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characters Sissy A Coming of Gender Story ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ A heart wrenching eye opening and giggle inducing memoir about what it's like to grow up not sure if you're a a boy b a girl c something in between or d all of the above From the moment a doctor in Raleigh North Carolina put male on JaAnd glitter obsessed as a child Jacob was given the label sissy In the two decades that followed sissy joined forces with gay trans nonbinary and too ueer to function to become a source of pride and today a rallying cry for a much needed gender revolution Through revisiting their childhood and calling out the stereotypes that each of us have faced Jacob invites us to rethink what we know about gender and offers a bold blueprint for a healed world one free from gender based trauma and bursting with trans inclus. Full of energy but zero I mean ZERO panache And I don't mean panache in the flamboyant sense I mean it in the sense that a memoir like this really needs shape style structure and a reach for something permanent Instead it is written in the blog style of no style with uips here and there and intense self absorption beyond the call even for a memoir about discovering one's truest self I did gain some understanding of gender fluidity and nonbinary ness but felt like I was reading a first draft The best part is the opening paragraph which I'll uote here I never really got to have a childhood Or perhaps a better way to put it is that as a feminine boy my childhood was never really mine My natural connection to my body my comfort in my identity my sense of security and safety were all taken from me before my earliest memories formed They were pried from my hands sometimes gently occasionally violently; coaxed out of me through a combination of punishing isolation public humiliation and when I managed to get things 'right' acidic rewardTHIS Unfortunately the rest of the book is far less thoughtful

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Ive feminismFrom Jacob's Methodist childhood and the hallowed halls of Duke University to the portrait laden parlors of the White House Sissy takes you on a gender odyssey you won't soon forget Writing with the fierce honesty wildly irreverent humor and wrenching vulnerability that have made them a media sensation Jacob shatters the long held notion that people are easily sortable into men and women Sissy guarantees that you'll never think about gender both other people's people's and your own the same way agai. Jacob Tobia's memoir focusing on their experience growing into their identity as a genderueer person was possibly the perfect book for this present moment Covering their life from early childhood to the end of college this memoir dives deep into the kaleidoscope of ueer identities and comes up with the refreshing reminder that you don't have to choose just one In all the memoir covers the little moments that take place with friends and family and strangers and ourselves as we learn about our gender identity and broadly about who we areThis book was just beautiful from start to finish Jacob's tone is mostly playful and charming in a way that makes me want to get brunch with them and laugh about all of the dumb shit straight people have ever said to us But even within cute or funny anecdotes Jacob is able to slow it down and give emotional moments the space they deserve This book isn't a ueer tragedy but the truth of it is that there is pain to growing into these identities both internal and external and Jacob is able to give space to let those feelings be before bringing it back into the overall upbeat fun mood of the book And I think that's where they truly succeed is making gender FUN Beating back against the stories we expect to hear of trans angst and earning your place in the binary through years of abuse Jacob puts forth a memoir that is able to recount an imperfect journey without focusing only on the hurt I absolutely loved this book and think that everyone should read it but ESPECIALLY people whose only understanding of trans people is coming from stories where trans folks have had awful lives find themselves and re integrate into the gender binary to become Just Like You Those narratives are valuable but this book is a breath of fresh air and a great look into a part of the ueer community whose voice is often unheardWhile I honestly want to just recommend this book to everyone I would particularly suggest it to people who love other humorous uick paced memoirs such as those by Jenny Lawson And anyone looking for a boisterous fun narrator to fall madly in love with will find it in Jacob Tobia

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Sissy A Coming of Gender StoryA heart wrenching eye opening and giggle inducing memoir about what it's like to grow up not sure if you're a a boy b a girl c something in between or d all of the above From the moment a doctor in Raleigh North Carolina put male on Jacob Tobia's birth certificate everything went wrong Alongside male came many other far less neutral words words that carried expectations about who Jacob was and who Jacob should be words like masculine and aggressive and cargo shorts and SPORTSNaturally sensitive playful creative. Audiobookread by Jacob TobiaA National Best Seller“TransformativeIf Tobia aspires to the ranks of comic memoirists like David Sedaris and Mindy Kaling ‘Sissy’ succeeds” —From the New York Times Book ReviewThis audiobookmemoir was WONDERFULJacob is so darn likableIt took him years to discover that being ‘a sissy’ wasn’t something he needed to be ashamed of Rather it was a source of pride His source of pride Our source of pride with him It occurred to me while enjoying Jacob’s memoir a coming of age gender storythat with all this social distancing I’m mostly home every day by myself if not on a trail hiking choosing a fascinating memoir is intimate and fulfilling Listening to an author share ‘their’ story with us Be it Michelle Obama Gary Shteyngart David Sedaris Mary Louise Parker Roxane Gay Stormy Daniels Bruce Springsteen or Sherman Alexi to name a fewand now Jacob TobiaI’m able to get a great dose of ‘relationship connection’ fulfillmentA great memoir audiobook satisfactiontransfers intimacy effortlesslyThe authors personal stories are the next best thing to having them over for lunch I never thought I was a big ‘memoir’ book readerbut I admit — many have been tremendously enjoyable recently Memoirs people sharing are a great fit with sheltering in place Jacob is a natural storytellerwarm funny genderueer‘Sissy’ builds with humor and gustoHe lightly yet seriously underlines freedom from societal gender norm pressures Jay Duplass said“Dear men please read this book Whether you’re sensitive bold gay straight pen by creative analytical or don’t even know who the hell you are this book is a blueprint for healing our gender based trauma from the inside out It’s brilliant and important and I couldn’t put it down”You’ll fall in love with JacobYou’ll fall in love with Jacob’sgrandmother But hahawill you fall in stilettos Not me I have a bionic footHahaBut I giggled and enjoyed visualizing two men going fancy shoe shopping for themselves I wanted to tag along with Jacob and his friends buying new colorful outrageous socks would have given me a buzzI simple liked Jacob’s companySign me up for his next book