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A boy who spent three days trapped in a well tries to overcome his PTSD and claustrophobia so he can fulfill his dream of becoming a famous chef in this charming novel that is Andrew Smith’s first foray into middle grade storytellingWhen he was four years old Sam Abernathy was trapped at the bottom of a well f. One of the great advantages of being a long time bookseller is that sometimes you get really early peeks at books you're looking forward to The downside is that you can't really talk about them except to say Yup I read that This is one of thoseEDIT 07302018Official ARCs are out in the world so I can actually talk about this a bit now And I'm going to be lazy and pretty much just share whole cloth what I sent to Andrew Smith and the good folks at Simon Schuster after I'd read itMiddle Grade is not my jam I read it and enjoy a lot of it but the kids always seem too old like fifteen or sixteen year olds or too young Admittedly I'm not around a lot of 8 12 year olds so my assessment may be off That disconnect between stated age and the age the character acts makes it hard for me to lose myself in the story But having Sam be a smart and precocious eleven allows him to be both wise beyond his years and kind of dumb especially about human interaction So kudos to Smith for writing Sam in such a way that I wasn't constantly saying to myself An 11 year old would never saydo that Not having that disconnect allowed me to just fall into #sorrynotsorry the storyI suck at transitions This is one of the bajillionty reasons I am not a writerBartleby Let's talk about Bartleby the Chekov's gun of talking armadillos Because yes as soon as he was introduced I was waiting for him to say it It's not something the target audience will get at least I hope to all that is good and kind that they are not teaching Melville in grade school but I'm just imagining a teacher reading the book aloud to a class and getting to that part and having to explain why she's laughing to confused fourth graders At first I wondered whether Bartleby was real or a figment of Sam's imagination a way to cope with his trauma and then I realized that he was real to Sam whether he was tangible in the real world and I should just go with it which allowed me to enjoy the whole Bartleby adventure as a rather twisted play on all those talking animal books Also vision uests and—being underground—the Alice books And yes in spite of the fact that Sam is trapped at the bottom of a dis used well these are my favorite parts because they are less traumatic than middle schoolAnd gods middle school is hard enough without being skipped ahead from 6th to 8th grade And not even over the summer but in the first week of school so there's no time to gird one's loins or plead one's case for staying with other kids the same age And then there are the awful survival camping trips I mean camping is bad enough outside wants to kill you gruesomely and a lot but no tent no food no water no shoes ffs I kinda hated Sam's dad for being so oblivious as to not notice that Sam was miserable on those trips Oblivious is the best option If he knew and made Sam go anyway that's like a thousand times worse But the horrible horrifying camping really serves to emphasize in bold bug bitten type the core idea of parental and societal expectations especially regarding masculinity I loved that Sam and James both had passions and pursuits that were at odds with what their fathers expected of them and even at odds with what their outer appearances led others to expect of them Sam is smart and small so science and math and computers and engineering are obviously what he should be interested in Likewise James is big and intimidating so he must love and be awesome at football Yet both boys have as their passions the traditionally feminine pursuits of cooking and dance respectively Though we could get into the whole cooking is for girls except as it applies to the professional kitchen which is still very much a man's world Women cook men chef That's changing albeit slowly but men are still the most visible and celebrated of the celebrity chefs Obviously I have feelings about restaurant and chef culture and there are reasons as much as I love to cook that I never pursued that as a career They're also generally less lucrative careers and again we get into women's work being valued less than traditionally masculine jobs though football players would be among the first to tell you how fcking brutal ballet is The only thing I wished was that Sam would make of a connection to his dad about the intersection of STEM fields to cooking With the number of books exploring the science of cooking there was an opportunity here that was missed in my opinion But then again Sam's eleven so those arguments may not have occurred to himAnd look I know this is Sam's book but can I just say how much I fcking loved James This big hulking kid who loved to dance and whose favourite book is Dune and who is just absolutely not at all what everyone thinks he is I am that selfish reader who as soon as I turned the last page wanted nothing than to pick up a book about James and his career in dance I want the harsh brutality of professional dance school as only Andrew Smith could write it

