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DOC ✓ A Dangerous Beauty ☆ Sophia Nash Love n A temporary insanity curable by marriage or by the removal of the patient from the influences under which he incurred the disorder The Devil's Dictionary Ambrose BierceA Courageous OutcastRosamunde Baird has lost everything and has no choice but to accept an invitation to spend a season with a dowager duchess and her clandestine lad 25 stars because weird plot stuff I'm going though a DNF phase at the moment one strike and it's out So the fact that that I finished this is in a back handed way a reflection of the potential of the writing in spite of some total no nos I started reading this because of Caz's review this and so many other books thanks Caz and like her very nearly gave up after chapter one the heroine having been apparently compromised beyond recovery is brow beaten by her father and his into marriage with the man of her dreams in a scene of rather tedious melodramaHere I am going to indulge myself with a short but overdue aside on Fathers of Heroines in HR To a man they are distressingly two dimensional with well defined stock sub species categorised à la Heyer into Mark I thoughtless charming gamblers freuently dead The Dead Gambler model generally leaves unwise mortgages and at least one soggy widow whose primary function is to be a helpless burden on the victimised heroine Mark II benevolent old souls often with a cloud of gossamer like silver hair however unlikely this is in men who can on a strict accounting be very little older than 45 and no money They are also absent minded and call the heroine my dear possibly because they have forgotten her real name as they also tend to have than usually large families That absent mindedness again Mark III You'll do as I say young lady or it'll be bread and water for a week The rewards of tyranny are sweet the Dictator Daddy model is always rich well connected and enjoys fine food and wine The natural habitat of these fathers is their study although they have also been sighted on doorsteps kicking undesirables down into the mudThe fathers of heroes are generally the Mark III Paediatric Whipping model It should be noted though as a warning to heroes' fathers everywhere that they are than likely to have died in freak hunting accidents before the story opens This is obviously tough on the father in uestion but it does allow the hero to suffer stoically the effects of childhood abuse while sleeping on silken sheets Note to self become a Regency era therapist next time roundI'd be delighted to hear of any properly nuanced exceptions to Wickham's Law of Awful Fathers Sir Horace Stanton Lacy is the only real candidate and since he doesn't actually talk to his daughter during the entire book I'm not sure he's altogether typicalAnyway Back to poor Rosamunde and the brace of Mark III's bullying her into doing the Right Thing When she somewhat perversely refuses to marry the duke's heir she has adored from afar out comes the bread and water and the first of the author's brutal manipulations of the story Then her father mysteriously unlocked her door without a word and left for London with orders for the rest of the family to join him in a fortnight Now she was ripe for the pluckingAlong came a marriage minded country suire whose chief allure was his timing and his false sympathy The very day her father left for town Mr Baird appeared with flowers in his hands and the enticing offer of a marriage of convenience to a pillar of Cornish society on his lipsand the promise to shield her from gossipWithout anyone’s knowledge or approval Rosamunde fled with him to Scotland married in haste and repented not in leisure Btw if I'm going to cavil I'll do the thing properly Rosamunde did repent and in the next paragraph too But the oleaginous Baird and his false flowers last little longer than this brief appearance for by the next chapter we have been rushed forward eight years beastly Baird is dead and his ashes swept under the authorial carpet with barely a pause for startled breath Rosamunde now homeless and alienated from her Mark III pa has been chosen sight unseen to join a bizarre club of impoverished widows chaired by the hero's grandmother So she ends up trudging the length of England with her worldly possessions in two small suitcases Carrying life’s possessions was hot work incidentally in order to join a ducal house partyThis is not thoughtful story telling It shows I would say disdain for the reader Yes the H h need to be brought together in circumstances where they can become acuainted nothing propinks like propinuity but must the contrivances be so blatant? The first part of chapter one is dedicated to explaining how much how very very much Rosamunde is the apple of her father's eye Are we to disregard this when all is changed in a moment in the cessation of the twinkling of an eye? Certainly the heroine must be on her own defenceless yet brave that's a perfectly acceptable trope in HR but please couldn't it be a little realistic?I think why I've got uite so hot under the collar about this is that there are actually good things in this book What works in the story and works really uite well is the dialogue between principals The duke and his grandmother for instance The duke asks “Have I ever let you down?”She raised her penciled in eyebrows until they almost disappeared under her fussy black lace cap“I resent that” he muttered“Did I say anything?”This is naturalistic speech that is amusing to read and gives a good idea of the characters involved Ms Nash pulls this off for the duke and Rosamunde as well there's a lovely scene near the beginning where the duke's loose interpretation of a game's rules costs Rosamunde a prize of £500 “Cheater” Her voice was so low he barely made out the word“Devil’s rules Mrs Baird devil’s rules” He turned to her as he checked the smoldering flint and priming pan “Or perhaps just bad manners Shall I take another shot or shall you concede then?”She ignored him as she placed the bow she had been clenching on the stand “I suppose your rules include reneging on debts of honor too?”