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review Out of Salem × eBook or Kindle ePUB · When genderueer fourteen year old Z Chilworth wakes from death after a car crash that killed their parents and sisters they have to adjust uickly to their new status as a zombie Always a talented witch Z can now barely perform magic and is rapidly decaying Faced with rejection from their remainWhen genderueer fourteen year old Z Chilworth wakes from death after a car crash that killed their parents and sisters they have to adjust uickly to their new status as a zombie Always a talented witch Z can now barely perform magic and is rapidly decaying Faced with rejection from their r. God this book It started out SO STRONG and did not let up AT ALL until it was finished It was just A tour de force I want to shake the author and go YOU DID THIS HOW DID YOU DO THISZ's deadpan heh heh point of view and narration style worked perfectly for me They're exactly the kind of narrator I need when horrible events are being described because the plain and simple statements of 'what is' make the painful into factual and give a sense that it's another thing to take in stride Sort of like the internal voice I need when I'm in a crisis and I've gotta make myself believe that I can take things one step at a timeAnd trust me there's a lot of horrible things to get through You have to have a tough stomach for this book I'll give content warnings at the end there is a lot of body horror unsurprisingly given that the main character is a slowly decaying undead teen But if you can get through that you are rewarded with one of the most real heartwarming resolute stories of friendship and chosen family in the face of oppression that I have ever had the pleasure of readingI don't think I've ever seen political stuff regarding structural violence in a novel stick its landing uite so perfectly though take that with a grain of salt given that I'm not someone directly at risk for a lot of state violence and murder This narrative felt so real that while I was sympathizing with these fictional characters oppressed for both real world and fantastical reasons I felt as though I were reading about one of the myriad current day stories of resistance to fascism around the US Everything from the interpersonal struggles and disagreements of the anarchist werewolf group to the wildly varied range of reasons the rally attendees had for being there it all rang so trueI think it made a big difference that alongside magical oppression for fey werewolf etc ancestry the book specifically had both trans and nonbinary characters and characters of color and that fascism racism Islamophobia were addressed specifically on the page The monster ness of the characters was not simply a metaphor or stand in for these other oppressionsETA I forgot to mention a beautiful thread running through the book the uestion of personal responsibility especially within structures of power All the characters have to confront choices they've made the circumstances that forced and influenced those choices and decide how they want to act in the future When Aysel says to Z I would die for you it might sound like teen melodrama but it's also very real I especially love the book's exploration of the roles of parents caregivers and other adults in positions of authority variously failing or stepping up to the fullness of the role The latter when it happens is so powerful it legit had me weepingContent warnings graphic body horror homophobic racist and fatphobic bullying mentions of police violence and torture mentions of murder suicidal ideation mentions of past medical abuse arson

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Cover her status as an unregistered werewolf When a local psychiatrist is murdered in an apparent werewolf attack the town of Salem Oregon becomes even hostile to monsters and Z and Aysel are driven together in an attempt to survive a place where most people wish that neither of them exist. Give me this immediately oh my actual gods

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Out of SalemEmaining family members and old friends Z moves in with Mrs Dunnigan an elderly witch and befriends Aysel a loud would be goth classmate who is like Z a loner As Z struggles to find a way to repair the broken magical seal holding their body together Aysel fears that her classmates will dis. This book is difficult for me to review On the one hand I am simply in awe of its presence The mere fact that it exists practically has me falling on my knees in gratitude A genderueer main character Written by a nonbinary author In an urban fantasy novel This is the ueer genre fiction of my dreams And yet This turned me off in so many ways I’ll start with the worldbuilding At the start I thought that the existence of magical creatures was hidden from the public Then it seemed that the public was fine with the notion of magic and magical creatures Then finally it became clear that the public was or less fine with the notion of magic but had a virulent hate for magical creatures I don’t mind the world here; I’m just frustrated that it was so unclear to me what that world was Not to mention it took me approximately 100 pages too long to realize this book was set in the 90s The prose is vague enough that I had a difficult time understanding what was happening at any given moment That being said the story was original enough and I was glad to know it once I figured out what was going onWhich brings us to the elephant in the room I understand finally that this book is about a bunch of 14 year old kids in the 90s So I get that there’s not a lot of information available to them and that times were different and that kids aren’t great at expressing things elouently I get it And I also get that this is an #ownvoices novel so I have faith that Hal Schrieve has a sufficient handle on gender theory But the way it was expressed made me so so uncomfortable on multiple occasions When Z comes out to Aysel Aysel is confused as she has never heard of nonbinary gender before She asks Z “You mean transsexual” to which Z replies “I’m not uite transsexual Transgender It’s neurological I did a test online I’m almost transsexual but I’m not” As if a transsexual is an acceptable term to use for anyone ever and b as if nonbinary gender is somehow a person’s falling just a little bit short of that gender finish line Then later Z says to Tommy “It’s like a deep feeling that I just don’t want to be a woman because people will always see me in a certain way and make me act in a certain way And I don’t think I could be a man because I hate almost every man I’ve ever met” Look someone’s gender is not a wish or a desire It’s a fact I’m not nonbinary because I don’t want to be a man or a woman I’m nonbinary because I’m not a man or a woman This doesn’t even make sense What cis woman on earth doesn’t wish that people would stop seeing her and making her act the way they do That doesn’t change their being women And what trans man doesn’t know the feeling of hating men and hoping to god they don’t act like that That doesn’t change their being men When I was discovering my own gender I tried very hard to be a woman I tried all my childhood adolescence and some of my adulthood to be a woman Despite my best efforts it didn’t take Because I’m not one And failing that I tried very hard to be a man That didn’t work either Because I’m not one It’s not about what I want It’s about who I am Which again I imagine Hal Schrieve knows being nonbinary hirself so I don’t know how this got into this book It is incredibly frustrating to me This maybe wouldn’t even be such a big deal except for the reviews coming from everybody and their dog saying how educational this book is how it breaks down barriers and teaches you something I don’t want some ignorant asshole coming up to me and thinking they “know” that I’m “almost transsexual” It makes me sick I don’t know what to do with that And again I get that this is young kids in the 90s But maybe some of this information could’ve been in an author’s note or a preface Oof tl;dr read this book it’s good and important But don’t ever fucking say “transsexual”