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Room Mate Running Mate #3O me It wasn’t just that Caroline had a boyfriend She was my best friend’s sister and my boss’s daughter But the longer we’re in such close uarters together the greater the temptation grows but I know I'll lose everything if I pursue herGrowing up as the only girl with two overbearing older brothers I’m no stranger to being overprotected Just as I finished up college and prepared to truly dip my toes into the adult world my father was elected President of the United States which added a whole new level of protection with the Secret Service team attached to me Ju. “I was about to inherit a roommate A male roommate A six foot four built like a brick shithouse swoony British accent speaking Chris Hemsworth looking male roommate” Caroline is the daughter of the current President of The United States She has been getting threats unbeknownst to her and is in dire need of protection That’s were Ty comes in He is a secret service agent and friends with her brothers Her father gives Ty the job to protect his inky daughter but he needs him not to just be her bodyguard but to be her roommate as well At first he is reluctant but he gives in because that’s just the type of guy he is He would do anything to protect the Callahan family They settle into this new situation but the threat of the unknown is always a shadow behind them Living in close proximity with each other also creates longing for them They have this invisible boundary line that they cannot cross because a relationship between them is forbidden but they eventually take the plunge when they realize that they have genuine feelings for each otherI loved the slow burn aspect of this book The jealousy and sexual tension between Caroline and Ty was delicious and oh so lovely Ty was the perfect gentleman and would never hurt her He was incredibly sweet which made me love this book even “Who would have thought taking the job as Caroline’s temporary roommate would have resulted in a roommate for life”

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characters Room Mate Running Mate #3 108 ä From the time I was a kid I knew I wanted a job helping people After serving in the Rifles regiment of the British Army I focused my civilian career on becoming a bodyguard to the rich and famous For a Cockney Brit I never imagined a twist of fate landing me a position in the United States Secret Service andSt when I thought I couldn’t possibly be smothered I began receiving threats and my family decided it wasn’t enough to just have an agent living down the hall from me Nope I was to have one move in with me and not just any agent but Ty Frasier my brother Barrett’s best friend and my brother Ty’s head agent While most women would enjoy living with a sexy buff Brit having a roommate threw a wrench into all my plans Especially when I began noticing Ty was so much than a hot guy he was someone I could fall forStand alone set in the world of Running Mate and Office Mat. ARC received for an honest reviewNow the princesspresident's daughter etc falling for their security man is not a new story however it is one that I will always pick up and readI have been waiting for Caroline's story since I started reading this series I knew that with 2 protective brothers and the president for her father that she was going to have her strugglesI love love love that she nor her brothers are spoiled little rich kids riding on their father's coat tailsI adore that she has her own life and career and despite her family she speaks her mind and lets them all know what she is thinkingAnd hellooooooo sexy secret service man Ty is sweet and wonderful and oh so sexy I mean you can't blame a girl for falling for him as I did right along with CarolineThere is sexual tension up the wazoo with our lovelies fans self along with plenty of witty banter and just all together wonderfulness This pair are definitely my favourite couple in this seriesI loved getting to see where Barrett and Thorn and their ladies are at and the guys over protectiveness of Caroline is both sweet and terrifying lol I want them to be my brothersI really have enjoyed the Running Mates series and I am looking forward to what Ms Ashley brings us next

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From the time I was a kid I knew I wanted a job helping people After serving in the Rifles regiment of the British Army I focused my civilian career on becoming a bodyguard to the rich and famous For a Cockney Brit I never imagined a twist of fate landing me a position in the United States Secret Service and protecting the President’s son But then my boss made an unexpected reuest leave my current placement to move in with his only daughter to give an added layer of protection against the threats she had been receiving I’d never lived with a woman who was off limits t. This was definitely the best book in the series in my opinion I was on the fence with continuing the series after Office Mate which I was conflicted on but I am glad I powered through to finish the seriesTy has been a predominant side character in the previous two books initially as a bodyguard and then a secret service agent It was about time we got to know this illustrious British agent Ty is honorable loyal and attentive to the people in his life and his job which in this case is protecting Caroline I do wish the author explored of Ty's fun side that we saw glimpses of in the previous books like reading Cosmo and chick lit but I guess he was protecting Caroline 247 so no time🤔I appreciate how resilient Caroline is given the gravity of everything she was dealing with Between moving to a different state and taking over her mother's foundation being the first daughter to having a psycho stalker obsessed with you she has a lot going on I do feel her character was a bit one dimensional but I guess there isn't that much room for character development given the entire premise of the book is Ty protecting herSelfishly I wanted Ty and Caroline to get together sooner so we can see their relationship develop but I have noticed that's just how Katie's books are with the slow burn Overall I am glad I finished this series I felt this book tied everything together nicely and gets us a glimpse of the prior characters plus Conan 🐶 was mentioned so that was a plus for me Song Dedication Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond