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Swordheart review ç 103 ´ Halla is a housekeeper who has suddenly inherited her great uncle's estate and unfortunately his relatives Sarkis is an immortal swordsman trapped in a prison of enchanted steel When Halla draws the sword that imprisons him Sarkis finds himself attempting to defend his new wielder against everything from bandits and roving inuisitoTrapped in a prison of enchanted steel When Halla draws the sword that imprisons him Sarkis finds himself attempting to defend his new wiel. 35 stars This is a stand alone but I’m looking forward to Angharad’s book you don’t need to read the Clocktaur War’s duology to appreciate this anyway you should because it’s lots of fun too In the songs men always say they’d die for you I suppose there’s something to be said for the fact that you found one who actually did

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Der against everything from bandits and roving inuisitors to her own in laws and the sword itself may prove to be the greatest threat of al. 45Kingfisher’s new novel takes us back to the world of the Clockwork Boys but apart from the same brilliant ‘setting’ the story is uite different Namely this is not a tale about saving the world No this is much mundane and I absolutely loved it The author’s mastery is in creating amazing characters complex flawed and so believable The interaction between Halla a uirky 36 year old widow in danger from her in laws and Sarkis a sullen soldier imprisoned in a magic sword is the focus of the book and what a combination that is Chalk and cheese comes to mind but it is than that Halla completely charmed me with her particular mix of intelligence curiosity and naivety Her unusual way of seeing and understanding the world completely at odds with the warrior’s straight ways Hilarious To recap the shining characterisation and dialogue turn this simple narrative into a great read

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SwordheartHalla is a housekeeper who has suddenly inherited her great uncle's estate and unfortunately his relatives Sarkis is an immortal swordsman. “yay” said halla when sarkis handed her the jar “no one” said sarkis wearily “in my entire life has ever said ‘yay’ when i handed them a jar of piss” “well there’s a first time for everything” when someone says ‘fantasy romance’ i think of historical romance and fairy tale retellings y’know the stuff with either yearning and longing glances or surprisingly explicit erotica might also come with a free dose of Rippling Abs andor Hot Inexperienced Girlthis book however turned all my poorly formed expectations on its head and gave me a chaotic farmland roadtrip with very endearing and funny charactershalla is a chatty hilarious middle aged widow whose eccentric uncle takes her in after her husband dies she plays housekeeper around his artefact filled home including a demon voiced bird but when he dies and leaves everything to her his family attempts to take her inheritance away from her by forcing her to marry a clammy handed cousinsarkis is a very grumpy warrior currently bound to a magic sword which halla unsheathes and now he has to serve her as his new master his solution to things is usually to chop them up though he helps her getting her inheritance back part of the story is also figuring out his life before he got trapped in a swordzale is a non binary priest from an order that focuses on legislation and lawyering and they answer to halla’s plea to help her settle her inheritance they’re just as chatty and weirdly curious as halla which leads to many hilarious nonsensical tangents between the two of them zale is also accompanied by a gnoll who drives their cart and gives some deadpan commentary on how strange humans arethe dialogue in this one just pops off there was nary a scene where i wasn’t grinning or making any amused sounds and though the plot is simple it did manage to give all the characters a few layers and a bit of depthsarkis and halla play off of each other beautifully and it was great to see a Classic Gruff Warrior archetype who wasn’t a shit to halla at any point but rather took the effort to get to know her and greatly admired her wits and her strength and her breasts which i absolutely shan’t blame him forsarkis’ backstory is one of the most interesting things about the plot which i would’ve loved to have seen of he speaks with such fondness of his companions from the past not to mention that they sound downright badass i get that it’s very obviously set up for a series at the very end but the epilogue on that whole issue was just a tad rushed in my opinionand because so many of my trope based expectations were subverted and the book seemed so focused on entertaining humor i also didn’t see the whole Oh No A Misunderstanding Between The Romantic Leads coming right before the climax which to be fair is entirely on me but i still found the inclusion of it rather annoyinganyway i will say this we need ridiculous romantic comedies in the fantasy genre something i didn’t even realize was necessary until now it’s funny it’s delightful and it’s sweetalso i’d kill to have that tiny god bird with a demon voice as a pet✎ 40 stars