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Nonbinary: Memoirs of Gender and Identity characters ✓ 107 ½ What happens when your gender doesn't fit neatly into the categories of male or female Even mundane interactions like filling out a form or using a public bathroom can be a struggle when these designations prove inadeuate In this groundbreaking book thirty auWhat happens when your gender doesn't fit neatly into the categories of male or female Even mundane interactions like filling out a form or using a public bathroom can be a struggle when these designations prove inadeuate In this groundbreaking book thirty authors highlight how our experiences are shaped by a deeply entrenched gender binaryThe powerful first person narratives of this collection show us a world where gender exists a. A diverse range of nonbinary voices Related to some as a fellow nonbinary person learned a lot and was thought provoking Showed a range of ages too with older nonbinary people as well showing it's not a young person thing Nonbinary folks have always been here

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And therapist the writers' conceptions of gender are inextricably intertwined with broader systemic issues Labeled gender outlaws gender rebels genderueer or simply human the voices in Nonbinary illustrate what life could be if we allowed the rigid categories of man and woman to loosen and bend They speak to everyone who has uestioned gender or has paused to wonder What does it mean to be a man or a woman and why do we care so muc. I received an eARC of this book through Netgalley in exchange for my honest opinionThis is a really diverse collection of non binary voices People all across the gender spectrum are telling their personal stories like how they knew they were non binary how they came out how they share their identity with the world in their day to day lives and how the world responds to themPersonally I have been uestioning my gender for uite a long time now It's a confusing and stressful process and it really helped me to read this collection because it showed me that no non binary experience is exactly the same There were a few stories that I could really relate to or that at least had some passages that resonated with meOf course since there were so many different stories I did not enjoy reading every single one of them What mostly differed was the writing style Some of the stories were pretty dense and because of that I had some difficulty getting through those But overall this is a very insightful collection whether you're uestioning non binary or whether you just want to know about what non binary meansCWs transphobia homophobia

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Nonbinary Memoirs of Gender and IdentityLong a spectrum a web a multidimensional space Nuanced storytellers break away from mainstream portrayals of gender diversity cutting across lines of age race ethnicity ability class religion family and relationships From Suzi who wonders whether she'll ever feel like a woman after living fifty years as a man to Aubri who grew up in a cash strapped fundamentalist household to Sand who must reconcile the dual roles of trans advocate. I received an ARC through NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewThe goodThis is a collection of personal life stories by people who identify as nonbinary in some way These people are a variety of identities races ages and assigned genders with different opinions on transition and identity What I really liked was that many if not most of them are over 30 with several over 50 which really goes against the idea that being nonbinary is just something young people made up Also while it is addressed that female assigned nonbinary people seem to dominate in discourses this book itself has many male assigned people telling their own storiesAll in all I loved the diversity in both writing styles and in experiences From a Chinese mother getting English gendered pronouns wrong to pole dancing and Buddhist retreats this collection had a lot to think about and many parts that resonated with meThe badThe lives of marginalised people are rarely easy The stories here discuss other than the expected transphobia and cissexism suicide attempts self harm miscarriage drugs graphic death threats and In the entire anthology there are only two stories that have any kind of content warnings both for sexual assault While I am really glad that these warnings were there I was annoyed by them because they showed that the editors know warnings are necessary they just apparently didn't think anything other than sexual assault ualifies as triggering enough I really wish content warnings were normalisedThere was one story that was by the parent of a nonbinary teen This was already a little strange the perspectives of parents can be important but having only one in a collection otherwise full of nonbinary voices made it same out of place but what really bothered me was that there's a part where the parent describes in detail private conversations by the teen and there is really no indication of how they read those conversations Did their child show them willingly or did the parent go through their messages I couldn't really get over that uestion and the chapter in general left me feeling uncomfortable I think the collection really could have stood without that one