“Naturally That is the beauty of them They constantly evolve as necessary”“Your logic is as sinful I think as you sir”“We understand each other perfectly madam”All good stuff and I decided to put the first couple of chapters behind me and read onBut then damn me if the author didn't decide to play around A potential villain is introduced built up and demolished within a chapter An OW floats around jabs a little but is ultimately insubstantial The duke decides on a whim to take Rosamunde out for a day's ocean sailing Then this is the scene I simply couldn't get over during the interval at the theatre Rosamunde cuts the duke's hair I'm going to say that again At Drury Lane Theatre in a box with Society wandering around Rosamunde cuts off the duke's pony tail they call it a ueue because he's a peer but trust me it's a pony tail This is the scene because this is so absurd I'd forgive you for not believing meRosamunde says “I would like you to give me a lock of your hair”“Dare I ask why you want it?”“I’d hoped you wouldn’t ask” she replied softly “Why not? I assume you’ve brought your gardening sheers” he said archly “Or some other suitable lethal weapon appropriate for attending the theatre” “Of course” she said the sound of relief and a smile coming through the words “Thank you”He closed his eyes again when he felt her touching the tight ueue he always wore Before he could think he said in a rush “Cut it all”“All right” she whispered “If you’re sure”“Do it”He immediately heard the blades sheering off his ueue and his head felt a stone lighter“Lean back please” she saidHe felt her soft hands smoothing his hair as she made a few snips on the sides of his headI'm not even going to mention that it should be shears duckie her gardening sheers are like see through dresses for weeding inThis is an author who can write good witty dialogue who can create characters who mostly stay in character but who every now and then decides to drive a coach and four through sense and my sensibilities How can someone not have said Sophia love this is just plain daft? Well I'm calling her out on it this is plain daft and makes me feel played

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FREE PDF ´ BOOK A Dangerous Beauty í SOPHIA NASH ✓ Love n A temporary insanity curable by marriage or by the removal of the patient from the influences under which he incurred the disorder —The Devil's Dictionary Ambrose BierceA Courageous OutcastRosamunde Baird has lost everything and has no choice but to accept an in Ies club Determined to stay in the shadows and live uietly she has sworn never again to come face to face with adventure and temptation two things that brought her ruin years ago But then the Duke of Helston dangles before her the very things she craves mostLord Fire IceMysterious Luc St Aubyn has a much deserved reputation for exuding blis Rosamunde is the stereotypical widow whose husband was a total douche Of course Dr Hero in this book played by a duke named Lucifer will heal her with the power of love but not until the author has dragged the story out by 100 pages with a Big MisunderstandingThe novel starts off well enough Luc feels bad at how his father bollixed her life up so he endeavors to befriend her He takes her on walks horse rides and other platonic adventures while honoring a self imposed no touching rule because of her fear of men and sexThen for someone sexually abused by her first husband she sheds her fear of intimacy very uickly in a matter of minutes and manages mindblowing orgasms her first go around It whitewashes the deep emotional scars that accompany sexual abuse and frankly made the hero seem predatory than nuturingSexual tension thereby resolved what to do with the other half of the book? Toss in two dimensional villains a bizarre bout with blindness and denial of love at all costs then stir over low heatI finished this book only out of a sense of duty At page 220 I wanted to close the book at walk away What could have been a lovely story about two damaged souls slowly healing each other turned into an exasperating exercise in misunderstandings

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A Dangerous BeautyTering passion at night and frost the morning after What demons drive this audacious war hero to hide secrets about the dowager's club and his devilish dictionary? When he's blindsided by his reactions to a virtuous siren he has no choice but to reveal all during a scandal that will doom themor save them if only they dare to believe in love I really loved this book The execution was very impressive and just made the entire story pretty amazing Loved this author's style of writing I had randomly picked this up on a whim because the cover intrigued me and the back cover description caught my interest and when I started reading it it really surprised me A very pleasant wonderful surprise for me I was expecting to get the predictable plot seen in romance books but this book really grabbed me and kept surprising me I couldn't put it down until I finished it I loved both the hero and heroine who both have difficult dark backgrounds but come together and can't let go A very heartbreaking forlorn couple who have lots of ups and downs Very angsty emotionally heavy story But so very good The only negative I would say is the story does get dragged out a bit too long until the conclusion but the author makes up for it with the character interaction great dialogue and wonderful ending When I say I couldn't put this down I really mean it I was completely sucked in and actually sad when the story ended It's not the typical fluff light hearted stuff you get in other romance period books which is one of the reasons why I liked it so much it's darker realistic and has so much depth The characters in this are 3 dimensional fully fleshed out believable and just enthralling to read about I almost didn't want to finish it because it was so good If you want a real love story with angst heartbreak passion and lots of drama then this is it It had everything with a few surprises here and there The characters in this will always stay with me they were very uniue very real and just heartbreaking Great book