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SUMMARY ï T.A. (Biker Bitches, #6) Î Cuffing season was supposed to be about finding a hook up to keep her warm during the cold Kentucky winter nights TA wasn’t looking for Mr Right; she just wanted Mr Available That was before she met Dalton Andrews The widower was nursing a broken heart and the only thing he wanted was a woman to take his groCuffing season was supposed to be about finding a hook up to keep her warm during the cold Kentucky winter nights TA wasn’t looking for Mr Right; she just wanted Mr Available That was before she met Dalton Andrews The widower was nursing a broken heart and the only. 2 ⭐⭐ Meh I can't even express my disappointmentWhat happened to the author's writingIt has completely changed in the last books that I can no longer recognize her voice or style in the storyAn insipid story and with annoying heroes that ends abruptly and unsatisfactorilyI got annoyed even with the Biker Bitches and I've always liked them a lotThe story dragged on and it took me 3 days to finish simply because nothing kept me interestedThe author reveals a secret that leaves a hook for the next book but I confess I'm scaredI was very sad Moving on“I’ve never been accused of being smart” Holding her hand out she introduced herself “I’m TA”Dalton walked to the counter “Because I think you’re attracted to me and the feeling is not mutual”“It was never my intention to try to replace Oceane”“I think you want us to be than friends”“Yes I’m the fillerWhat’s a filler”“You know like when one of them wants someone to go shopping with them when everyone else is busy or someone to go to movies with that no one else wants to see or take to dinner so they don’t have to eat alone in a restaurant That’s a fillerHe didn’t want to move on from Oceane; he wanted his heart to stay right where it belonged“Don’t TA I’ve already told you I’m not ready for another relationship”“You must have loved her very much” He didn’t try to hide the wrenching pain her words had raised “I still do I always will” She nodded “She wouldn’t have liked me would she” “No”She would never be able to measure up to Oceane“The problem is I feel like I’m cheating on Oceane every time I fucking look at you”“I swore to Oceane that she would be the only woman I would love and that I’d never touch another woman”“It was a promise I made when she married me and when she was dying”It’s a bunch of horse hockey that she didn’t try to convince you that she didn’t want you to remain alone That’s some next level bitchy and makes me not like her”“You are the most irritating female I have ever met How many times have I told you I want our relationship to stay platonic and it just blows right over your head Not only are you irritating but you’re pushy You texted me at least thirty times if I was coming Let’s not even go into you texting Grace for my favorite recipes and food and Dax for my favorite movies to watch”The overwhelming pleasure was one he hadn’t experienced in so long that it brought a pang of guilt Stiffening he released her and took a step back“I hope you take vitamins You’re going to need them”“Did you fucking touch her” Keeping her focus on Dalton she ignored the shouts and loud voices coming from the front of the club “No” he hoarsely admitted She believed him “But you were going to weren’t you” “Yes”She believed that too “Fuck you” She let all the hurt she was feeling show in her face “I was never going to be good enough for you was I”“Have you ever loved anyone so much you considered them your soul mate”“Oceane was mine I fell for her the moment I saw her and she said the same I was never unfaithful to her for all the years we were married nor after It made me sick to my stomach to even think of touching another woman If I couldn’t have Oceane I didn’t want one who wasn’t her“Your happiness matters just as much to me” She looked at her sister with love filled eyes that would have to be hidden the moment someone grew close It was a choice TA had made when she was too young to understand the recriminations to the pain it would put them through The only other choice was an expense in hell that their parents had planned for Ginny


NThat was until the famous actor decided he wanted out of the deal and Mr Available was a no show during the biggest snowstorm of the year Poor schmuck didn’t realize that all the drama he had experienced in Tinseltown was nothing compared to dealing with this bitc. Honesty I'm not a fan of TA She had really good moments that I enjoyed But then there were of those moments that I just wanted to shake her She was frustratingly pathetic Maybe I'm harsh but she had no self respect and sometimes it felt like she built these sand castles expecting them to last forever and when they are washed away she acts like this was unexpected outcome Also those different moments gave me a feeling like I was reading about two different people Or TA was just bipolar because those two sides of her just didn't blend for me

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T A Biker Bitches #6Thing he wanted was a woman to take his grown kids’ minds off worrying about him It was supposed to be a trade off he would keep her warm and toasty during the nights and she would put up a smokescreen in front of his kids during the days It was a win win situatio. NOW LIVE US UK 35 Stars TA brings us back to the Biker Bitches in Jamie Begley's world with the last Bitch to get her man TA and Dalton were a good mix I thought She wasn't as loud as her friends but she still knew what she wanted and wasn't afraid to go after it And that's exactly the push that Dalton needed to get his head back to the land of the living I did want to see of them together though and at times it felt like some secondary took the focus away from Dalton and TA I can't say I particularly liked that Dalton's daughter Grace from Riot was featured like she was since her marital problems were brought up and I don't want to see that type of thing from a couple that already had their HEA But overall I did like the story and the characters It was intriguing with those hints of sexiness whenever Dalton was around And of course Ms Begley left us with some uestions so I'm excited to see what will happen next in this world