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’m too youngHe says I’m too innocent He says he’s not the type to settle downHe’s fixing my newly inherited homeNow I’m fixing his frame of mind A Stand Alone Romanc. I absolutely loved this book Such a great series Can't wait to start book 3 Montana was such a fun girl And she is absolutely perfect for Sam There was a scene I didn't like As a safe reader and a few of his thoughts But I was able to move past them

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Fixing Him Fixing Series #2One summer Three monthsNinety days spent learning every inch of Sam Matthews’ bodyWe agreed to no strings when our time was up We promised we could both handle thisI lied I. RATING 45 STARSFixing Him is book two in the Fixing series by Miranda Elaine I loved the first book in this series Fixing Her and was so looking forward to this next one I regret that it took me so long because I think I enjoyed it even than the first one These can be read as a stand alone with no problems whatsoever but the characters do recur and you would definitely be missing out by not starting on the first bookMontana Rhodes was twenty two years old Her grandfather whom she barely knew has passed away and left her his lake house Montana has recently finished college and is going to take the summer to get the house upgraded so she can sell it and decide what she wants to do with her life after that When the contractor shows up to give her an estimate it only takes Montana one look and the summer is starting to look a lot betterSam Matthews is thirty one years old and is a foreman working for his best friend Asher Kade with Kade Construction Sam spends his days working and his evenings either working on his own house or looking after his disabled father His father was severely hurt nine years previous in a work accident and Sam is all that he has to help him out They are all each other has When Sam looks back at all his father did for him there is no uestion that he will do all he can for his dad Sam has no time in his life for relationships He has no to give He makes sure any woman he hooks up with knows ahead of time that it’s one night only nothing The first time Sam saw Montana he was instantly attracted to her But she is much too young for him Plus she’s their new client But he can’t get her off his mind and Montana has no hesitation letting him know she is interested So a deal is struck Montana is only here for the summer and Sam doesn’t do relationships So they’ll enjoy each other for the three months she’s going to be there they’ll have fun Then part ways It sounds like the perfect plan Except you know that things rarely work out the way you think they will “She calms me”“She’s pure joy a joy I didn’t know was missing from my life until this moment” Montana is so full of life She has an adorable little tiny pet pig named Kermie She seems to spread her happiness wherever she goes Slowly her light starts to break through the darkness that Sam has kept around him He can’t think of anything but her And when things take a turn for the worse with his father it’s Montana that gives him peace that calms the storm inside of him “You Sam it’s only you I see” Montana knows what she agreed to What she didn’t know was how hard it was going to be to walk away But that was the deal She’s determined to pack away every one of the memories she has with Sam to keep her warm after their time is done She had a plan sell the house then move on That’s what she has to do that’s what she agreed to She just hadn’t planned on the part that included a broken heartFirst I loved Montana And her adorable little piglet She brightened every page she was on And Sam Beautiful lonely Sam He thinks that this is all he can ever have one night stands work and caring for his father But little by little Montana works herself into his heart She makes him wonder if maybe just maybe there might be room for These two were so adorable together I loved them both so much Their chemistry was off the charts hot Montana was so good for Sam They balanced each other out She was young yes But I feel like she was mature way beyond her years And Sam needed her vibrancy to remind him how to let loose a little bit I pretty much loved everything about these two and have fallen in love with this small town This had the absolute best epilogue I can’t wait to start the next book Fixing Us which is Gabe and Leigh’s story For about this book and so many come and visit me at Carol's Crazy Bookish Worldhttpswwwfacebookcomgroups44036

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CHARACTERS Fixing Him (Fixing Series, #2) 107 ↠ One summer Three monthsNinety days spent learning every inch of Sam Matthews’ bodyWe agreed to no strings when our time was up We promised we could both handle thisI lied I never expected to fall for this man or this town This was just supposed to be a stop on the way to starting my real life BuNever expected to fall for this man or this town This was just supposed to be a stop on the way to starting my real life But now time is up and everything feels wrongHe says I. There are some books you read that just feel good Those are the books that you never want to have end Those are the books that take ahold of you in their own special way Those are the books that stick out because of what they bring out in you while you’re reading and the experience they give you as the story unfolds It is those kinds of feel good books that I live for It’s those kinds of books that give me everything It’s those kinds of books that have me coming back for of that particular authors books’ because I want and need of that good reading feeling in my life Fixing Him by Miranda Elaine was one of those kinds of books It was phenomenal in every possible way It was fantastically written and crafted from start to finish It was a book that made me smile made me laugh my ass off and just completely stole my heart piece by piece with its characters It just felt good to read and experience I can’t say that enough Fixing Him was the perfect sweet romanceThis book was all kinds of wonderful It was a book I could not put down from the moment I started it and when I was pulled away from these characters and this world all I could think about was when I could get back to them I loved every part of this story and being back in the world of Red Oak These characters that make up this world are incredible and they make it a place that I truly never want to leave What Miranda Elaine brought to life with them in this book was utterly fantastic I can’t say that enough She has a true talent with her words and reading this second book of hers proved that over and over again Fixing Him is the second book in this interconnected