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Download ´ Flashman Ê PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ If ever there was a time when I felt that 'watcher of the skies when a new planet' stuff it was when I read the first Flashman– PG Wodehouse Fraser revives Flashman a caddish bully from Tom Brown's Schooldays by Thomas Hughes and relates FlasS expelled in drunken disgrace from Rugby school in the late 1830s Flashy enlists in the Eleventh Light Dragoons and is promptly sent to India and Afghanistan where despite his consistently cowardly behavior he always manages to come out on top Flashman is an incorrigible a. How do we distinguish between the author and the characters he writes There are readers who assume that if a main character does something racist or sexist that means the author is too But then characters can also transform into cockroaches commit interplanetary genocide and die gloriously in a hail of bullets without the author having to undergo those experiences himselfEven in an autobiography the author still isn't writing himself he's writing one biased version crafting coherent stories and meanings out of the messy aggregate of daily life But even in works of pure fantastical fiction some authors reveal of themselves than othersFor the most inexperienced author their main character will be a reflection of how they view themselves They know what the author knows like what they like and have the same faults an strengths or precisely the character will have the traits the author imagines they possess plus a few they wish they hadOn one hand this is an easy character to write because all the author has to do is place themselves in the situation and imagine what they would do Unfortunately this creates a fundamental problem for the author since they have to create all the conflicts how do you create a problem that you don't know how to solve It becomes a game of tic tac toe against yourself the only way either side could win is by accident In such books you can predict that any problem that crops up will be solved within the same chapterIn stories like this it's common for authors to simply put their own opinions into the mouths of the main characters and to put opposing opinions into the mouths of the 'bad guys' a la Ayn Rand This is a silly unconvincing techniue because the implications drawn are completely false You can't say 'the villain kills babies and is socialst therefore socialism is evil' because that doesn't actually demonstrate any connection between the two activitiesA slightly sophisticated author will intentionally create a character who is naive than them at least to start out with Then they can have the character make the same mistakes the author used to make when they were younger before they figured things out Part of the popularity of the bildunsroman 'growing up story' is that it's easy to think up conflicts and solutions for adolescent charactersAuthors who operate on this level can't just put their lengthy monologues in the mouth of the hero because the hero is too naive to have everything figured out Instead they leave the speeches to a wise mentor figure who stands in for all that is good and who may be recognized in the unremitting slurry of kindly ironical wizards in much modern fantasyBut if a writer is self aware and pays attention to the world they will eventually realize that what makes people interesting is that they are flawed troubled and struggle through life They will start exploring different sorts of people people who are very unlike them people who might disagree with them fundamentally but who are still interesting and sympatheticBut there's still a steep hill to climb for authors who want to write characters unlike themselves Few authors have the grasp of psychology necessary to write a realistic character who is fundamentally different from them so most authors just cobble together some strong character cliches and play them up But even if he is capable of sticking to the personality he chooses he risks giving himself away in other waysAn author might create a sexist character who constantly says and does sexist things but that isn't damning authors often explore deeply flawed characters The real problem is if the narration and structure begin to support those same conclusions If a character calls someone a 'slut' that could just be an expression of how real people sometimes speak If the narration actually refers to a character by that slur we have a problem where is that judgment coming from if not the authorIt's often a problem with genre authors who try their hardest to make strong female characters making other characters speak self consciously about the power and strength of women but then completely undermining all of that by never actually having the women do anything active or make any important decisions Narrative descriptions of women are lengthy in florid sexualized terms even when there is no male present in the story to appreciate them Men contrarily may never have their face or eye color mentionedIn the case of Flashman we have another complexity at play Our main character is often despicable unsympathetic sexist racist and rarely deserves the victories he gets But the entire story is from his perspective there is no all seeing narrator voice to tell us what's going on All the views all the descriptions come from Flashman himselfWhenever an author completely veils himself behind the character we must decide what to believe this techniue is called the 'unreliable narrator' for obvious reasons Sure Flashy is a selfish coward who beats his servants but does that mean Fraser is for cowardice Is he arguing for toadyism and self promotion over allCertainly Flashman recognizes that according to social ideals he is not a good man nor a deserving one but then he is surrounded by important influential men who are even worse than he is It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that unpleasant people often end up on top of the totem pole and never get their comeuppance but that can be a rather depressing messageLuckily in this tale of rollicking adventure the message is delivered with thick humor and irony not dour nihilism If money and fame are doled out regularly to the most foolish and detestable of our race perhaps it is because only the foolish and detestable desire them enough to keep seeking them Most worthwhile people will end up too distracted by positive human relationships and personal growth to continue self possessed social climbing for long enoughHappily our dear Flashy has no such