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review My Coney Island Baby 109 Ü SHORTLISTED FOR THE ENCORE AWARD 2020On a bitterly cold winter’s afternoon Michael and Caitlin escape their unhappy marriages to keep an illicit rendez vous Once a month for the past uarter of a century Coney Island has been their havenThese precious hidden hours are their only nourishment But now amid the howling of an angA single day the histories landscapes tragedies and moments of wonder that constitute the lives of two people who although born worlds apart have been drawn togetherO’Callaghan a masterful prose stylist has created a devastatingly powerful novel about two unforgettable characters and the choices they have made This is a book full of sorrow but also radiant with beauty longing and breathless desi. Two middle aged lovers brave the deserted wintry boardwalk of Coney Island The wind is howling A snowstorm has been forecast Michael and Caitlin walk hand in hand to a seedy hotel for their once monthly day of emotional and physical sharing They have done so for twenty five years It started with a chance meeting at a bar Michael was reeling from the death of his fourteen week old son His wife Barbara was entrenched in a state of isolation while Michael worked two jobs trying not to feel Caitlin thought that her husband Thomas considered her to be another bullet point on a long list and never a priority Both Michael and Caitlin got married in their twenties but found what was seemingly true love outside of marriageIt is almost possible to believe that the world has been made to exist entirely for their benefit and that nothing else matters beyond their happiness For twenty five years Michael and Caitlin have cherished their couple time sharing their most intimate memories hopes and dreams In Coney Island they are far from hearth and home They can stand gazing at the Atlantic Ocean but Barbara a ghostly presencehas existed along the periphery Thomas has as well As for Michael and Caitlin Time makes us afraidwe pick up so many anchors along the way What does the future hold in store for themMichael and Caitlin seemed very much in love In their twenties their clandestine trysts were risk taking ventures Now well into his forties He watches herand feels himself falling for her all over again On Caitlin's part his now overweight frame is of no conseuence She savours the details of who he isMy Coney Island Baby by Billy O'Callaghan is a sensitive portrayal of middle aged love Michael and Caitlin were flawed individuals who accepted each other's imperfections They were imprisoned in their marriages but arguably prisoners within the confines of their hotel room They never had a chance to flyThank you HarperCollins Publishers and Net Galley for the opportunity to read and review My Coney Island Baby

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E world And their lives suddenly are on the brink – with news of serious illness on one side and a move to the Midwest on the other And so after half a lifetime spent in secret certain long avoided facts need to be faced conseuences examined decisions made and – perhaps – chances finally takenA uiet intense drama of late flowering intimacy My Coney Island Baby condenses within the course of. They met once a month on Coney Island Have done so for many years now They love each other but both are married to other people As we walk with them on a windy cold day on a Coney Island that is a shadow of what it once was as we enter the hotel room that is far from new rather seedy we learn their storyO'Callaghan may be my new favorite wordsmith His writing is descriptive sometimes one may think it overdone but it is beautiful emotive These two people are committing adultery but the tenderness between them the tender way they are written by the author made me want to hear their story His chapter on grief is the most expressive touching that I have ever read I read this so slowly often out loud many times rereading lines paragraphs in wonder at his talent In many ways it reminded me of a movie I loved ages ago called The same time next year Loved the movie loved the idea of the plotThese two meet and the changes in their lives their bodies as they age from young to the middle of their years Their familiarity with each other yet still the wonder These few hours together is their time but life so often intrudes Very melancholy but thoughtful how long can they go on together apartARC from Edelweiss

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My Coney Island BabySHORTLISTED FOR THE ENCORE AWARD 2020On a bitterly cold winter’s afternoon Michael and Caitlin escape their unhappy marriages to keep an illicit rendez vous Once a month for the past uarter of a century Coney Island has been their havenThese precious hidden hours are their only nourishment But now amid the howling of an angry snowstorm the shut down out of season resort feels like the edge of th. Ah but remember that the city is a funny placeSomething like a circus or a sewerAnd just remember different people have peculiar tastesAnd the glory of love the glory of loveThe glory of love might see you throughLou ReedHaving read a few enthusiast five stars reviews I decided to take this novel home from the library As the novel is pitched as a ‘piercing meditation on middle age and the passing of time’ several friends praised the masterful stylish prose of the author and the title reminded me of the eponymous songs of both Lou Reed and Tom Waits I had high hopes for this love story After a promising start with some thoughtful observations on dreams time choices and mourning I was in the mood to simply sink into an evocation of life’s bittersweetness and why not maybe by proxy bask in the intimacy and tenderness of the encounter of a middle aged man and woman meeting each other once a month for than twenty years be it stealthily as Michael and Caitlin are married to others In this stage of life I am a little interested in reading about a relationship between people who are inevitably a bit scarred and bruised by life than about the ecstasy of young lovers dancing with the daffodils in a lush meadow As both lovers happen to stand on though crossroads of life having to make decisions the theme reminded me of the epigraph Raymond Carver used for one of his poems Now for the other life The one without mistakesIf you have read the book and loved it or if you plan to read it read no further I am aware I am in the minority on this novel Unfortunately I have to admit it didn’t work for me at allThis story simply fell flat for me Despite personal stories of gloomy childhoods and loneliness Michael and Caitlin and their dilemma’s left me cold The often pointless metaphors pseudo wisdoms and musings on love came to irritate me that much I had to slog myself through it O’Callaghan’s style struck me mostly as verbose filling pages with trite observations which came in like thin air Maybe the repetitive descriptions of decay of the middle aged male body rubbed me the wrong way Or the fact that both Michael’s spouse Barbara and his lover Caitlin are depicted as ripe but still ravishing women in contrast with other women in the novel who are – o horrible – fat – and gosh does one really need commonplace thoughts like ‘Beautiful women often age badly and trying too hard somehow only uickens the rate of deterioration’ To my taste the story sounded a tad too much as a clumsy attempt to reassure us poor fragile insecure and maybe lonely middle aged people Making love at middle age no fear gentlemen not all breasts suffered from the gravitational pull yet And don’t worry your stomach which now presses and gently pummels your lover with every embrace will be no obstacle you will be adored nonetheless for who you really are Though I could relate to the need of carving out precious moments when life has been mostly unfulfilling even spending just this single long day in the company of this couple couldn’t keep my interest But I am tired and weary and perhaps cynic – I could sleep for a thousand years On the plus side the book pointed me towards a series of atmospheric photographs of Yunghi Kim on Coney Island in winter