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The Orphan Sisters characters ¶ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ä A heartbreaking unputdownable and utterly unforgettable story of two young sisters cruelly abandoned by their mother at an orphanage Fans of Wives of War Lisa Wingate and Diney Costeloe will lose their hearts to this stunning World War Two novel 1929 Four year old Must bid goodbye to her beloved husband when he’s sent to war and Etty must nurse a broken heart as she falls in love with the one man she can never be with Etty and Dorothy survived the orphanage with the help of one another and neither sister can forget the awful betrayal of their mother which has haunted them their whole lives But when a shocking secret about their painful childhood comes to light will the sisters ever be the same agai. Oh wow Where do I begin with this book I cannot believe this a debut it is THAT goodTHE ORPHAN SISTERS is beautifully told endearing story filled with love laughter and heartbreak What I also loved about this story was that it had an element of mystery to it as wellIt begins in 1929 when 4 year old Esther and 8 year old Dorothy were told by their mother Eleanor Makepeace that they were going to a special place Little Esther was excited by the prospect and the ride in the tramcar whilst Dorothy was not so much Upon arriving at this special place called Blakely Hall the girls soon discovered that it was an orphanage and was to be their new home until they turned fifteen And that Blakely Hall was anything but special Mrs Knowles was the matron who was a strict disciplinarian with cold eyes and Esther being so young couldn't understand why their mam had abandoned them But as long as she had Dorothy Esther knew she could endure anything Blakely Hall was not a pleasant place and Esther still smarting from her mother's abandonment hardened her heart rebelling against life at the orphanage But all she had to do was to bide her time until she could leaveDorothy was the first to leave and was placed in service not far from the orphanage She would visit Esther weekly until it was her little sister's time to leaveBy 1940 both sisters were free of Blakely Hall in body though not uite in spirit War had broken out two years before and Etty as she was now known and Dorothy find themselves learning how to live on their own and vowing to remain together Life in Blakely taught them well when it came to rationing as they had lived without for so long that even living on rations seemed a luxury when they compared it to what they had or rather didn't have at the orphanage Dorothy had married a wonderful man who adored Etty and while Esther was apprehensive about sharing her sister with another she soon discovered she loved Laurie just as muchBlakely Hall had left their mark on the sisters Etty in particular She is defiant uestioning everything and a little rebellious She is determined to do something meaningful and make a different in the war Dorothy on the other hand is the nurturer She is content with making a home taking things as they come and often being the peacemaker and voice of reason for her sister The two sisters are completely different and yet the love they have for each other is beautiful heartfelt and fiercely loyal There is one point they disagree on and that is the topic of their mother Dorothy has always wondered what happened to her and why she left them at Blakely Hall She has always wanted to seek her out and find out Etty on the other hand does not Ever since the realisation that their mother had abandoned them and was not coming back Etty hardened her heart towards their mother and claimed to want nothing to do with her She didn't care what happened just as their mother hadn't for them when leaving them at Blakely It tore at Dorothy's heart but knowing how strongly Etty felt about it respected her younger sister's feelings not to follow look for herThe sisters' journey takes them through love loss and the devastation of war as they each find themselves embracing life and all that comes their way I couldn't help but want the best for both Etty and Dorothy hoping they come through the war not unscathed but fulfilled At a time when air raids and bombs were an almost nightly occurence what it was like to live through such devastation and atrocities must have been heartwrenching However Shirley Dickson brings it all to life that the reader has a real sense of being there Of hearing those sirens of seeing the shadows of bombs of hearing that whistling before they drop of feeling that fear of life during war The story of Etty and Dorothy is breaktaking It's heartbreaking and outstanding A truly remarkable story that will remain with me for some time to come I was surprised that THE ORPHAN SISTERS is her debut novel it is THAT goodI definitely recommend THE ORPHAN SISTERS You will laugh you will cry But most of all you will be entranced by Etty and Dorothy's story And by the time you reach the end you won't want to let them goA huge thank you to #ShirleyDickson #NetGalley and #Bookouture for an ARC of #TheOrphanSisters in exchange for an honest reviewThis review appears on my blog at