hangups Throughout the ceaseless rousing ridiculous tale of Victorian colonial mishaps he rarely fails to disappoint Yet I kept finding myself sympathizing with him at times guiltily I knew he deserved punishment but I didn't actually want to watch it administered I didn't want the ol' chap to sufferIt just goes to show that we'll always feel attached to the rascal we know well than to the saint we've never met And while he's not apologetic at least he doesn't suffer from the terrible mental disability of the average internet commentator who cannot critiue stupidity and hypocrisy without being a stupid hypocrite himself Flashman may be many unsavory things but he's no hypocrite He not only accepts his cowardice he clings to it like a lifeline which in fact it often is He is not like all the men he serves under a fool with grand pretensions he is merely a fool and glad enough to remain one as long as life's grip holdsFraser's Victorian is meticulously researched and his footnotes are often funnier than his witty banter mostly because all the most absurd parts of his stories are completely true Overall he reminded me of the experience of reading The Three Musketeers a nonstop adventure full of odd characters and occurrences with life and death always at the next shake of the cupYet there was something of Conrad's The Duel too with humor and absurdity often rubbing shoulders with dire conseuences and the horrors of war The return march of the army through the snowy crags of Afghanistan brought me back to Conrad's harrowing depiction of the French invasion of Russia and the dwindling return of that broken army immortalized starkly in Minard's famous imageCreating a sympathetic antihero is a difficult task particularly when they aren't of the violent ass kicking variety but Fraser displays why flawed unusual characters will always trump a flat romantic hero Like The Virginian or The Moonstone this is another exciting surprisingly touching piece of fun which easily outstrips the limitations of its genre

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Nti hero for the ages This humorous adventure book will appeal to fans of historical fiction military fiction and British history as well as to fans of Clive Cussler James Bond and The Three Musketeers    Flashman is the first book of the famous “Flashman Papers” seri. A magnificent read about an appalling man You get a good feel for Flashman's character early on With his unflinching and intelligent take on the people and situations surrounding him you feel very much a part of the action It is extremely well written and a very entertaining bookGiven the current situation in Afghanistan it's pretty poignant too I was laughing till I snorted in public at the description of the incompetence of Major General Elphinstone; then within moments nearly in tears as the full impact of it was realisedThe voices seem appropriate the writing is excellent and the adventure is extreme; so much better as it accurately follows historical facts and gives credible voice to them in a setting with which we've lately become familiar through the evening newsI strongly recommend it for anyone who's interested in a good read of historical fiction just don't expect to like Flashman himself though his unflinching honesty about his own cowardly racist misogonistic classist bullying character is extremely refreshing and entertaining

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FlashmanIf ever there was a time when I felt that 'watcher of the skies when a new planet' stuff it was when I read the first Flashman– PG Wodehouse Fraser revives Flashman a caddish bully from Tom Brown's Schooldays by Thomas Hughes and relates Flashman’s adventures after he i. Harry Flashman anti hero extraordinaire soldier coward liar womanizer thief charlatan drunkard in one wordscoundrel joined the British Army at 17 in the service of the ueen after being expelled from the famed Rugby School a little intoxicated his father Henry a wealthy widower with a mistress Judy of the same ilk as son isn't too concerned uite busy with his gallivanting So in 1839 as the former Princess becomes the newly crowned ueen Victoria 1837 ruling England Flashman gets a different occupation also ruling a saddle enters a cavalry regiment under the legendary incompetent Lord Cardigan An unwanted duel with a very unfriendly chap occurs yet honor must be preserved at any cost Harry is petrified and can't think of any way to skip this big honor Soon afterwards forced to marry an innocent pretty though not bright girl Elspeth he seduced Her relatives demand this and wanting to stay conscious agrees lacking fortitude in his character a church wedding naturally transpires Sent not willingly to India and then Afghanistan to fight a horrific war sounds familiar Flashman doesn't believe in or care about his greatest objective is to remain alive The British flee Kabul when the local tribes gather in the countless thousands to drive out the invaders the luckless Harry is once again led by another incompetent General Elphinstone disaster follows the British army as they dwindle in numbers trying to escape unfortunately both he and the lord were historical figures God save the ueen The exciting vicious battle in a small fort as the desperate Flashman and a few others are surrounded by angry Afghans seeking revenge for the many insults and offences they have endured from the British foreigners are hated here owing to good reasons With swords in hand Afghans slice anyone in their way gore is not unknown somehow through luck or skill survives his many adventures Harry showing his true colors becoming sick; tired of fighting rather be with the beautiful women nearby he will try to charm War or peace his nature doesn't vary an iota lusting for the unattainable Wishing to be back in calm England having pleasurable situations will anyone disparage his sentiments Since the adept George MacDonald Fraser wrote twelve of these diverting books you can guess if our friend lives to experience other adventures and boast about them to his family an acuaintances maybe not too accurate but nevertheless uite entertainingly A sense of fun and amusement flows all through this lively tale of the unlikely protagonist or antagonist if you prefer depending how you feel about Lieutenant Flashman he is not perfect far from it but a realist view of soldiers An officer and a gentleman they're not most are tough fighters doing the dirty work the politicians clamor for but keep their own clothes clean This unchanging custom continues today for better or worse