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Free download Ashes and Metal (Cyborg Shifters, #5) ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ No one messed with Gunner No one He was the Jackal living chaos the infamous Cyborg banned from civilized society He was also the only Monster Hunter for the EPED who took the hard jobs the under the table worNo one messed with Gunner No one He was the Jackal living chaos the infamous Cyborg banned from civilized society He was also the only Monster Hunter for the EPED who took the hard jobs the under the table work Jobs that often left a trail of blood and bones in their wake When a pirate commandeers his ship Gunner takes it upon himself to exact a revenge that will ignite a wildfire of rage death and torment upon those who made the mistake of taking what was rightf. Gunner is half cyborg half jackal shifter He happily works for Earthian Planetary Exploration Division collecting monsters from several planets of the universe He also has a great ship and a few great female sexbots who satisfy his needs and help him operate his ship When Gunner is attacked by pirates his ship is stolen by them and he ends up as a prisoner of them; he can think only of revenge and how he can get his property back Because nobody NOBODY is allowed to touch what belongs to GunnerAt the next cell a young man is also held prisoner He is lonely and he never talks to anybody Something is strange about him He looks like a man he behaves like a man but Gunner's inner jackal insists that he is a woman Unfortunately he is so dirty and Gunner can not have a good snif of himher in order to decide what heshe isSpace is not a safe place for women Thus Elodie has spent most of her life pretending that she is a man Her father convinced her that this was the best thing if she wanted to stay and work with him in spaceNow her father and her are prisoners of the pirates And there is this strange huge man at the next cell with the gun tattoos on his face that keeps talking to her and never leaves her alone Obviously everybody have been sure that Elodie is a guythen why Gunner treat her like a girl sometimesThis is my favourite book of the series so far I think it is the longest and the most complete story And I am sure it can be read as a standalone if you want to try the series It has everything space pirates cyborgs shifters sexy times bloody times humour fake ids by the way I love stories when a person pretends to be a different gender and of course space battles

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Ully his Elodie has spent most of her life pretending to be a boy to remain alongside her father in space He’s the only family she has left When the ship they worked on is attacked she’s taken prisoner Every day she feared that her secret would be discovered that she’s a woman alone amongst men When a strange man is dragged into the cell next to hers she realizes she was living on borrowed time He stared at her as if he knew her secret Warning Ashes and Met. 35 conflicted starsWellI think a cyborg is a manmachine like the Terminator Let's not leave at that let's add a shapeshifter element through the use of jackal DNA OK I think I got that So what are we left with A computer that has the shape of a man with emotions a mind numbingingly powerful sex drive coupled with mega penis and all the reuisite bodily fluids and the capacity to turn into a metal based jackal that has a need to eat dead people Who said romance was deadWell Again I admit this is the 5th in the series but I read it first anyway because the reviews implied the books got progressively better Still my imagination was working over time trying to grasp all the details and I have to say I loved that about this book I was totally immersed in the story which is a good thingThe characters were interesting especially Gunner our mutant cyborg He was also extremely disturbing He had this thing for guns even had 'em tattooed on his cheeks lovely And this obsession with weapons and what he wanted to do with them in regards to our heroine Elodie not to mention what he actually did do with his gun view spoiler he used it as a dildo on her ramming it into her repeatedly before they'd even had conventional sex and she got off on it This was after he had ordered her to her knees so she could blow him hide spoiler

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Ashes and Metal Cyborg Shifters #5Al is a prison horror romance with explicit violence strong language and diabiolically heated scenes Mature readers only Book five of Cyborg Shifters same universe as Stranded in the Stars every book is a standalone that only subtly builds off of the others Book one Wild Blood Dommik and Katalina Book two Storm Surge Stryker and Norah Book three Shark Bite Netto and Rylie Book four Mutt Reid and Clara Book five Ashes and Metal Gunner and Elodie Book six coming so. I loved this slow burn story as much as the first one in the series and for 60% of the book taking place as captives in the brig of a pirate vessel it is uite engaging It’s obviously very character driven but what interesting characters they are And once Gunner and Elodie get together the heat is pretty amazing too—Gunner being all growly and saying “mine” all the time I highly recommend this book especially if you’re already a fan of the series