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ePub ë mobi Skeletons on the Zahara A True Story of Survival ó 9780316159357 ´ reflectionslisburnltd ´ A spectacular true odyssey through the extremes of the Sahara Desert in the early 19th century Reader and protagonist alike are challenged into new ways of uIes and secret oases They would also discover a surprising bond between a Muslim trader and an American sea captain men who began as strangers were forced to become allies in order to survive and in the tempering heat of the desert became friends even as the captain hatched a daring betrayal in order to save his men From the cold waters of the Atlantic to the searing Saharan sands Skeletons on the Zahara is a spectacular odyssey through the extremes Destined to become a classic among adventure narratives Dean King's masterpiece is an unforgettable tale of survival courage and brotherho The book tells the true tale of American sailors on the cargo ship Commerce who were shipwrecked in 1815 off the coast of Africa They were captured sold into slavery beaten and starved Through the efforts of Commerce Captain James Riley many found their way to freedomTo research the book Dean King embarked on a National Geographic Society sponsored expedition to retrace the horrific journey of Riley and his crew across the Saharan Zahara desert The main source of his information where the two books one written by Captain James Riley and the other by a crew member Archibald Robbins In addition the author gives significant information on the Sahara environment the tribes that lived there at the time camels accounts from other captives in different incidents and other background information The story is rich and intense and I found that I read it in a short time one of the main indications for me to appreciate a book

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Being washed ashore and a hellish confinement in a rickety longboat as they tried without success to escape the fearsome coast Eventually captured by desert nomads and sold into slavery Riley and his men were dragged along on an insane journey through the bone dry heart of the Sahara a region unknown to Westerners Along the way the Americans would encounter everything that could possibly test them barbarism murder starvation plagues of locusts death sandstorms that lasted for days dehydration and hostile tribes that roamed the desert on armies of camels They would discover ancient cit edited 112319 comment added to original reviewLooking back on my review I'm surprised I gave it 3 stars This book has stayed with me all these years Sometimes you don't know how a book will affect you in the future or if it will have stayed in your heart and this one certainly has I am bumping this up to 4 stars end of commentI so hate the three star rating than any other I feel like giving it this usually means the book was just ok average This is not what this book was at all I could not put this book down at all I was sneaking peeks every time I could trying to see what was going to happen next This is a true story about twelve men on a ship in the early 1800's They are crossing the Atlantic sea for trade when their boat gets shipwrecked off the coast of Northern Africa What happens next is pure horror when a tribe of Arabs takes them as their personal property so they can be sold as slaves It is a story of survival the hardships they go through the sufferings they must endure to both the elements and to the evil spirit of human natureThis story is a true testament to the human spirit and the will to survive I love stories like this How would I fare in such a situation What would I do Would I survive There were many times in the story when it seemed like it would have just been easier for the men to give up and die and be done with their misery The men have to endure traveling through the Sahara Desert with no shoes clothes unable to speak the language and looked down on for being Christians in a Muslim country They go hungry and thirsty for days at a time suffer unbelievable torture to their bodies all with the final goal of surviving and making it back homeI was touched by this book I cannot put in words what it must be like for a group of people who go through anything like this It bonds you for life This book made me cry at times made me angry and sad that a human being can see another another human being suffering or in pain and be indifferent to it and at times inflict even pain on top of pain It was just beyond my understanding of human nature To know that there can be someone on the other end of the spectrum who can be compassionate and help a person in need is the triumph of the human spirit A bit of trivia I learned from this is that the original book that this book was based on was a book that Abraham Lincoln considered to be influential in his life I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good survival story

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Skeletons on the Zahara A True Story of SurvivalA spectacular true odyssey through the extremes of the Sahara Desert in the early 19th century Reader and protagonist alike are challenged into new ways of understanding culture clash slavery and the place of Islam in the social fabric of desert dwelling peoplesIn a calm May morning in 1815 Captain James Riley and the crew of the Commerce left port in Connecticut for an ordinary trading voyage They could never have imagined what awaited them Their nightmare began with a dreadful shipwreck off the coast of Africa a hair raising confrontation with hostile native tribesmen within hours of I have read a number of true adventure and survival stories and this one stands out as one of the most extraordinary feats of survival I’ve read The deprivations and hardships of Riley’s crew make for fascinating reading and the odds of their survival — never mind making it back to civilization — are truly extreme Riley is a highly intelligent loyal and sensitive captain and he gambles a risky deal to save his life and his crewAnd the author has clearly done his research determining many details of locations that Riley has visited Between the research and the surviving first hand accounts many extraordinary details of the journey survive making this a rich story indeed The book also offers a number of interesting anthropological and social insights into Arab culture ca 1815 much of which we are told remains unchanged todayWeaknesses Well the book is not particularly well written It’s not poorly written but the author does not have the style or flair that might make this a truly outstanding book Finally the names of many of the Arab characters are confusingly similar Not the author’s fault to be sure but a minor problem for the readerIn this election year I did take away from this book one small insight Perhaps the well known “liberal” bent of the New England seacoast states stems in part from generations of well traveled seaman like Riley who experienced firsthand the cultures of the world and made contacts with people from many nationsAddendum this story has stayed with me for years after reading the book It’s truly one of my all time favoritesAddendum 2 10 years later and I'm still recommending this book to everyone I can find