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A heartbreaking unputdownable and utterly unforgettable story of two young sisters cruelly abandoned by their mother at an orphanage Fans of Wives of War Lisa Wingate and Diney Costeloe will lose their hearts to this stunning World War Two novel 1929 Four year old Etty and eight year old Dorothy are abandoned at Blakely Hall orphanage by their mother never to see her again With no other family to speak of the sisters worship their beloved ma. In 1929 four year old Esther and eight year old Dorothy were told by their mother that they would be going to a special place Esther was excited to ride in the tramcar while Dorothy was less excited about their trip Arriving at Blakely Hall an asylum for orphaned children run by Mrs Knowles was to be the girls’ new home until they turned fifteen Esther being so young could not understand why their mother had abandoned them but Esther knew that she could endure anything as long as Dorothy was by her side The orphanage was not a nice place and Mrs Knowles ran the asylum with an iron fist Esther learned to toughen up and harden her heart just to make it through until she could finally leaveNow that both sisters are out of the orphanage times are getting a lot harder especially since war is on the horizon Both Esther and Dorothy find themselves for the first time in years learning how to live on their own always vowing to stay together and in the back of their mind always wondering why their mother left them Their journey takes them through love loss and the atrocities of war as they each find themselves and learn what they are both capable of becomingThe Orphan Sisters is a beautifully moving story and I found myself invested in both Esther and Dorothy’s lives right from the beginning Esther is definitely the defiant one who uestions everything She goes after what she wants and is determined to make a difference in the war Her sister Dorothy is the the nurturer She is content with her life and seems to be of the peacemaker and takes things as they come Esther and Dorothy could be no different than night and day but the love that they had for each other is so touching and heartfelt Esther and Dorothy are fleshed out characters that I could not help feeling for and wanting good things to come to both of them especially during a war where people were losing their lives and family membersShirley Dickson really shines light on what it must have been like during World War II and how fearful people had become especially with nightly raids and air horns blowing constantly But on the same token Dickson shows that war can not break someone’s spirit and that people can persevere during trying times Esther and Dorothy lived life to the fullest – falling in love experience heartache making friends losing people they loved The Orphan sisters embraced life and everything that comes along with itI am so shocked that The Orphan Sisters is Shirley Dickson’s debut novel It feels as if Dickson has been writing forever and she has a backlog of bestsellers under her belt Dickson puts so much heart into this story and it shows She will pull you in with her writing and never let go even after the last page is readThe Orphan Sisters left me completely breathless It is a heartbreaking tale that at times brought me to tears This is truly a remarkable and outstanding story and I can honestly say this is and will be my top read of the year There are not enough of stars available to give this book that’s how good it is Shirley Dickson has acuired a new fan If you love stories set during World War II then I urge you to pick up a copy and immerse yourself in a wonderfully written unputdownable book

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The Orphan SistersM – confused and heartbroken to be deserted by her when they need her the most 1940 Etty and Dorothy are finally released from the confines of Blakely Hall – but their freedom comes when the country is in the grip of World War Two and its terrors Amidst a devastating backdrop of screaming air raid sirens and cold nights huddled in shelters the sisters are desperate to put their broken childhoods behind them But trouble lies ahead Dorothy. I have read some great books this year that are set in and around the world war and this is another one to add to the list What appeals most in this story is the relationship between Etty and Dorothy I am sure most of us with siblings when we were younger argued and fought like cat and dogs Etty and Dorothy though are very close Having been sent to an orphanage they only have each other The bond that grows between the two was so endearing and lovely to readAs the girls leave the orphanage we get to see what life was like for both of the young women especially within the war itself We see all the highs and lows and the turmoils that both sisters have to face I have to say it makes for a page turner of a read as I was so engrossed in what was going on The Orphan Sisters is a compelling and emotional story that will tug on the readers heart strings You really get a sense of the era that the story is set in with all the concerns and worries that the people had back then I loved though with all that going on the strength especially that characters like Etty have to just keep on going and make the most of what life deals you A superb readMy thanks to Bookouture and NetGalley for an advanced readers copy of this book All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway