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Read & download Á Warrant (Vindicator, #2) 102 Ì Every wrongdoing warrants a conseuence In my case I’ve decided to settle the score with deathEspecially when what brought this on what stirred up my crazy was the vicious attack on an innocent young girlWorse one that ended in her death Years I’ve been plotting to take out the men II figured why not make him suffer the same way I haveOne tiny glimpse of her changes everythingOr does itMaybe just maybe the little siren I wanted to harm is going to single handedly slaughter me instead Lies Secrets Manipulation Gotta love a tangled web of warranted decepti. Warrant was a dark romance and explored a lot of dark themes It is full of angst and drama throughout the story keeping the reader captivated throughout the story Each of the characters in the story carried around their own pain guilt and anger over events that happened in their past The author did a fabulous job with making the characters emotions evident leaving me feel the anger along with them I absolutely loved Chaz and I found that he was a strong character The way that he never gave up on getting revenge against the people that wronged him and his loved ones I really loved the way that he is with Jillian and the way he cared for her Jillian I really felt sorry for with the way that she constantly lived in fear and was constantly burden with guilt I really felt the emotions of this character and was really hoping she would get her happily ever after Warrant was a brutally raw story that really explored the dark side of society I found that the characters faced this painful past that caused them to become the people they are today I really enjoyed thus story and the way that the author was able to bring these two broken and hurt characters together I really felt they were perfect for each other and they had strong chemistry with each other Warrant had a lot of twists throughout the story and left me sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what will happen next

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Every wrongdoing warrants a conseuence In my case I’ve decided to settle the score with deathEspecially when what brought this on what stirred up my crazy was the vicious attack on an innocent young girlWorse one that ended in her death Years I’ve been plotting to take out. Audiobook review This story packs a punch It isn’t for the faint of heart It has grit and is raw It’s unapologetic and unforgiving Chaz is a hero that is tough as they come but who is open about his vulnerability and beliefs Jillian is a woman betrayed by many yet not jaded or soured by her very tragic life These two characters deserved a little bit of light in their dark world They deserved joy and love amongst the misery and death I’m glad they allowed for that to be possible when they could’ve easily let their past dictate their actions The plot was deep dark and it crossed into what is an unfortunate reality for many women around the world The writing and prose were done well The pacing was a bit off In some aspects it lingered and lost effectiveness In others like the long awaited resolution to the major conflict it went by too fast I liked that it included an epilogue I am definitely interested in reading about this crew though I will advise that the scenes can be graphic and contain rape and abuse The narrator Sarah Puckett did a good job transitioning between the male and female POV The female POV was naturally the stronger of the two I listen on the higher speeds and I was still able to listen clearly at 175 speed Tone and pitch were on point Complimentary copy received and voluntarily reviewed

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Warrant Vindicator #2The men I used to call my brothersThe men who double crossed me by brutally murdering my sister I want my revenge I need it Crave it It’s in my bloodI planned to stop at nothing No matter if I inflicted pain on another woman After all it was her brother who killed my sister. This is a ARC review Also this is anew to me author bookThis is a Mafia Romance and very graphic I am not new to those I uiet enjoy them because most the time the hero learns his place and the romance is off the hookIf you like dark reads this is for you It contains murder sex trafficking blood sexualphysical abusenot in a sense you may think But this is a mafia war book so This book has all the feels i won't liemy heart still breaks for Jillian Even though she is in the predicament she is because of part her choices still no one deserves to go through what she has I will forever love her because of what she tried to do during the dark timesWhen there is revenge to be served it is always good to keep your mind on the target In Chaz's case his one track mindgot sidetracked Chaz is a badass i wont sugarcoat it I mean badass He is keeping a secret and unfortunately also is the mystery man to Jillian When two souls who yarn for the same meet but something as big as a murder mob mystery and killing is in between themthere is a chance one or the other might not make it Can they both keep their secrets until every one of them bursts I'm thinking you really MUST read to find out Murder turned to vengeance turned to passion turned to heart break turned to fearturned to CONTROLI had a little bit of a rough time with the build up being great but then rocking back down a bit so it was hard for me to focus That's just my reading style Other than that I haven't read a Mafia Romance in a lot time forgot how much I enjoyed that type of alpha I have not read the other books this is my very first one I always try to be honest with my review's and stay true to my feelings That does not mean the book or story was bad but just means that for my style type and liking this is what i rated it as One of the uotes that I lovedAnd this woman has it It's smothering to get out The need to be loved To be touched Kissed and treated like the ueen she is ChazI am rating this book a 4 star in this case hope you get a chance to read yourselfHappy Reading