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review æ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ô Mary Jo Putney LOVE MUST FIND A WAY A sheltered life in the countryside has left Diana Lindsay restless to see the wider world for both herself and the son she is raising alone She cannot marry but perhaps as a courtesan she will find love and protection despite her painful past Gathering her courage she moves to London and finds herself the city's most desired woman as admired for her charm as for her beauty But it is one man who captivates h. The only reason I read this book through to the end was to see exactly how the heroine would finally reveal her big secret to the hero I had guessed what the secret was at some point between the introduction of the heroine and the big revelation This secret just happens to be the most important fact in the story and the heroine's character so it makes no sense to keep the reader in the dark about it until 80% of the book is finished Getting that reveal so late in the book effectively nullifies every action of the heroine up to that point in the story and totally negates every scene in the book that is told from the heroine's POV up to that point Because of this I felt cheated out of most of the story and I couldn't relate to how the heroine's feelings for the hero changed from loathing to love Also there was no explanation for why the heroine didn't tell the hero about his son a long time ago which would have been the right thing to do for so many reasons her loathing the boy's father is not an acceptable reason for not telling him it's just childish IMHO The author has the heroine decide to become a fabulously successful courtesan after living most of her life in an isolated village in Yorkshire with a decent income and security in her life I don't know maybe the author felt this would make the heroine glamorous and attractive to the reader But really this is a career choice that most women of the time would only have made if they felt they had no other option or they were forced into it and 99% of the time it was pure degradation So besides not making any sense at all the author's decision is totally insulting to the women who had to prostitute themselves simply in order to live The spy aspect of the story was pretty lame and the bad guy was just a 1 dimensional caricature of a really eeeevilllll villain The melodrama of the last part of the book felt completely contrivedSo not a keeper and not enjoyable for me

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Free download Dearly Beloved æ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ½ LOVE MUST FIND A WAY A sheltered life in the countryside has left Diana Lindsay restless to see the wider world for both herself and the son she is raising alone She cannot marry but perhaps as a courtesan she will find love and protection despite her painf Eadly enemy threatens to tear them apart forever Praise for Mary Jo Putney's Rogues Redeemed series A compelling story that neatly balances dangerous adventures and passionate romance Booklist A thrilling romantic tale Bookpage Top Pick of the Month Putney's multifaceted and well developed characters add depth to this romance which is complete with the trials of war and the promise of future series installments Publishers Weekly. I don’t know how to rate this one Spoilers ahead The heroine is raped by the hero at 15 on the first page She was drugged by her crazy father and the hero was drunk They are forced to be married Years later she has a child and meets the hero again There’s a lot of issues and themes surrounding beauty sexual desire and love in this A lot of it very disturbing stuff to be all put into this book The heroine’s father was implied to have sexual desires for the heroine and the hero himself was raped repeatedly by his own mother This uite a tragic tale about abused characters I found it to be a bjt much for me But i think this actually a really good book that could be used to discuss in not in a romance reader POV but in a literal POV because of the issues brought up in this book

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Dearly BelovedEr handsome haunted and harboring a secret as deep as her own Bound by the sins of his youth Gervase Brandelin the Viscount St Aubyn has spent his adulthood seeking redemption through service to England Now a spymaster he can allow nothing to distract him from his duty But when he meets Diana his burdens seem to lift Though she can never truly be his alone their genuine love fills him with hope until a treacherous deceit and a d.           Dearly Beloved is one of a handful of my all time favorite historical romances This probably has something to do with the fact that it was one of the first historicals I ever read and it really sucked me into the genre Our main female character is Diana Lindsey Diana and her son live in Yorkshire a county in England During a winter storm she discovers a woman out in the elements freezing on her property She rescues the woman and nurses her back to health The woman it turns out is a famous courtesan from London coming home due to a terminal health condition The woman tells her life story to Diana Diana then decides that since she has no other options she too would become a courtesan Gervase Brandelin is the Viscount St Aubyn He is also a spymaster for British Intelligence and works at the Foreign Office He is a hard cold and calculating man He is man that can ill afford to be ruled by emotion And after his last mistress left he finds himself in the need of another’s services It is this that brings Diana and Gervase togetherDue to Gervase being a spymaster there is a subplot that harbors the uintessential bad guy intent on killing So this story also has some definite action to it           Dearly Beloved is a little bit of a controversial book in that most either love it or hate it The reason for the censure is mainly due to the beginning of the story where there is a relatively graphic rape scene by our leading male character Grumblings further range from the story being unrealistic to salacious to boring But on the whole we have according to some a rather unlikeable main male character with no redeeming value whatsoever I happen to very strongly disagree Dearly Beloved is a story of redemption Bad things must be done in order to have this type of storyline It is here that MJP takes the offensive action and makes it personal to the reader It is raw It is in your face It is impossible to deny that our hero of the story did that horrible act that maybe he was just misunderstood That perhaps there could be a reason for the act and we the reader could somehow justify and downgrade it to a less offensive transgression But nope The hero of Dearly Beloved rapes a teenage girl No excuse can justify it He feels remorse He hates himself for it But it isn’t enough And thus begins the journey towards redemption Some people can handle this psychological stripping of characters and some people cannot Neither is this good nor bad It’s just a matter of perceptions          On the whole Dearly Beloved is a regency romance filled with secrets and lies danger and mystery betrayal and redemption and a love to mend all wounds               If you read Dearly Beloved and enjoy it I would also recommend Silk and Shadows by MJP Another edgy and gripping tale dealing in dark subject matter This story is about revenge Highly recommend Happy Reading♥ Lisa