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The Size of the Truth Sam Abernathy #1Or three days where he was teased by a smart aleck armadillo named Bartleby Since then his parents plan every move he makesBut Sam doesn’t like their plans He doesn’t want to go to MIT And he doesn’t want to skip two grades being stuck in the eighth grade as an eleven year old with James Jenkins the boy he. E ARC provided by Edelweiss PlusSam has some unusual characteristics He's small for his age especially since his parents had him moved ahead to 8th grade at the beginning of 6th; His father seems to think he will go to MIT and be a famous scientist but Sam just wants to cook His family runs Lily Putt a putt putt golf course where he and his father often hand out wearing kilts not usual garb for Texas He was also the boy in the well and the community has not forgotten that when he was four years old he spent three days stuck in a hole He does have a good friend Karim but is leery of James Jenkins who was there during the well catastrophe that left Sam with an understandable claustrophobia James is also there to save Sam when he is pushed into a locker by 8th graders and the two slowly warm up to each other Sam is determined to enter the town cooking contest and he finds out that James whose father owns a local restaurant and is bound and determined that James plays football is an excellent ballet dancer The two try to work toward showing their families that they are very successful at what they do; it's just not what their families WANT them to do Strengths I enjoyed reading about how hard it was for Sam to be skipped ahead two grades and was glad he had a good friend in Karim James was a very intriguing character and his never smiling nodding demeanor was spot on for an 8th grade boy The two have a very realistically evolving friendship and even their past problems are worked in well There are a lot of weird but funny moments survival camping with the father time at the putt putt course a school dance and the fair at the end of the book make this a fairly amusing readWeaknesses There are a lot of chapters that are flash backs to when Sam was in the well where he was befriended by a talking armadillo named Abernathy who helped him survive These sections were rather strange and didn't really add anything to our understanding of Sam and his problems This was somewhat reminiscent of the hallucinatory scenes in Karen River's The Girl in the Well is Me which many people liked What I really think I'm going to ask some students about this one I really like the parts of the book that did not have the armadillo in them but I would like to know if middle grade readers will dislike that part as much as I did

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Free download The Size of the Truth (Sam Abernathy, #1) 105 ¹ A boy who spent three days trapped in a well tries to overcome his PTSD and claustrophobia so he can fulfill his dream of becoming a famous chef in this charming novel that is Andrew Smith’s first foray into middle grade storytellingWhen he was four years old Sam Abern’s sure pushed him into the well in the first place He wants to be a chef And he’s going to start by entering the first annual Blue Creek Days Colonel Jenkins Macaroni and Cheese Cook OffThat is if he can survive eighth grade and figure out the size of the truth that has slipped Sam’s memory for seven year. When Sam was four years old he spent three days trapped in an abandoned well From that day forward he promised himself that he would never worry or disappoint his parents again As he grew older he found that promise harder and harder to keep as his parents' and his idea of his future began to diverge I don't think anyone understands how excited I was to see that Sam was getting his own series I met Sam in Stand off and was eager to read about young Sam's life As expected Smith delivered a story that was odd and interesting as well as heartwarming and thoughtful Smith touches upon a myriad of issues but there were two which stood out to me a child's need for autonomy and being true to themself You see Sam loves to cook and aspires to train with great chefs and create food that makes people happy but his parents want him to got to MIT and study science or math or BOTH They push him in academic pursuits pushing him two grades ahead though he was not socially or emotionally prepared for it I often found myself frustrated with Sam's parents especially his father but some of that was Sam's own fault He kept going along with their plans while abandoning his own Slowly while remembering his time in the hole and developing an unlikely friendship with James who he had always blamed for his accident Sam began to assert his own desires and needs and I was really proud of the way he handled it I have to say Smith really knows how to write a great bromance I wasn't always on board with the James and Sam friendship because I wasn't so sure about James but as Smith revealed and about him I found myself liking him and as well as empathizing with him about the box he was trapped in Watching Sam realize that he and James are that same than different was a big moment in the story and from there their friendship grew and grew And you know what I totally loved James by the end of this book The time in the hole was odd but I expect something strange when I read an Andrew Smith book The purpose of flipping between Sam's time in 8th grade and his time in the hole was not obvious but becomes clearer as the story wears on I enjoyed those parts but I loved the last few chapters I think I wore a smile on my face the from the first chapter during the Blue Creek Days section all the way through the end of the book It was uite a treat getting to know Sam better and I am excited to read of this series because it looks like he's heading to Pine Mountain Academy in the next book and I am so ready to go back thereARC provided in exchange for an honest review BLOG | INSTAGRAM |TWITTER | BLOGLOVIN | FRIEND ME ON GOODREADS