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Castles Author Julie GarwoPassion and danger abound in this classic historical romance from #1 New York Times bestselling author Julie GarwoodOrphaned and besieged Princess Alesandra knows that only a hasty marriage to an Englishman can protect her from the turmoil in her own land I absolutely LOVE this book It was so AMAZING There are so many wonderful things about this book that I hardly know where to begin telling about itPrincess Alesandra was orphaned at 12 years old and was left to be raised by nuns at a convent The happiest day in Mother Superiors' life was when she received notice that the Princess would be leaving the convent Alesandra was a bit of a hellion and was constantly getting into trouble and the nuns couldn't be happier to be rid of her Alesandra was going to live with her guardian The Duke of Williamshire his wife and four daughters The Duke was going to protect Princess Alesandra from Ivan the general who was planning to marry the Princess in order to gain power and take over the kingdom The Duke has a plan to marry Alesandra off to one of his sons Colin in order to keep the general from marrying herWhen Alesandra arrives at the Duke and Duchesses home the family comes down with a stomach illness and so they send her to stay with their other son Caine and his wife and daughter Unfortunately they too come down with the illness so she is forced to stay with ColinColin immediately becomes suspicious of Alesandra's reasons for being at his home He doesn't believe that his family is ill he thinks she has been sent there by his matchmaking father to sweep him up into marriage Colin tells her he won't marry her but agrees to help find someone suitable for her to marry But before he can help her he too falls illWhile nursing Colin back to health Alesandra starts to care for Colin And he too starts to really like having her around He decides no one is good enough to marry her but he doesn't really want to marry her either It doesn't fit in with his 5 year plan One of the funniest parts in the book is when Colin and Alesandra are at the Duke and Duchesses house to decide what is to be done with her They are also joined by Caine and his wife Jade They are going over a list of names of gentlemen who might suit to marry Alesandra Only Colin finds something wrong with every single gentleman Caine can clearly see what is going on; Colin cares for Alesandra It is finally decided that Colin will marry Alesandra after Colin announces to everyone that he and Alesandra have slept together You see she did SLEEP with him while she was nursing him back to health only The Duke doesn't realize that he thinks they slept together While all this is going on we also have the general trying to kidnap the Princess a serial killer on the loose targeting women including three of the females close to Colin and a hilarious star struck butler scheming with the ever mischievous PrincessOh and did I mention our Princess is a note taker? Mother Superior taught her that habit she believed it kept you organized and an organized and structured life was a happy life The funniest part of the story dealing with the notes is when Alesandra brings a note card to take notes on her wedding night for she didn't know anything about what happened between a man and a woman in the marriage bed and she did not want to forget a thing Colin was going to teach her So she wanted to take notesOne of my most favorite books of all time This was my second time reading it and I fell in love with it this time through I recommend this to anyone who loves to read books that are funny fast moving romantic sexy and with a little mystery involved to I promise you will not be disappointed in this oneCharactersColin Eduardo Verástegui Alesandra Vivien Leigh image error

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Tect her and offers a marriage that should be in name alone until their first kiss ignites a wildfire in his soul As the lovely princess dashes headlong into unforseen dangers Colin will risk his own life to save her and claim Alessandra as his own foreve Oh thank God this series has redeemed itself Though I admitthe plot was really a chaos There are so many plotting points to be considered Too many things going on There are than one antagonistBut the cleverness and wittiness of the characters made up the plot's flaw I am so in love with Colin and Alessandra Though Colin can be a misogynist pig his sweetness and possessiveness over Allesandra made him still lovable

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Book Ñ Castles Author Julie Garwood Ì 388 pages Download ↠ Reflectionslisburnltd ´ Passion and danger abound in this classic historical romance from #1 New York Times bestselling author Julie GarwoodOrphaned and besieged Princess Alesandra knows that only a hasty marriage to anThe bold raven haired beauty instantly captivates London society much to the amusement of her makeshift guardian Colin younger brother of the Maruess of CainewoodBut when Alesandra is nearly abducted by her unscrupulous countrymen Colin knows he must pro this book wasin a word horriblethere were so many holes in this story and i honestly think garwood put next to no thought into writing thisThe whole thing was random We got a lady killera missing frienda princess It didn’t go together and on top of all that no one was likeablethe manyand i mean manyhistorical mistakes prevented me from even giving this book a chanceThe speech was terrible and so off the mark I couldn’t even wrap my mind around itthe language in here was so modern it wasn't even funny trust me it wasn't funnyat allisn’t the editor supposed to catch all these mistakes?Her editor probably didn’t even want to take on the daunting task of correcting all of them It would have been better to just start a whole new book then try and correct all the mistakes in here How can you publish a historical book and be so totally wrong??Usually in a book there's only a few things that irritate you or get on your nerves but it was the WHOLE book that got on my nerves Literally like almost every sentence just drove me up the wall everythingand i mean everythingeither had me rolling my eyesscoffing or sighing loudlyive read julie garwood books before and while i wouldn't run out and buy them i definitely don't remember them being this terribleLet me wrap up the whole book for you colin tried not to laughalesandra burst into tearsa smidgen of stuff about a lady killersome random stuffdumb conversatioinsstupid charactersthe endthe characters were horrible with a capital H and that includes main and side charactersno one had any real substancethey were all annoyingGarwood really tried to sell the point home about her being beautiful and amazingIve seen authors convey that the main characters are really pretty without going into all this extravagant speech Someone should have passed Garwood the memoi think garwood was aiming for charming but she fell very short of the mark Incredibly short Like she missed it by a country mile Not only did i not find anything even remotely charming about the main character but i actually started to hate her despised might be a better wordi don't think I’ve ever hated a character uite like i did 'ol alesandrashe's one ofif not the worsecharacters ive ever read aboutthis is uite possibly the worst plot for a book I’ve ever encounteredin fact it should win an award for The Crappiest Book Everhorribly thought out plot Everything was repetitive to the point where you just wanted to throw something break something bang your head on a wall anything to relieve your frustration If you heard somethin once you’ll hear it at least ten other times in the bookI predict many tears in their future Colin will say or do something or not do something and she’ll burst into tears Garwood spends so much time on alesandra’s stupid feelings My advice to her is to concentrate on writing an actual story from now on I realized that we didn’t get to hear a lot from the main character Its like there weren’t many paragraphs without wordslike to describe stuff or hear about alesandras life We knew next to nothing about her There would be short sentences likethistheywere fragments really And then we’d get a dumb conversation between characters And then alesandra would be all hurt and then colin would try not to smile That’s literally all this book wasIt was like torture reading this thing I swear if you want to get me to do something just threaten to read this thing out loud to me sometimes I really think im a glutton for punishment when I keep reading a crappy bookWhen I first cracked open this book I was interested in seeing where she was gunna go with the whole lady killer thing She actually didn’t go anywhere with it until over halfway through the book And ive never in my life came across a book where people are disappearing and the people just sit back and do nothing You obviously weren’t too close to victoria or you would have done something about it soon enough instead of holding it in just because colin ‘wouldn’t listen to you’ That brings me back to alesandra needing a backbonewhen she found out her friend DIEDshe didn't cryshes like noid wait for later to cry but when colin did or didn't do something she wanted to burst into tearsdoes anyone find anything wrong with that?