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SoHo 1981 Twelve year old Olympia is an artist and in her neighborhood that's normal Her dad and his business partner Apollo bring antiue paintings back to life while her mother makes intricate sculptures in a corner of their loft leaving Ollie to roam the streets of Ne. 35 solid stars12 year old Olympia is an artist living in SoHo in 1981 which isn’t all that uncommon in her neighborhood Her father and his friend Apollo bring antiue paintings back to life while her mother sees the beauty in everything and makes intricate sculptures out of everyday ordinary items But one morning she wakes up and her father has left the country leaving her and her mom alone and now her mom won’t get out of bed The only thing he left behind was a cryptic note that he asked for it to be destroyed Apollo is acting strange and someone keeps calling for missing artworkThis was a uiet well written book that circles around family friendship art and mystery It touches on the subject of depression and what it means living with a parent who suffers from depression It was easy to forget at times that Olympia was only 12 year old girl that did not know how to deal with her mother unable to get out of bed and some of the scenes tugged on my heartstrings for the little girl that held out hope But it was nice to see that when she finally let them Olympia did have a great support network behind her back that ended up being there for when she needed them most I liked that it revolved around art and there was even a bit of a mystery thrown into the mixLaura Tucker’s writing overall is uiet and beautiful Tucker really knows how to flesh out her characters and make them appear human I found myself sympathizing with herThat being said however I struggled with the pacing of the book I felt like the story started out and ended strong but it meandered a bit in the middle It could have been a bit shorter The subject matter for middle grade was a little hard but depression can hit an adult any point in child life even if it is something hard to read I also do wish the time period was used a bit in the writing The story is definitely very character and art driven but it was set in 1981 in SoHo and I found the time and setting interesting choiceOverall I thought this was a lovely written debut that makes me extremely excited for future works from this author It touched on tough subjects but very important ones I thought in general the author handled it really well and I cannot wait to see what she does next

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All the Greys on Greene StreetG up Apollo is hiding something Alex is acting strange and Richard has uestions about the mysterious stranger he saw outside And someone keeps calling looking for a missing piece of art Olympia knows her dad is the key but first she has to find him and time is running o. I found this painfully slow The main character's father runs off to France before the novel begins and then nothing really happens for a good long while The book is about a child in fairly a desperate situation but there is little urgency to the narrative I also didn't think that Olympia made a convincing 12 year old and I got tired of all her description I think the middle grade readers this is really directed to will have a very hard time sticking with it

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FREE READ All the Greys on Greene Street ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB × SoHo 1981 Twelve year old Olympia is an artist—and in her neighborhood that's normal Her dad and his business partner Apollo bring antiue paintings back to life while her mother makes intricate sculptures in a corner of their loft leaving OlW York with her best friends Richard and Alex drawing everything that catches her eyeThen everything falls apart Ollie's dad disappears in the middle of the night leaving her only a cryptic note and instructions to destroy it Her mom has gone to bed and she's not gettin. Actual rating 35 starsOlympia's AKA Ollie mother won't get out of bed since her father left New York City for France a few weeks ago Ollie thinks that her dad left to be with another woman but when a man comes to Ollie's father's art restoration studio inuiring about a missing statue that Ollie knows was at one time in her father's possession she starts to think something else might be afoot Tucker's debut novel has a lot of good ualities I liked the compassionate treatment of depression and how depression in parents can affect their children; I liked the mystery of Ollie's father's whereabouts; I liked the focus on art and how it's therapeutic for Ollie; and I liked that the cast included a number of adults that serve as a support system for Ollie Unfortunately I didn't LOVE any of these elements which kept it from being a great read for me I can't put my finger on exactly what was lacking but I did find the pacing a bit off there's uite the drag in the middle before the mystery of Ollie's father picks up steamStill I'm far from mad that I read it and the audiobook production was well done Recommended