standalone series and follows the story of Sam and Montana and the summer that both of them won’t soon forget Montana comes to town and the world of this book to handle some affairs for her family She’s young fun and has spunk and vibrancy than you can shake a stick at She is a force to be reckoned with that one and when she sets her sights on Sam Matthews she knows that she wants to get to know him The only problem is he doesn’t think they should be a thing He thinks he’s too old for her he thinks he doesn’t have time for a relationship and he definitely doesn’t think things can go anywhere between them but she is going to do anything she can to show him that all of his thoughts are wrong Sam is instantly attracted to Montana and would give anything in the world to have with her but with the weight of the world on his shoulders he just doesn’t think it’s possible He’s a man who would do anything for anybody but he doesn’t think he has the time or commitment for When the two of them start to have fun and get to know each other things get a lot real than either of those two bargained for Montana is like a breath air for the good hearted Sam and the time he spends with her the harder it becomes to not feel what he does Fixing Him explores what happens between these two when a summer of fun soon becomes very real and deeper than either of them two expected it to be What I loved about this book was how fun sweet and beyond charming it was This was small town romance at its best It was full of dynamic and distinctive characters that make this town and world so special and memorable It was sweet and heartfelt and just bursting with moments that had my heart melting through every single word of what this author created It was also so much fun Not a page went by where I wasn’t laughing and smiling something fierce with the antics and personalities of these characters Especially Montana That girl is a gem and I could read ten books with her spark and life All of that with the unforgettable romance brought to life on the pages of this book made this story one that I loved every word of Miranda Elaine has such a talent with the way that she writes She not only creates memorable stories and characters but she creates this tangible ease and good feeling in her books that is so enrapturing It’s like that glorious feeling of being all toasty warm wrapped up in a blanket that cocoons you in the exact way you need That’s how her books and stories feel They feel good They feel like a place you never want to leave They feel spectacular and fulfilling Her words so authentically create that feeling and that was ever present in Fixing Him That made reading and experiencing this book so phenomenal That combined with the way she wholeheartedly invested me in her characters and in this story made this one of my favorite reads of the year I already miss her words something fierce and I honestly can’t wait to get of them as soon as humanly possible She has such a talent with storytelling and writing and that was evident on every single page of this book ‘Fixing Him was such a great story because it perfectly blended the best amount of everything It was eual parts full of heat full of fun and spark and full of characters that my heart was immediately pulled to The way that Miranda Elaine perfectly weaves together so many pieces in this world and story is just part of what makes this such a fantastic read This book made me laugh my butt off it made me smile until my cheeks hurt it brought tears to my eyes a few times and it melted my heart times than I can count It truly gave me it all and I can’t say enough how much I loved every single moment I got with these characters I really connected to Sam and Montana on such a real level while reading this book I loved how real they were I loved how easy it was to feel for them both and to connect with them and their journeys in this story I loved that they were both doing the best they could with the circumstances they were given I loved that she was so spunky and fun and vibrant in a way that truly felt like coming up for fresh air I loved that he was the best guy with a heart of gold who was just trying to keep it all together I loved that their connection set this book on fire in a way that felt tangible at times I loved that what they were sharing felt so real and so meaningful from start to finish I loved that my heart was with them both every step of the way I loved that when things got tough it showed the real grit and fight these two had I loved that through every moment these two shared everything felt unbelievably right In this book Sam and Montana definitely have a lot in front of them that they have to face They have their own hurdles they have to figure their own lives out and in a way they both have to figure out who they want to be and what they want for their lives Fixing Him not only explores their tangible connection to one another and the feels that begin to grow between them but it follows the two of them as they learn about themselves It follows them through some ups and downs It follows them as they discover what is really important what they really value and as they try to figure out who they really want to have in their lives Fixing Him is as much as story of self discovery as it is about love and family and friendship What you get with Sam and Montana as they try to figure themselves out as they try to see what might be happening between them and as they come to terms with what they’re really building together is outstanding It is real It is honest It is heartfelt in every way possible And it’s them It’s their story their hearts and every ounce of connection they share and that is honestly just part of what made this book one of my favorite reads of the year This book was everything I needed and Miranda Elaine delivered a well written thoughtfully crafted and completely enrapturing story that I loved every single word of This book took ahold of my heart with everything it had as I read it and I loved Sam and Montana’s story with everything that I had It felt beyond good to spend time with those two and I already miss them both so much because they are truly special Fixing Him is a story of love friendship family and one helluva spark filled connection that just won’t uit It is a story of what can happen when you give it all a chance and a story of what happens when something right just might come out of something that wasn’t even supposed to be in the first place This is a story that is sweet full of heart and fire and distinctive in a way that will have you loving these characters this world and the feel of it all with all that you have My heart is still in full on love with this story and these characters and I love that So damn much