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Download No Escape Claws Book ´ 304 pages Æ Reflectionslisburnltd ✓ Sarah Grayson and her feline ally Elvis get a chance to see if their sleuthing skills are up to scratch in the sixth installment of the New York Times bestselling Second Chance Cat MysteriesIt's fall in North Harbor Maine where Sarah oE Sarah owns a charming secondhand shop A cold case heats up when Mallory Pearson appears at Sarah's doorstep Mallory's father is in prison for negligence after her stepmother's mysterious death in a house fire but Mallory bel No Escape Claws is the sixth book in Sofie Ryan's Second Chance Cat Mystery series Sarah Grayson owns Second Chance a mix between an antiue and thrift store in North Harbor Maine She also owns a very special and astute black cat named Elvis Additionally she allows a group of her grandmother's friends to run their amateur detective agency Charlotte's Angels out of her shop This book finds Sarah and the Angels taking on a cold case and trying to clear an innocent man to free him from prison I am a big fan of this series The books are uick entertaining reads featuring satisfying mysteries and uirky comical characters plus Elvis the cat Charlotte's Angels are the Golden Girls mixed with Jessica Fletcher What's not to love?? Though Sarah always claims she is not involved in their cases she ends up being an active participant in their crazy schemes Elvis is a very special cat who reminds me of Koko in Lilian Jackson Braun's The Cat Who series He helps Sarah and the Angels solve crimes and acts as a feline lie detector when the ladies are uestioning suspects There are some ongoing storylines in the series so I recommend that you start from the beginning but it won't be too confusing if you choose to skip around or start with this mystery Cozy mystery fans who enjoy a New England setting geriatric investigators and animals should also enjoy this series I would recommend it to fans of Krista Davis' Paws and Claws series and Ali Brandon's Black Cat Bookshop series I was given a free copy of this book; my honest opinions are my own

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Ieves he's innocent and asks the uirky team of senior citizen detectives who work out of Sarah's shop to take on the case With Sarah and Elvis lending a paw they decide to try to give Mallory's father a second chance of his ow Sarah Grayson owner of the Second Chance store once again finds herself drawn into one of Charlotte's Angels mystery cases Charlotte's Angels is the recently established detective agency that include her grandmother's senior friends Charlotte Liz and Rose as well as Rose's friend Mr P This time they are hired by Mallory Pearson asking to prove her father's innocence currently serving time in jail for criminal negligence in the death of his wife But complicating this case even further is the fact that her father Mike Pearson sends a message to drop the case While Rose and Liz originally argued over the advisability of this case they soon are all hands on deck as they sort through the events and suspects leading up to the death and the they uncover the they are convinced that the death by fire may not have been caused by the victim as was originally ruled but possibly had a sinister cause Running parallel to this investigation Sarah and Liz are also looking into facts surrounding another criminal case involving police detective Michelle's father now deceased Michelle has privately asked Liz to look into the original embezzlement conviction with the intent of clearing her father's name Between the two cases one of which is kept secret even from the other Angels Sarah is kept busy But her faithful cat companion Elvis is there to keep her headed in the right direction and also keep her spirits up This is a fun cozy mystery series with enjoyable characters who also show that old isn't always senile incompetent or throw away And family and friendship is stressed throughout as they interact with each other both in happiness and sadness I look forward to the next book in this series Disclosure I am voluntarily reviewing this book and all opinions are strictly my own

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No Escape ClawsSarah Grayson and her feline ally Elvis get a chance to see if their sleuthing skills are up to scratch in the sixth installment of the New York Times bestselling Second Chance Cat MysteriesIt's fall in North Harbor Maine wher Sarah Grayson runs a uaint secondhand shop with the help of a few of her grandmother’s closest friends The seniors also have their own detective agency they operate out of Sarah’s shop Often Sarah along with her furry friend Elvis lend them a helping hand andor pawTeenager Mallory Pearson begs the group to help get her father out of jail He's been accused and found guilty of negligence in a house fire which caused his wife's death The detectives have their work cut out for them It's especially hard since Mallory's father took a plea deal and doesn't want the investigation to continue They aren’t totally sure her father is innocent but they suspect there is to this story than meets the eyeThis is the sixth book in this fun series I always love revisiting Elvis and his humans too Elvis has a few cute scenes in this book but it’s not enough for me Of course I could never have too many kitty scenes in any bookI’ve been reading this series since the beginning and it’s always good for some laughs and intriguing mysteries This is no exception The characters and their relationships continue to grow with each new book The storyline moves at a nice pace and it’s filled with so many twists and turns it makes your head spin I thought I figured it all out but I was slightly off trackI’m always left wanting when I finish one of these I’m already counting down to when the next one comes out I’m going to need another Elvis fix soonFTC Disclosure I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher I was not reuired to write a positive review All opinions expressed are my own