REVIEW ñ The Son and His Hope

REVIEW The Son and His Hope

REVIEW ñ The Son and His Hope Ð “Things you should know about me from the very beginningI was born to true love witnessed the destruction it causes and vowed never to let such agony happen to me I am not a story teller like my father I am not a writer like my mother I am just a son—their sonI am happy being aloneAnd that is all I ever want to be’t a lesson a boy should learn so young but from his earliest memories he knew where happiness lives so does tragedy Where love exists so does heartbreak And where hope resides so does sorrowThat lesson carved him from the kid to the teen to the manAnd nothing and no one could change his mind HOPEI first met him when he was fourteen at a movie premiere of all places A movie based on his paren. I have been on pins and needles waiting for this book because I absolutely loved the Ribbon Duet series Ren and Della hold a special place in my heart and having the chance to read about their son’s own love story I really could not wait I knew going into this that it wasn’t going to be easy but we were going to witness another earth shattering love story in the making and you could never go wrong with reading something like thatFourteen year old Jacob has had a lot to manage in the past few years since his father passed away Every day has been a struggle knowing that the man he’s admired and respected the most is no longer on this earth No talks no walking to their favorite part of the woods and no hugs Trying his best to move on for now for the sake of his mother Jacob has agreed to be civil to the outside world But his best behavior goes out the window when he meets the curious ten year old who’s about to change his entire life for years to comeHope Jacinta Murphy has always been fascinated about the unknown One encounter with a boy who wanted nothing than to escape on one of the hardest nights of his life solidified her place into his world But with a man like Jacob Wilde nothing is ever easy and unbeknownst to them love will be the least of their worries First off let me just say that I really loved and admired Hope as a female heroine She was strong when she didn’t have to be and loving when it felt like it was the most impossible task at times with that being said I struggled with Jacob’s character uite a bit I really appreciated his love for his family but there was just too much back and forth with him and Hope and his character never did uite grow out of it until it was a little too late He was a force of nature but in all honesty he gave me serious whiplash and I hated to feel that way about him because I wanted nothing than to see this boy who turned into a man get his well deserve happily ever after Aside from that I really enjoyed the rest of the book and I was happy that I got a chance to step back into this world again where the freedom was real the air was crisp and love was everything If you haven’t read this series yet then you really need to give it a try    


“Things you should know about me from the very beginningI was born to true love witnessed the destruction it causes and vowed never to let such agony happen to me I am not a story teller like my father I am not a writer like my mother I am just a son their sonI am happy being aloneAnd that is all I ever want to be” JACOBThe day he was born Jacob learned his hardest and longest lessonIt wasn. ’THE SUN HIS HOPE’ is the third book in Pepper Winters ‘The Ribbon Duet' series It picks up where the second book left off 5 GUT WRENCHING 'WILD ONE LITTLE LACE' STARS MY REVIEW can also be found on my blog ➽ KITTY KATS CRAZY ABOUT BOOKS Jacob's downfall started occurring when his parents life was made into a movie seeing it on the big screen of the premiere and re living the last moments of his father's life had an ever lasting effect on fourteen year old Jacob It was during opening night that he also met a ten year old Hope her father had played Ren He didn't know it at that stage that she would be the bane of his existence Just like him she'd lost a parent she had an unhealthy fascination with death and the afterlife all she wanted in the whole wide world was a friend and she was hoping above all else that Jacob would become her person But as the years sped by and she came and stayed on the Wild's farm to find herself and to decide what she wanted in life she found it odd that she was at home there with dirt under her nails instead of walking the red carpet and the the one true thing that never changed and remained the same year after year was the boy who was forever cruel to her always cold hearted always closed off always short tempered always and forever pushing her away always running away Always breaking little pieces of her heart each and every time A boy who had become hardened by death Love for me It was a drug I was addicted to I'd grown up drunk on it with parents I adored But the blind belief that my world would always be perfect was chipped away piece by piece every time Dad coughed until all that remained was a bleeding heart and the stark understanding that it was simply better not to care Saner not to bother Less agonising not to fall I feel so freaking drained I feel like I've been pulled through a hedge backwards then run over by a mactruck the many many many hours I spent reading this and the hours I spent with my heart in tatters over a boy who couldn't love my heart was broken times than I could count My nerves were raw Beaten Bruised Destroyed This book to put it mildly simply gutted me Caskets cremations and crying littered my mind trapping my feelings caging my love preventing me from breaking the chains I'd lived within since childhood All the feels in the world the angst the angst just about killed me the tears that I kept holding at bay the constant anger and never ending whip lash with the too ing and fro ing like a yoyo loving Jacob one minute annoyed at him the next and his one true constant was Hope The gut wrenching heartache that wanted to claim me but then above all was the all consuming love I had for this author's words Hope was just perfect for Jacob one of the strongest most annoying heroine I've come across but god I loved her resilience She was so free he was tethered to promises These characters will forever own a piece of my heart A deeply compelling family saga a truly beautifully written story of love loss and second chancesA boy so closed off afraid to love Lovethat was the most dangerous thing a person could do to touch to feel to lose someone he loves again would destroy him completely where a cough sends him in a frenzy thinking death has that person in its clutches His emotions are on lock down only one person has the key and

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The Son and His HopeT’s lifeHe was stoic strong suspicious and secretiveI was only ten but I felt something for him A strange kind of sorrow that made me want to hug and heal himI was the daughter of the actor hired to play his fatherWe shared similaritiesI recognised parts of him because they were parts of meBut no matter how many times we met No matter how many times I triedHe stayed true to his vow to never fa. 45 StarsI was on the fence about my rating for this bookI'll be honest I could have rated it a whole lot lower since I truly struggled with the line between broody and outright a waste of time hero I did even contemplate stopping along the way I'm not sure if Jacob won me over in the end yet I did like the story as whole and loved the writing Life is too precious just to finish and not transform into something else