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Review ↠ Antarctica í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ¸ In the near future Wade Norton has been sent to Antarctica by Senator Phil Chase to investigate rumors of environmental sabotage He arrives on the frozen continent and immediately begins making contact with the various scientific and political factions that comprise AntarcThat comprise Antarctic societyWhat he finds is an interesting blend of inhabitants who don't always mesh well but who all share a common love of Antarctica and a fierce devotion to their life there He also begins to uncover layers of Antarctic cultur. I love this book It was the first I read from Kim Stanley Robinson and I think this was the third time I have read it The book mixes a lot of historical facts about Antarctica with very believable fictional plot and group of characters very well done And it's fascinating as well I recommend it

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E that have been kept hidden from the rest of the world and some of them are dangerous indeed Things are brought to a head when the saboteurs or “ecoteurs” as they call themselves launch an attack designed to drive humans off the face of Antarctica. I have to say Antartica is me coming back to Kim Stanley Robinson after I gave up on him midway through his Washington Trilogy at the end of Fifty Degrees Below for those of you keeping score at home Like the Mars trilogy and the Washington trilogy Antartica has themes of ecology scientific advance and social organization While it would be foolish to assume that every author's views match his or her subject matter one starts to sense a pattern Antarctica is that blurry line between contemporary and science fiction that makes it hard to classify There are some minor tech advances face masks that can reproduce a high def image taken from goggle cameras while getting a narrator's soundtrack wrist phones laser ice borers and photovoltaic clothing that can keep people alive as they walk through 50 degrees below by using sunlight to add extra heat and melt water for drinking Though really it would be efficient to not bother with converting the sunlight to electricity and convert it to heat directly The US government hasn't yet acknowledged anthropogenic climate change in the novel which puts it a tiny step behind ours but not by much On the other hand politics remains identifiable as turn of the millennium and aside from a few new toys it feels like modern Earth Okay given the size of the average cellphone we could do this now if people wanted We follow four main characters X nicknamed for the size of his parka he is Very Tall is a slacker academic the kind of bright kid who could have made it in academia except for the inability to get through college without going crazy who ended up taking a job doing scut work in Antarctica for the adventure and staying because he fell in love with the place Val X's ex girlfriend is a trail guide down there who loves the outdoors but doesn't care much for showing idiots around a very dangerous place Wade is the aide of Senator Phil Chase a kind of Obama figure if Obama got his start in the California suburbs instead of inner city Chicago kind of funny as Obama had yet to appear on the national radar when the book was written Phil and Wade IIRC show up again in the Washington trilogy as a character's boss guess Robinson didn't want to let a good minor character go The last POV isn't so much a character as a POV; Ta Shu is a Chinese geomancer poet and nature host and he is filming down in Antartica and we get his narration as well The big conflict of the book is centered around environmental issues the Antarctic treaty is being held up by the US government because There's Oil Down There and some Southern Hemisphere countries are trying to get a slice of the pie Here Robinson wins a brownie point from me The environmentalists aren't always good in that they blow up some oil stations and jam communications causing Val's trail group already with an injured member and lost supplies from a previous problem and a party containing X and Wade to get stranded in a spring storm It's made clear that at least one person would have died except for good luck despite the saboteurs' best attempt to do it non violently And Carlos the one oil station worker we get to know isn't some Captain Planet Villain out to make money on oil with no concern for the environment He is legitimately concerned with the fact that the G8 nations have a big chunk of the pie and want to shut down the developing world and does care about the environment in that he wants to use technology to keep things clean while they drill I found him sympathetic to the point where X is watching Carlos and the saboteurs' lawyer talk and realizing that both were angry at the same people but were arguing with each other Who is perhaps the one character who Robinson could get away with writing a page long speech without sounding like he was talking to the audience since later everyone tries to shut him up before he gets going again Still killed me to read it too long and too much of a rant As always I liked some of the themes of the book and the setting work Robinson spent some time in the Antarctic It shows in a good way and the characters were likable It was a bit slanted towards social and ecological politics but not enough to impair the story of X and Val's attempts to make homes on a continent they have fallen in love with the mystery of where the euipment has gone Val's bad trail trip and surviving a sabotage attempt in a place where the Environment is not your friend

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AntarcticaIn the near future Wade Norton has been sent to Antarctica by Senator Phil Chase to investigate rumors of environmental sabotage He arrives on the frozen continent and immediately begins making contact with the various scientific and political factions. This is the most perfect novel by KSR that I've read The Mars books and Galileo's dream were ambitious and perhaps achieved but at the cost of some flaws That often seems to happen when writers really reach out and try to grasp something big and complicated but I would encourage them to try it anywayhowever Antarctica tackles a fair bit and succeeds every which way I look at it narrative drive characterisation subtext prose style apart from an occassional jarring line here and thereWeird things are happening in Antractica robberies hijackings Senator Chase's aide Wade is sent South to find out what is going on and so an adventure starts As is usual for KSR the story is told as a patchwork of perspectives from diverse utterly convincing characters Sometimes this leads to problems of pacing and digression but not here A whirlwind tour of Antarctica a cold weather adventure and some real surprises are mixed with tales of the human history of the continent and the usual concern for the environment in a scenario that is all to plausible a view of the near future where the Antarctic Treaty has broken down and mineral exploitation is in the exploratory phaseKSR went to Antarctica and saw much of what he describes first hand he describes it vividly and with proper awe Few people writing today can describe landscape and its effect on people who live in it as well as KSR consistently does let alone with as much appreciation of its fragility and importance or concern for its imperilled futureAnd of course here Kim is making the same points he does elsewhere with regard to ecology sustainability population corporations co operation and self interest It's not subtle but it isn't detrimental to a good story eitherOne of the characters is a Chinese feng shui expert who wrote minimalist poems in response to a previous visit to the cold continent Some of these appear at the head of chapters and they get better as one progresses through the book My favourite iswhite white whitewhite green whitewhite white whitewhich in context is a delightI'm not sure how well known it is that this book precedes the Forty Fifty Sixty series it's miles better than any of those and all of them taken together too Read this one if you like KSR cold weather or survival tales