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Summary ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Donald Barthelme He ludicrous pose uestions that remain unresolved and challenge familiar bits of language heretofore unexamined Forty Stories demonstrates Barthelmes unrivaled ability to surprise to stimulate and to explor. I was very intrigued with this book I like how the stories are all short and can be read easily in one sitting They all are so different and yet have a similar tone I like how they take me to a uniue place every time a world which I might have never been exposed to I don't feel I can honestly say that I understand any of these stories but there are some of them that definitely strike me as being meaningful than others and some which I feel just depend on personal preference Regardless many of them made me want to write some stories using his techniues or thoughts I had that were sprouted from reading his work I was about to say that this was my favorite short story collection of all time but toward the end I started getting tired of them His non seuiters became a little frustrating after awhile and I shrugged my shoulders often So while I liked the experience of reading most of these stories I'm not sure about them as a whole Each story feels a bit like it's an experiment for an experiment's sake and they don't have enough real connection to the reader or a real human kind of existence sort of thing I guess it depends on what kind of mood you're in and how much you read at a time Maybe a few stories scattered here and there would be better than reading a whole collection at once But then again that's how I feel about stories in general Sometimes they have power in isolation

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Forty Stories Read & Download ☆ 104 Ì William H Gass has written of Donald Barthelme that he has permanently enlarged our perception of the possibilities open to short fiction In Forty Stories the companion volume to Sixty Stories we encounter a dazzling array of subjects Paul Klee Goethe Captain Blood modern courtship marriage and divorce arm William H Gass has written of Donald Barthelme that he has permanently enlarged our perception of the possibilities open to short fiction In Forty Stories the companion volume to Sixty Stories we encounter. From Engineer Private Paul Klee misplaces an Aircraft between Milbertshofen and Cambral March 1916 We do not have your secrets and that is what we are after your secrets Our first secret is where we are No one knows Our second secret is how many of us there are No one knows Omnipresence is our goal We do not even need real omnipresence The theory of omnipresence is enough With omnipresence hand in hand as it were goes omniscience And with omniscience and omnipresence hand in hand in hand as it were goes omnipotence We are a three sided waltz However our mood is melancholy There is a secret sigh that we sigh secretly We yearn to be known acknowledged admired even What is the good of omnipotence if nobody knows However that is a secretMonty Python NOBODY expects the Spanish Inuisition Our chief weapon is surprisesurprise and fearfear and surprise Our two weapons are fear and surpriseand ruthless efficiency Our THREE weapons are fear surprise and ruthless efficiencyand an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope Our FOURno AMONGST our weapons Amongst our weaponryare such elements as fear surprise I'll come in againDonald Barthelme exists in an uneasy limbo somewhere between Dada and stand up comedy His best ones are just like the kind of outrageous riffing on a crazy subject some comics like Billy Connolly or the early Woody Allen could get into Billy tells us about a terrible misprint in the Bible and the Crucifixion really happened in Gallowgate a rather rough area of Glasgow not Galilee and Billy proceeds to tell us what really happened; or Woody starts off I shot a moose and I strap him on to the fender of my car and I'm driving home along the west side highway but what I didn't realize was that the bullet did not penetrate the moose it just creased the scalp knocking him unconscious Or I bought a little city It was Galveston that's Donald or Some of us had been threatening our friend Colby for a long time because of the way he had been behaving And now he'd gone too far so we decided to hang him Donald too Those are the good ones but for me there are far too many which aren't funny just crazy full of what appears to be an intense straining after the jarring juxtaposition and the bizarre literary pranking What kind of sense can we make of stories which aren't supposed to make sense After a while Donald Barthelme turned out to be a little bit too much like someone telling you about their dreams can there be a tedious conversation with anyone and isn't it really awkward to explain to your partner that her or his dreamlife is colossally boring without detonating the entire relationship sowhat are you saying about my unconscious it's dull or a yawn inducing acid trip an achievement in oxymoronicism if ever there was one Reading this was strange at the beginning I thought I was a real big fan and by the middle I had so far fallen out of love with DB that I was beginning to fall into aggressive parental confrontation mode Look Donald would you wipe your non seuitors on the mat before you come in Look at this mess Now go out and come back in properly It was going to end in tears for sure and with Donald the tears were going to be the size of a blue whale and have Popes and news anchorwomen dressed as camels living inside them

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Forty StoriesA dazzling array of subjects Paul Klee Goethe Captain Blood modern courtship marriage and divorce armadillos and other uniue Barthelmean flights of fancy These pithy brilliantly acerbic pieces tangle with t. Usually when I find a pile of books in a box on the sidewalk it's filled with junk books like self help finance twaddle and new age crap about death and terrible pop fiction So imagine my surprise when underneath The Artist's Way and Lovely Bones I found this book YayAnyway this was both better and worse than I expected As a collection it's really uneven; some stories I could only read a paragraph or two before frantically paging through to the next one whereas others I actually re read as soon as I finished them So I can't exactly endorse this book as a whole though it certainly demonstrates good range and gives an idea of what Barthelme is capable of I'd previously only attempted his novels now and again and usually found them too absurd and strange to get through And here too some of the stories are just ridiculous so self consciously crazy that you can't ever get a foothold on what's even happening Ex in Sindbad Sindbad teaches a math class but also kind of a cocktail party and his jacket is too big and all the students hate him This sort of things makes me very cranky But then some stories were total realism and had interesting characters and fun things to say and cool points to make Ex in Jaws a grocery store worker listens to and advises all his regular customers including Natasha who bites her husband on the back of the leg severing a tendon because he had an affair Those I loved I guess if I wanted to be totally pretentious I might classify him as pre neo uirk yeah that's gross but so it's fitting that Dave Eggers introduces this collection His intro is great btw—fuck off Eggers haters So the point is Barthelme does a lot of the same stuff that all those weird writers are doing now and sometimes it comes off as just as forced but when it works it's really great The best story in the collection is Departures which details several snapshot cases of leaving including one where the narrator's father a lumberjack falls in love with a dryad who is protecting the trees he wants to cut down Very beautiful and very funny So the good ones do mostly overshadow the bad