every moment reading another adventure of my boys Just like watching another episode Captured the characters well and the story was fast paced

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Joyride Supernatural #16Ring Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackl. Passarella gets 3 stars just for understanding the characters of Sam and Dean before he starts writing I bump it up to four stars because the storyline of the hunt is interesting The story gets slightly bogged down with details and for a moment I thought the “monster of the week” was a repeat from an episode from season 8 but this turned out to be different The story picks back up after the little lag and becomes complex in a good way and action packed The descriptions really let you see our beloved Winchesters doing what they do best Definitely recommended for all Supernatural fans