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Wishing On A Star (A Shooting Stars Novel Book 3) Free read é 104 ´ Wall Street Journal bestselling author Terri Osburn brings you the third installment in the Shooting Stars Series featuring the dreamers and hopefuls who pass through the doors of the hottest new label in town Shooting Stars Records Jesse Gold is teKing with Jesse is the perfect opportunity But after ten years apart these high school sweethearts struggle not only to find common ground but to deal with the powerful sparks reigniting between them Can Ash and Jesse let go of the past and take a shot at a future that neither imagined Or will they cling to old wounds and lose out on a love they might never find again. A second chance romance between Jesse and Ash they were high school sweethearts now fast forward ten years Jesse is a new recording artist for Shooting Stars Records and is known to be difficult to work with Ash is anxious to turn from song writing to producing so the this will be the perfect opportunity Now can they work together and not deny the sparks that are reigniting between them again Loved these characters Ash was my favoritesuch a big heart This is a story that I did not want to see end This book is part of a series but can be read as a stand alone

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Wall Street Journal bestselling author Terri Osburn brings you the third installment in the Shooting Stars Series featuring the dreamers and hopefuls who pass through the doors of the hottest new label in town Shooting Stars Records Jesse Gold is teetering on the edge Her duet partner defected to go solo Her long term boyfriend is on tour and uite possibly partaking i. After enjoying the first two books in the ‘Shooting Stars’ series very much I was really looking forward to reading the next book in the series ‘Wishing on a star’ You don’t have to really read the previous books first to read this one but I would recommend that you read them too because I really liked themShooting Stars Record is always on the lookout for talented singers to work with This time they want to give female country singer Jesse Gold the chance to make it to the top But first they have to find a producer who is prepared to work with her and that isn’t as easy as it sounds When they finally found someone it’s the last person that Jesse wants to work with is but she doesn’t have a lot of choice if she wants to make it as a solo artist Jesse and Ash Shepherd share a past together a painful one but the time they spend together the they come to the conclusion that they don’t know everything about what really happened in the past And that isn’t the only thing that they discover when working together The chemistry between them is still there But does their love deserve a second chance or is it better to leave those feelings in the past‘Wishing on a star’ is a good second chance romance story I especially liked Ash character he’s a good man with a big heart Jesse’s character was also likeable but she was a bit unsecure about herself But that’s understandable in the showbiz world there is a lot of pressure to be perfect The story is told from both POV’s I loved the interaction between Ash and Jesse and I was glad to see the other characters from the previous stories back I only found the end of the story for me personally a bit too sweet Suddenly everything was alright with everyone I don’t know how to feel about it but it’s certainly not something bad I’m just not sure if I would have forgiving everyone so easilyThe writer Terri Osburn created an interesting world with this series about a record label in Nashville I really love all the characters in it and I’m already looking forward to the next book

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Wishing On A Star A Shooting Stars Novel Book 3N extra curricular activities with the opposite sex And though she’s landed a deal with Shooting Stars Records no producer in town is willing to take on the reputedly difficult new artist Enter Ash Shepherd a successful songwriter coming off a career topping collaboration with one of the biggest stars in town Ash is anxious to shift from writing to producing and wor. Jesse Gold has lived and breathed being in the music business since she was a little girl She was taught to play the guitar at an early age by her friend Ash Shepherds Ash was her brother's best friend He was also the love of her life until a tragic accident changed their lives All three were out and due to a deer they were in a deadly accident Tommy Jesse's brother was killed Jesse's family blamed Ash since he was driving One day he was on his way to visit Jesse while she in the hospital her mother cornered him and told him that they no longer wanted him around or wanted to see him including Jesse Ash left town and never came back Jesse was devastated thinking that he abandoned her when she needed him most she knew nothing of what her mother had done Her anger took over Later on she joined a duo called the Honkytonk Daisies and they were working their way up Unfortunately her partner decided to take a different route on her own and left Jesse high and dry with a text message saying goodbye The rumors started shortly after saying Jesse was very hard to work with wanted her own way argumentative bossy Jesse couldn't find any producers to work with her or record labels to sign her on but finally her agent Silas found one Shooting Star Records But would Jesse work with them even though they could be her last chanceAsh Shepherds grew up spending his time with his best friends family than his own He was secretly in love with his best friends sister When finally old enough they could open up on those feelings But he would soon lose her One night there was an accident he was driving and a deer ran into the road causing them to get into the accident His best friend Tommy and Jesse's big brother was killed Ash felt horrible Tommy was like a brother to him Jesse was in the hospital too One day on his was to visit Jesse her mother stopped him She told him that they no longer wanted to see him or need him around any That that included Jesse Ash was crushed but did what she said and left After all he took their child away He moved away He went to school for a while in Nashville started working his way up to producing music He is making a name for himself He has been called by Clay Benedict for a meeting at Shooting Stars Records No one is telling him what it is about Once he is seated with Clay he finds out they want him to work with Jesse Gold the girl he was forced to leave behind all the those years ago the one he isn't sure he ever got over He tells Clay he will pass on the offer but Clay explains that he might be her last shot at making her way So he says he will but leaves the final decision up to Jesse He doesn't see this going wellSparks fly words are flung and tempers are high when these two meet for the first time So many feelings come back to the surface for the both of them Will the truth come out Will Jesse find out that Ash was forced to leave by her Mother Will Ash find out that Jesse had nothing to with it But even if they do what does that mean for them Jesse has a boyfriend however we will find out not a very nice one There is plenty of tension here but there is also fear I think they are both dealing with the fear that their feelings are still so very strong for each other and don't know what to do with that They have to work together and figure it all out Jesse has some personal issues she has to come to grips with as well ones that keep repeating themselves through her life The ups and downs in this story make it so easy to just keep reading it too easy to turn the pages and not stop I read this book in one day I went to bed at 100 am knowing I had to be up at 330 am in the morning I just got lost in the pages All the feelings are in this book but the one thing I didn't like was the ending It felt too cut off for my liking But I am an epilogue person so to be fair it could be me It won't matter if you have read the other books in this series this one stands alone just as the others do I would recommend reading them since they are all great books each one just seems to get better “I received a free advance copy of this book This is my unbiased and voluntary review”