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Wayfarers Keep The Broken Lands #3 Download Ç 104 » Branded a traitor by her people Shea and her warlord—the fiercely dangerous Fallon—travel to the Pathfinders’ seat of power at her father’s reuest hoping to form an alliance despite the distrust between them It doesn’t take long before Shea and Fallon realize something iBranded a traitor by her people Shea and her warlord the fiercely dangerous Fallon travel to the Pathfinders’ seat of power at her father’s reuest hoping to form an alliance despite the distrust between them It doesn’t take long before Shea and Fallon realize something is dangerously wrong in the place she once called home. Sigh this was kind of a downer of an ending for this trilogy Not that it was bad because it wasn't it just wasn't as great as I hoped Mainly it boils down to the fact that the first two books centered on Shea adjusting to livingworking in a clan society she does not come from and learning to love and be in a relationship with the Warlord leader of the clan All the while fighting against various deadly beasts and people It was very enjoyable But then in this book we unfortunately get to see of where Shea comes from the pathfinders Turns out they are just kind of uninteresting The only thing they have going for them is that they have some weird weapons that came in handy in a 'deus ex machina' kind of way I was hoping for a major confrontation with Shea's parents but even that was a bit of a let downI don't regret reading this series but I do wish it had ended on a stronger noteETA apparently there is another book in this series that does not feature Shea and I have zero interest in reading that But I am still very much interested in the author's Firebird Chronicles series starting with Rules of Redemption if you want to check that out

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Ancient deadly creatures gone for hundreds of years once again walk the lands awakened from a deep sleep Worse it seems the Pathfinders are keeping a secret one that could destroy them all On the brink of battle with each other the Pathfinders and Trateri must join forces if they hope to defeat the evil at the heart of the Badlan. What an incredible ending to an extraordinary adventureShea and Fallon continued to amaze me in this final addition of their story Shea has grown from the woman who was once a solitary entity untrusting of those around her judgmental of their motives and broken from the experiences in her past During this book we see her embrace everything that she is all that has helped her to become the woman a warlord would claim and most importantly her own strength and how it strengthens those around herFallon definitely reins as one of my top favorite heroes It wasn’t something big that he did but all the little thingsa covering of the bedclothes as she sleeps being sure their partition is closed so others could not see her but most of all allowing her to become her own woman when his very nature demanded that he coddle her ”She was his world the light in his darkness the voice of reason when his primal instincts threatened to subsume the man he was leaving nothing but a killer behind She was as vital to him as breathing They might lock heads fight and make up but they were partners too At the end of the day he chose her and somehow despite everything she’d chosen him back He would do anything to protect that gift she’d given him” This has so much adventure drama and danger that resembles nothing in the previous books This isn’t a rinse and repeat series Each book is distinctive and uniue while carrying the story of Shea and Fallon as well as their followers into their next trial There’s no denying I loved everything about this epic tale The world building is exemplary and the characters well developed to the point I felt they were family or in some cases my own sworn enemy I went into this series with a certain amount of uncertainty due to the fact that it is a series and I hate committing myself to anything longer than one book I am so glad I let my book bestie talk me into it and I’m already missing this broken land and the people it harborsDual POVSafe view spoilerno omow drama per se – h’s ex is kinda whackadoodle but he doesn’t interfere with hH relationship although he does cause drama for their people hide spoiler

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Wayfarers Keep The Broken Lands #3Ds As the tension rises between the two peoples and Shea and her family Shea and Fallon must convince them to overcome their differences if they are to triumph over impossible odds Because the beasts may be the least of their worries Sometimes betrayal comes from within and the most dangerous monsters may be those closest to them. Sheallon is back and they are kicking ass and taking names What a thrilling conclusion to TA White's Broken Lands series What an ending for our favorite Pathfinder and her Warlord THAT ENDING WAS EVERYTHINGWayfarer's Keep was action packed from page one It was exciting and some parts left me breathless Shea really came into her own and I loved how fearless and strong she was She really is an amazing lead character She had gained so much in the past two books love people a sense of belonging and she knew that if she didn't finally face her past she would lose it all So much goes on in this novel It really helps to have read the previous two books before diving into Wayfarer's Keep like maybe do a binge read the series The conseuences of book two follows Shea and Fallon into Wayfarer's Keep and so much from book one comes into play The deadly conseuences of Shea's disastrous trip into the Badlands finally comes full circle and the thing that almost broke her and what she fears the most comes back with a vengeance What I absolutely love about this series is Shea and Fallon's love story Those two crazy kids were made for each other The push and pull of book one was fun the turbulent getting to know you phase of book two kept them interesting and the realization that nothing in the world is worth than the love the two have for each other is was a fitting end to their story This was not an insta love well maybe for Fallon but not for Shea Shea needed to face her past she needed to come to terms with it and accept what happened She needed to grow as a person and she needed to accept who she has become before she had any chance of fully accepting Fallon into her life and he gave her that space and support no matter what crazy thing she did or said So many uestions from book one and two are answered in Wayfarer's Keep and so many new uestions pop up We get a little back story to what actually happened to the old world what caused the great cataclysm what caused the Badlands and what ultimately caused the beasts I was really happy with Wayfarer's Keep and I as I expressed in the first paragraph I'm really happy with the ending There are a lot of twists and turns in Wayfarer's Keep and I found it hard to put down my kindle to actually do real life stuff like feeding my family or doing actual work at work If you have read the first two books Wayfarer's Keep is a must read The whole series is a must readI received an ARC from the author with no reuirement to leave a review This is a totally independent and honest review