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This is a 16000 word short story primarily featurin. ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review1 Red Sister ★★★★★2 Grey Sister ★★★★★ “But the fact is that few people are able to see value in the words of someone they truly dislike Have your own opinions spoken back to you by someone you despise and you will likely begin to find fault” This short story is set six months after the heartbreaking and harrowing events of Grey Sister This would be a very difficult short story to review if I couldn’t talk about the events that happened in Red Sister and Grey Sister so please make sure you are up to date with this series before reading this review But wow what an early holiday treat This was a short story filled with action suspense and girls kissing And dare I say perhaps the start of a polyamorous relationship But this is an amazing little story about a mini murder mystery that involves the poisoning of some very wealthy and powerful people and the poison is being implemented in a way that is impressing even master assassins And Ara is just the person for the job to go undercover at a party full of nobles considering her social status but she will have the help of Regol But first she has to brush up on her kissing skills And what better partner than Nona If you’ve read my review for Grey Sister then you should know that I very much ship Nona and Ara together and I was scared with Regol rejoining the picture because I know he has feelings for Nona Friends I did not expect the polyamorous vibes that Mark Lawrence was serving me in this short story but it is truly all I wanted for the holidays Oh my word the blessings “And it’s not like I don’t know how much trouble one little kiss can lead to” But anyways Ara and Regol are off to try and solve the mystery while Nona is able to somewhat tag along because of a special bond she has with Ara And friends I have too many feelings right now I’m soft I’m weak and I’m so in love with these characters This is my favorite short story of 2018 easily Overall I’m just so damn in love with this series I loved getting this small glimpse of Nona and the gang and I can’t wait for At this point I would commit a minor felony to get an arc of Holy Sister This really is such a once in a lifetime series and I really recommend everyone picking it up I mean warrior magical assassin nuns who many of are ueer I can’t think of anything I’d rather read Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Tumblr | Youtube | Twitch The uotes above were taken from an ARC and are subject to change upon publication

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Bound AUTHOR Mark LawrenG Nona Ara Kettle Regol It should be read between G. People told me I should read this before Holy Sister because there are things that are important to the story and boy are they not wrong

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Bound AUTHOR Mark Lawrence Read & Download à 4 ´ This is a 16000 word short story primarily featuring Nona Ara Kettle Regol It should be read between Grey Sister and Holy Sister Again I stress SHORT STORYRey Sister and Holy Sister Again I stress SHORT STO. Spoilers for Red Sister and Grey Sister belowWho knew a story about catching a serial killer could be so funny and sweet Mark Lawrence did and he injects a ton of heart into his engaging and rewarding novella Bound This story is set six months after the events of Grey Sister Nona Ara and the rest of the novices are back training at the Sweet Mercy convent when Sisters Kettle and Apple discover that someone is systematic murdering young Sis nobles They wish to recruit Ara to help infiltrate a formal noble party and discover who is responsible and why this is happening but Nona is understandably reluctant to let her go Although there is no way for Nona to be able to attend such lavish parties without being discovered she just might be able to help Ara by other unconventional methodsThis novella packs a lot of heart and a surprising amount of relevance to Nona’s overarching story What at first seems like a stand alone adventure that solely exists outside the Book of the Ancestor trilogy it ended up having very real character developments and plot progressions that advance the main trilogy’s story in significant ways This is a fast paced tightly written adventure that does a fine job of slaking one’s thirst for Nona until Holy Sister arrives next April There are uite a few important surprises within that elevates this story into “reuired reading” territory for any fan of the Book of the Ancestor series